Edgy Minimalism – 15 Under-Eye Makeup Ideas

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Experimentation calls for make-up. Say hello to the world of underliners, with that in mind. That’s right, this beautiful pattern from the 2000s is back. One of our favorite beauty styles of all time is if you call it underliner, upside-down eye makeup, under eyeshadow, or something else in between, wearing eyeshadow on the lower lash line. It’s a bold, distinct, and quick way to make your make-up look pop.

This under-eye makeup is a perfect way to elevate the beauty, concentrating on highlighting one attribute with a good shot of color and keeping the rest of the face neutral. All this is about making your lower lids look like the highlight in your eye shadow. Perhaps, just for a second, when you explore, the upper liner would have to take a backseat or reintroduce itself to the wonders of wearing eyeliner under the eyes.

That being said, we know if you’ve never done it, the look can be a little overwhelming. That’s why you should wear it, while leaving top lids totally bare, with high brows, a nude lip, and peachy blush. And we’re there to show all of you!

1. Striking Black

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This look is not for the faint of spirit, it is, after all, a daring eye look. The trick to pulling this look off is all about finding a balance on your lower lash line between the extreme pop of color you have created. So, if you are going for a black underline, pairing it with peachy eyeshadow on the lids is the perfect option for making a warm look.

2. Canary Yellow

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For a summertime spin on this theme, add a splash of bright red. Build a reverse cat-eye with added measurements. Pair it with naked lips and bushy brows. A very natural touch with an artsy edge.

3. Blue Heaven

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The best part of this style is that it’s completely wearable and simple to replicate, a little bit edgy. A decent eyeliner or eyeshadow is everything you need to replicate the ideal idea of this style. The great thing about the underliner to note is that it doesn’t look exclusively black or white. Blue eyeliner on the undereye is an example of pure magic results! Incorporating color into this trend is just so much fun and a must.

4. Go Green!

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You want to make sure not to get such a rough line while operating on the undereye field. Your effect should be a soft, diffused, stunning mix, whether you plan to go over your liner with shadow, or simply blend the eyeliner. With a bit of a new twist, this green hue is really enjoyable and vivid.

5. Pastel Queen

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Not only does applying a color swipe to only the lower lash line give you a little bit of an edgy look, but it can also make your eyes appear wider. You should experiment as much as you like with it. For a super-cool and flexible look, combine colors such as blue and purple. Halsey performed the beauty trend well. With full impact, minimal effort!

6. Orange and Purple Sophistication

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To really get the pop, take out your color wheel and opt for a hue opposite your skin color. Blue eyes, for instance, fit stunningly with purple under-eyes. But, the look doesn’t end like that. The outer corners are decorated in orange eyeshadow. You know what they mean, go hard or go home, and one thing to remember is this under-eye look.

7. A Pop of Neon

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It’s incredible how minimalistic makeup can be effective. By just underlining the inner corner of the body, you will accomplish the under-eye makeup trend. Emphasize the lower portion of the inner corner to create this style. Your eyes would look broader and more slanted in that direction.

8. Frosty Under-Eye

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There’s no arguing against it. A timeless look is an eyeliner swiped over the lower lash line. This one’s only for you for beauty lovers who want to keep things minimalistic in the eyeliner department! Take it to the next level and white focus strengthens the eyes! Blend the liner out to give just enough edge to your appearance.

9. Purple Magic

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The hue of purple has become a signature in the world of cosmetics. It’s undeniably chic, and without any exaggeration, you can give your eyes a beautiful pop. Develop a winged under-eye, just like the image, for the ultimate high-fashion, high-impact glam.

10. Peachy Vibes

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Although you’re all for natural make-up looks, bottom eyeliner can still be worn. It’s time to pull out a bright orange color rather than looking for your tried-and-true black eyeliner. Add blue eyeliner to the waterline field for a dramatic twist. It’s really cool and unique, great for hot summer days!

11. Hot Sparks

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The game is being modified by reverse winged eyeliner. It’s an unexpected way to rock a cat-eye classic, bringing to every look the right amount of something extraordinary. Combine warm-toned shades with a dash of artistic flare to achieve a glamorous and sultry look. With a red liner, outline the under-eye area and finish it with free-floating orange lines in the inner-corner field.

12. Sunny Under-Eye

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This bright eyeliner design is exactly what you need if you love to add pops of color to your look. Grab the shadow of your yellow eyeliner and swipe it under your eyes. Have fun playing this one!

13. Miss Rainbow

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Your eyeliner game will carry this look to new heights. Why pick only one hue while both of them can be used? Only note to go with light make-up on the rest of your face to carry out this rainbow theme.

14. Red Romance

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You will want to give this look a shot if you fancy yourself to be a beauty risk-taker. The red color helps you to quickly improve your eye shape and at the same time take your look up a few notches.

15. Navy Aesthetic

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If you’re looking for more opportunities to incorporate color into your make-up look, it sounds like it might be right up your alley to highlight lipstick. Teal color eyeliner includes this style. Start by lining the lower lash line to build a wing and finish it.

If you are feeling inspired by our choice of ideas, feel free to recreate some of them? Which one is your favorite? We would love to hear from you in the comment section!

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