15 Chic Rose-Colored Ideas For Makeup Enthusiasts

by Vicky

Whereas my Instagram feed was once filled with sharp winged liner and brushed-up brows, it seems there’s a new beauty trend in town taking over. Gone are the days of neutral, natural eyes, and in their place is the pink eyeshadow trend worn by every makeup artist, influencer, and celebrity you can think to name.

And though pink color can now be found everywhere from interior design to the food pics on our feeds, it’s when color trends and beauty looks combine that the magic really happens. That’s why we’re declaring pink the new neutral in beauty. It works on eyes, cheeks, and lips, and it’s reliably flattering and fresh. And when we find a new beauty moment we love, we go all-in. It has the femininity of pink without feeling overtly girly. It’s modern, sophisticated, chic.

When applied properly, a good pink eye shadow look won’t make you look sick, it’ll make you look sickening. There’s a big, trendy difference, and we’re here to break it down.


1. Pink Eyeliner Cut Crease

For all the pink ladies out there, a pink glitter cut crease is a fun and flirty way to play up your eyes on a night out. This shimmering style will make your eyes sparkle, but the key is to choose the best shade of pink for your eye color. If you have rare grey eyes, light shades such as soft-pink are for you.

2. Soft Pink-Peachy Eye shadow

The beautiful transition of soft pink into peachy accentuates the eyes, creating a harmonious split of colors. And the black eyeliner contributes the cat-eye look that everyone loves. This is a perfect look for the sunny days of spring and summer.


3. Cherry Eyeshadow

Hot pink eyeshadow shade is so warm, romantic, and chic makeup look. This shade is mesmerizing on brown eyes. Accentuate the eyes by adding a little bit of highlight in the inner corner of the eye, and a soft warmth to your lips. Sweet like cherry, and ready to conquer the day.

4. Fresh & Natural Pink Eyeshadow

Photo: vogue.com

This makeup look is probably the prettiest 2020 makeup trend you’re going to see. It’s soft, playful, and so, so dreamy. And you also don’t have to stick to just one color either. Choose one color for your inner corner, another for the center of your lid, and the last color for the outer third of your lid. You’ll end up with a cool multicolor natural look like in the picture.

5. Hot Pink Eyeliner

As mentioned, it seems that hot pink makeup colors are having a major beauty moment. Hot pink can be a strong color to wear on eyes, therefore, for keeping the balance, go with a baby pink lipstick. This is a wearable, pretty option that every woman should try.

6. Glittery Hot Pink Eyeliner

By now, we are all familiar with the trend of cat eyes. But if you’re simply done with painting on your regular black liquid eyeliner, then this hot pink metallic liner can be a winning alternative for you. You don’t need anything else. As a finishing touch, add a nude lipstick and a little blush.

7. Lilac-Pink Eye Shadow

Lilac and pink on the eyes can seem scary, but when done right is actually totally wearable. The trick is to use eyeshadows that pack a lot of pigment or try layering a few pink shades together to make the color stronger. Team your eyes with subtle nude-cool pink tones on the lips and cheeks to allow the eyes to really stand out.

8. Pinky Lower Lash Line

Alongside the pink-and-red makeup trend, there’s another beauty look we’ve noticed creeping its way back into the mainstream, under-eye shadow. Use a pencil brush to pick up a small amount of eye shadow and run it just beneath your lower lash line. Apply your concealer afterward, as powder formulas have a tendency to drop down onto your cheeks.

9. Neon Pink Inner Lid

Things are getting a fresh, minimalist makeover with this 2020 makeup trend. Instead of sweeping a neon shadow over your entire lid, try tapping a neon shade into the corners of your eyes for a quick hint of color. This is a very natural, yet bold way to accentuate your eyes with minimal effort.

10. Hot Pink Wingless Eyeliner

Your eyeliner doesn’t have to stick to your lash line anymore. Grab a liner and color outside the lines by re-creating this 2020 makeup trend: A floating liner look. You’ll give off major cool-girl vibes with barely any effort, which is always the goal, right?

11. Pink Lid & Orange Inner Lid

With the help of a deep and rich pink shade and a pop of bright orange, you too could have eyes as beautiful as a sunset. When the weather gets warmer and spring has definitely sprung, we’re definitely feeling all of these pretty warm tone vibes. How about you? Is this colorful delight something you could get on board with?

12. Hot Pink & White Wing Lines

In 2020, you’re going to see bold eyeliner, like this hot-pink color, starting to take over your Insta feed. The 2020 makeup trend is a quick and easy way to add a catchy touch of color to your eyes without going overboard. For an even more dramatic effect, add a white line above the pink eyeliner.

13. Bold Blusher Makeup Look

When it comes to boundary-pushing beauty looks, this bold blusher look is very trendy these days. By applying color to the outer corners of the eyes and fanning it outwards, it lands on the tops of cheekbones too. This way it looks impactful on your eyes but also works when sheered out onto the tops of your cheekbones.

14. Hot Pink Mascara & Waterline

It’s time to give your black mascara a break and experiment with this makeup trend, a hot pink mascara on your lashes. It looks so unique and eye-catching. For even more depth, add a hot pink eye pencil on the waterline. This will accentuate your eyes so much more, especially if you have blue eyes like the lady on the picture.

15. Glossy Lids

Are you tired of powder eyeshadows? This 2020 makeup trend, aka glossy lids, looks just as fire as any smokey eye. And it takes, like, half the time. Add a few dots of eye gloss right above your lash line, then use your finger to blend it up toward your crease.

Aren’t these pink eye makeup looks the prettiest? Which look is your favorite one? Leave a comment below!


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