Tips When Buying Prosthetic Fake Eyebrows

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Purchasing prosthetic brows has been a frequent practice in recent years. Many people of varying ages have brow hair loss at some point. The necessity for fake brows occurs when one experiences brow hair loss. Eyebrow hair loss can be caused by hormonal imbalances in the body, skin diseases, or a medical condition. For some reason, we already live in an advanced world where technology can create prosthetic fake eyebrows to supplement the emptiness a person could feel whenever they don’t have their eyebrows.

Here are some tips before buying one.

Choose The Right Brow Color

You should pay close attention to the color of the false eyebrows you will buy. The color of your artificial brows should be a few shades lighter than the hair on top of your head. The color is something to keep in mind. You can get the advice of your beautician regarding the shade that would complement your complexion the most. Before purchasing any color of artificial eyebrows, you should experiment with several shades using eyebrow pencils if you are unsure which shade will look best on your face. It would be best if you drew false brows all over your face using several colors you are considering and then chose the one that looks the most natural.

Check Eyebrow Thickness

It will look strange if you always have thin brows but suddenly start wearing full brows. The hair on your false brow must be spread naturally. They shouldn’t be overly ragged, and they shouldn’t be too thin, either. Again, it would be best if you matched the thickness of your eyebrow pencil to the thickness that your brows had naturally. Choosing the right eyebrow thickness will ensure the brows do not appear funnily.

Consider Brow Shape

The shape of the fake eyebrow needs to be as close to your natural eyebrow shape as is humanly possible. If your natural eyebrows were perfectly arched, but you decided to adjust your fake brows so there was no curve, it would seem strange. Regarding false brows, another piece of advice is to choose the path of caution because it is for your protection. Make an effort to avoid going for unusual shapes. The form of the fake eyebrows must be natural if they are to have a natural-looking appearance.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the perfect brow shape based on your face shape.

Oval Shaped Face

Your forehead is more noticeable than your chin, and your face gradually narrows to an oval chin. In addition to it, you have prominent cheekbones. Because of this, the best choice would be to have your brows shaped at a soft angle, as this will complement your strikingly high cheekbones and balance the dynamics of your face.

Long Shaped Face

If you have this facial structure, it indicates that your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all approximately the same breadth. The face gradually narrows down to a pointed chin that is oval. Therefore, the ideal choice will be to have your brows shaped in a flat arch because this gives the face more definition without taking away from the natural contour of the cheekbones.

Heart Shaped Face

Your forehead is more apparent than your chin, and your face gradually narrows to an oval chin. In addition to that, you have pronounced cheekbones. Because of this, you should choose rounded brows with low arches so that your face will continue to have a kind appearance and your eyes will stand out more.

Diamond Face

You have a small forehead and a narrow chin almost the same width as the rest of your face. Your cheekbones are the most significant part of your face, and the pointiest part of your face is typically your chin. So, choose to have gently curved eyebrows if you want to add a finishing touch to your face shape and add to the natural flow of the angles.

How To Put Your Fake Eyebrows

Once you have purchased a set of fake eyebrows, you must educate yourself on the proper way to apply them. Learning the proper way to apply prosthetic eyebrows can ensure you get the most out of your purchase while enhancing your natural beauty. If you apply the prosthetic eyebrows in any incorrect way, it will ruin your appearance. You are required to follow the directions that have been provided.

You can either purchase fake eyebrow tattoos or fake eyebrows that require you to apply glue to apply them. However, this process requires extreme caution to produce the most beautiful and natural-looking brows possible. When you’ve gotten used to your false eyebrows and become comfortable wearing them, you’ll have more self-assurance the next time you put them on.

Clean The Brow Area

Before you begin the application process, you must ensure that your browline is clean. Maintaining a clean browline is essential for making eyebrow prosthetics last as long as possible.

Prepare The Fake Eyebrow

You will need to take your eyebrow prosthetics and apply glue to the reverse side of the brow, which is the side that does not have hair. It is important to avoid applying too s much of the adhesive.

Apply The Fake Eyebrow

Take an eyebrow, and begin applying it at the inner portion of the browline; start applying the eyebrow. After you are satisfied with the shape, give the browline a gentle press with the eyebrow using your fingertip. While you wait for the adhesive to dry, use the teeth of your eyebrow comb to press down on the brow and secure it in place. The teeth of the comb keep the glue from spreading around, and they facilitate the smooth attachment of the brow.


Attempting to give yourself fake eyebrows by homemade means might be a chore that requires a lot of time. In addition, applying cosmetics essentials only produces results that last up to 12 hours. And if it happens before the end of the day, you may appear sheepish.

Because of this, it is best to purchase fake prosthetic eyebrows, as they will provide you with the most realistic-looking set of eyebrows possible. However, eyebrow tattoos are superior—they can be easily applied and removed at any time!