The No-Makeup Makeup Look for Any Occasion: Pro Hacks

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The no-makeup makeup look can be trickier to pull off than you think. It is the direct opposite of the typical winged eyeliner, dark brows and bold lipsticks. Perfecting the no-makeup look can be effortless when you use the right products and apply them the right way. The core purpose of the look is to complement and highlight your best features as naturally as possible. For an effortlessly fresh and natural look, here are some pro hacks for you.

Use natural-looking eyelash extensions

When you use natural-looking fake lashes, no one will even know that you’re wearing them. They will emphasize your eyes without having to wear too much eye makeup. Lilac St., Mac, Vavalash and Allure offer natural-looking false lashes that you can apply by yourself for multi-day wear. There are no gaps, no visible strip or clumpy glue to give away that you’re wearing eyelash extensions.

Apply light mascara or skip it altogether

Your skin is the star of the show with the natural look, so you can skip mascara altogether. If you simply can’t go without it, brown mascara can slightly emphasize your lashes without looking too heavy.

Prep with a good moisturizer and primer

Healthy-looking skin is essential for a natural look. Using a good moisturizer helps your skin to stay hydrated as you don’t want a dry and flaky complexion. A primer is the easiest way to get a smooth base and ensure your skin holds on to any makeup for longer.

Pick the right foundation

You want to steer clear of thick, full-coverage foundations for a natural look. Beauty experts usually recommend a foundation that is about two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. It should look smooth and like your skin and allow the rest of your makeup to blend in naturally. Dab a lightweight foundation on your nose, chin, the center of your forehead and under your eyes. Blend it in with a blending sponge.

Apply concealer smartly

The trick to a fresh, even complexion lies with the type of concealer and concealer brush you use. A lightweight, hydrating concealer and a small, flat brush will conceal any blemishes or redness. Pat dark circles under your eyes with your finger as the warmth of your skin makes the product blend right in. Finish off by applying a light dusting of translucent powder in your T-zone.

Select cream eyeshadow

If you want your eyes to look wide-awake and bright, choose a cream eyeshadow in a tone as close to your skin tone as possible. Blend it up from your lash line and fade it as you get closer to your brows. Creams are quick and easy to apply, and they will wear more naturally throughout the day. If you want to really open up your eyes, apply a lighter shade at your tear duct and blend it toward the center of the eyelid.

Groom your brows

Just cleaning up your brows can work wonders. Enhance their natural beauty by using a brow gel with fibers to brush them up and keep them in place. If your brows are a little sparse, you can use a brow pencil with a slim-angled tip to draw hairlike strokes that look feathery and real.

Use a cream blush

A cream blush will give your face a natural-looking glow. To nail the natural look, imagine what your face looks like after exercise and use that as a guide. Start on the apples of your cheeks and blend backward and upward to your hairline for a youthful look. The trick is to highlight the high planes of your face without going overboard.

Don’t skip highlighter

Highlighter offers a quick way to liven up your complexion. Apply a cream highlighter on the top of your cheekbones. A highly pigmented creamy formula gives the skin a gorgeous glow and melts into your skin instead of sitting on top of it.

Add a tint of color to your lips

A tinted lip balm gives a natural but hydrated look to your lips. It requires less upkeep than lipstick but gives your lips just the right amount of color. You can also opt for a clear gloss.