15 Makeup Ideas For Fabulous Cut Crease

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Cut crease eye makeup was first made famous in the 1960s and is the one feature that connects all of these women together. This beauty trick is one to add to your center of skills with the ability to build depth and add definition to your eyes. Thankfully, with a few quick instructions, you can create this look, whether you live and breathe make-up or are only trying to use mascara without sticking out an eye.

The cut crease makeup technique determines the thread, widening it with a few clever tricks just above the natural fold. As such, by providing the feeling of an additional dimension, it shows off and widens the eyes. If your eyes are small, wide, slanted, or hooded, for a stunning, doe-eyed look, a cut crease will open them up. In addition, the extra space generated on the lids would allow your favorite eyeshadows a more detailed canvas to show off.

Ahead, to inspire the next look, see some of our favorite kinds of cut creases.

1. Nude Lid & Orange Cut Crease

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Highly versatile, an orange cut crease look can work for both day and night. This alluring look will ensure you appear sophisticated. For a fantastic look, use a neutral, nude shade on your eyelids to emphasize the orange cut crease above. Finally, complete the look with a bright blue eyeshadow on the lower lashline. This color looks incredible on women with any color eyes.

2. Purple Cut Crease

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Purple is renowned all over the world as the color of magic and allure. As a consequence, the makeup will add an interesting aspect to a purple cut crease. For women with olive or darker skin tones, this look is especially captivating. This hue is ideal for anyone with greeny-blue, gray, or hazel skin, naturally highlighting any glimmers of green in the eyes.

3. Silver Glitter Cut Crease

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When playing with a cut crease, applying a little shimmer to your eyeshadow will guarantee a beautiful look that will make your eyes pop. The trick is to apply it to the eyelids themselves when it comes to glitter. Just make sure that the cut crease eyeshadow uses a much darker version of the color since this will add depth and help the sparkles stand out.

4. Brown Cut Crease

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A nude lid certainly enhances and defines the cut crease in the most dramatic and beautiful way. For the cut crease, you use a contrasting brown eyeshadow that creates a sharp line that’s not then blended. That way, the eyes appear more open and lifted. Finish the overall look with dark brown lipstick and you are good to go.

4. Red Cut Crease

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Looking for a sultry, bold and ultimately high fashion makeup look? Turn heads with a striking red cut crease. If you have dark blue, hazel, or green eyes, a sweep of red above your eyelids will make them smolder. The best way to create this look is with liquid eyeliner. That way you will have more control over making the lines.

6. Rainbow Cut Crease

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Rainbow cut crease might look very complicated to create, but with a little practice, everyone can do it. It’s a great addition to your makeup skills, right? This makeup look looks so natural, yet very colorful. Perfect for daytime, especially during summer when everything is colorful and lovely, just like this makeup look.

7. Sparkle Cut Crease

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If you don’t have the skills to create eye shadow cut crease, why don’t you try with glitter? Cover the lids with peachy, rosy, or nude eye shadow and shape the crease with some glowy glitter. It looks very natural and fun way to improvise cut crease in a more natural way.

8. Dark Blue Cut Crease

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A dark blue cut crease makes an exceptional choice for a sexy, dramatic makeup look that oozes confidence. Add a shimmer of silver or white shadow to your inner eye region to increase the intensity. For brown eyes, this color is fine. It makes them larger, and it highlights the blue eyes even more.

9. Diamonds Cut Crease


The good news about cut crease is you can get creative and make it as subtle or stand-out as you like. Experiment all you want, you never know how good your eye makeup can get. And this makeup look on the picture is the perfect example of that. Pick your favorite blue shade and accentuate your crease using diamonds as the perfect accessory. Finish the look with a natural transparent lipgloss.

10. Iridescent Cut Crease With Metalic Eyeliner

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Be the spotlight of the night and create this makeup look. The bright, rich eyeshadow colors accentuate not only the eyes but the whole face as well. And the metallic eyeliner perfectly defines the crease and serves as a great “cherry on top” accessory. Put on a simple one-colored outfit and mesmerize the world with your eyes.

11. Double-cut Crease

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Although this look is generally not for beginners, you’ll get it perfected in no time with a few easy steps and a little practice. This style involves three separate parts, but it is called the ‘double’ cut crease. This involves the eyelids, the region of the split crease, and the skin above this space. We prefer the double cut crease for a style right off the runway.

12. Nude Cut Crease With Green Eye Liner

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Although a cut crease can be the ultimate make-up pattern to play with colors and sparkle, for a subtle, beautiful look, it can also be toned down. Aim for a nude cut crease when you want a simple way to highlight your skin. Then, with winged green eyeliner, incorporate a little more glamor.

13. Turquoise Cut Crease With Pink And Purple Lid

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The best think about cut crease makeup look is that you can experiment with a great number of colors that will result in a one-of-a-kind creation. This makeup is certainly one of a kind. Combine turquoise eye shadow for the crease, and on the lid blend purple with pink shades. Highlight the inner lid area for an extra dramatic look.

14. Yellow Cut Crease

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Go bold this season with a sweep of gold and yellow on your eyes. The metallic sheen of the sparkles will emphasize your cut crease while the yellow eyeshadow will compliment all eye colors. Complete the look with some bold black eyeliner that will shape your eyes even more and make them bigger.

15. Half-cut Crease

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Mastered the simple cut crease and ready to head to the next stage with your beauty skills? The beautiful tool to add to your artillery is a half-cut crease. If you want to play with bright shades, the method to try is the half-cut crease. This pattern incorporates the eyeshadow on the lip above, beginning at the outer corners and extending into the middle.

We hope that you are feeling inspired enough to try out some of these makeup looks. What’s your favorite? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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