Inside Talia Jackson’s Weight Loss Journey: The Challenges And Triumphs

Talia Jackson

Talia Jackson is one of the cast members of the TV show Family Reunion, airing on the streaming platform Netflix. She has recently undergone significant weight loss, and many people also ask whether she had breast reduction surgery as well. But the American actress hasn’t shared anything about breast reduction. What do we know about Talia Jackson’s weight loss journey?

She is part of a television series portraying families. It is always entertaining to get inside the life of a family. The American TV show Family Reunion was created by Meg DeLoatch, and it debuted on Netflix in July 2019.

When the show returned for Season 3 in October 2022, fans noticed that Talia’s character, Jade, was no longer wearing a wig. She was also a bit slimmer. So, how much truth is in her weight loss? Why did she lose weight? Let’s find out.

Get To Know Talia

Talia Jackson is a young American actress, singer, and writer. Born in August 2001 in Madison, Wisconsin, she began her career as a young child. In 2011, she had her career debut in the television series Raised by Wolves. From there on, she went on to appear in many other TV series, including Station 19 and The Goldbergs. Yet, she is most famous for her role in the Netflix series Family Reunion.

Besides acting, she is also known as a talented singer. Over the years, Talia has released several songs, including Complicated and 5ive. The multi-talented woman has also published a book titled The Tampered Press.

The young star went from sporadic and small roles to a big break. Her big break came in 2019 when Netflix called and offered her a recurring role in the series Family Reunion. She portrays Jade McKellan, as one of the four children in the family. The show depicts the life of a family that moved from Seattle to Georgia and every challenge along the way.

The show changed Talia’s life in many different ways. It was a huge hit and helped launch her career. But it also brought some stress and anxiety into her life.

In 2020, she appeared in another Netflix project. This time, it was the Netflix movie, A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting. In this movie, she portrayed a character named Louise, who is a member of a secret society protecting children from monsters.

Nowadays, many people and critics consider Talia a rising star in the entertainment industry. Many praise her for her acting talent, singing ability, as well as writing skills. We can say the multi-talented star is only going up from here.

Talia Jackson before losing weight

How Did Family Reunion Change Talia’s Life?

When producers hired Talia for the TV show, they told her she would need to hide her signature curls for storytelling. At the time, she was a 19-year-old actress with no big project behind her name. Her character, Jade, is biracial, and became more in tune with the fullness of her overweight, racial identity, and over time, the character embraced the natural hair of Talia. But it took time.

During the first two seasons, there were a lot of hateful comments from viewers. They questioned her appearance, and her identity came to play an outsized role in Talia’s life. The young actress was facing a painful and stressful situation. What was supposed to be a big break and happy moments, turned into something else entirely.

So, Talia transformed her pain into opportunity with her new look after shedding some pounds. The star says she is now confident in herself and shines brighter than ever.

When the show premiered, it caused controversy because of Jade’s hair and her overweight body image. When the season 1 trailer was released in June 2019, she was in Wisconsin with her best friend. Excited to scroll through the Instagram comments, she saw more hurtful comments than happy ones. Fans targeted her overweight appearance and racial background.

It triggered her anxiety. But Talia is no stranger to dealing with mental health. When she was 13 years old, she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety following a bitter custody battle between her parents. The young American actress is also suffering from ADHD and OCD.

Following the difficult period of 2019 and 2020, the star somehow accepted her constant depressive state and her fate. But it also marked a big moment in her life. Talia decided to try and manage her mental health condition.

She was even hospitalized for a liver gallbladder infection caused by using antidepressants. But the young star is now in a much better place, focusing on thriving rather than simply surviving.

Nowadays, Talia credits her mental health issues for shaping her into the person she is. The Family Reunion star refers to these negative experiences as lessons.

And while people will always comment on her weight reduction, Talia has learned how to manage it and accept it.

Fighting With Lyme Disease

When it comes to Talia Jackson’s weight loss, she refers to the period she was battling Lyme disease. At the time, Talia was 13 years old and endured several conditions because of her parents’ custody battle. Every day, she became weaker, and the sickness induced worry and anxiety.

When she recovered from it, she lost a substantial amount of weight. She fought with Lyme illness for the majority of her adolescence. So, she did not lose body weight by some special diet or regular exercise program.

The doctors tried to diagnose and detect the condition for a full year. Talia and her mother endured a difficult period. The two of them were startled by how the sickness impacted them.

Talia Jackson after losing weight

Did She Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

When season 3 of Family Reunion premiered, a lot of fans noticed Talia looking slimmer and with smaller breasts. So, they began asking questions like whether she had breast reduction surgery. Forums and Reddit were full of it.

But as far as we know, as of July 2023, she has not had any breast reduction operation. Her smaller breasts might be the result of losing weight.

After all, it is only logical that when you shed some pounds, a portion of it comes off your breasts.

Encouraging People To Accept Their Own Beauty

In one interview in 2022, the American actress had this to say. On the question about posing glam shots on Instagram and social media, she talked about her general philosophy toward beauty.

The talented singer said, “It has taken me a long time to become comfortable with my natural beauty. For a long time, I would try anything to not look the way I looked naturally because I was being influenced by the people around me. Then, one day it all just clicked. It didn’t matter how other people wanted to see me—it mattered what I wanted to see. So now, every day, I vow to get up and get ready only for me, whether that’s full glam or no makeup at all. It’s whatever I want.”

With almost 500k followers on Instagram, she is definitely a star rising. And in every post, she tries to encourage people to appreciate their bodies. The young star’s career will only go up from here. She is still only 22 years old. And we can expect big things from her in the future.

And for people who want to get to a healthy weight, physical activity, and a balanced diet is the way to go. Talia might have lost body weight because of her illness, but she encourages people to do it the healthy way. Hopefully, her followers and young people will hear her voice.

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