Unveiling Sheryl Underwood’s Weight Loss Success: Driven by Determination

Sheryl Underwood

For many people, there is no better feeling of accomplishment than a major weight loss success. Sheryl Underwood, a TV personality and co-host of The Talk, knows the feeling quite well. She lost a whopping 95 pounds, and we have the details of Sheryl Underwood’s weight loss inspiring journey.

Losing weight is an emotional undertaking and task, and involves lots of motivation, hard work, and dedication. Speaking about the experience, Sheryl said, “If I’ve worked hard on my body, I want to walk into church and all them saints fanning like, Oh she looks good. I want to walk into my office, Oh my gosh she looks good. That’s how I feel, because when you look good, you feel good”.

There is no other way to say it, dropping 95 pounds is a life-changing experience. The American host has gone through a physical transformation but also reaps the benefits to her health.

How she did do it? We will take a look at her journey. Read on.

Get To Know Sheryl

Sheryl Underwood is an American comedian, actress, and television host. Born in October 1963 in Little Rock, Arkansas, she was raised in Atwater, California.

Her family moved to Atwater later on, and she attended high school there. Her sister Frankie Underwood was diagnosed with polio, and Sheryl is Frankie’s caregiver.

In one interview, the famous American host revealed she was born with a twin who did not survive. She would say that her mother lied to her, telling her father murdered her sister. Now, she admits to carrying her sister’s birth certificate around with her.

The American TV personality began her career as a stand-up comedian in the 1980s. Since then, she has gained popularity in the entertainment industry.

Over the course of her career, she appeared in several television series and movies, including The Bold and the Beautiful, Beauty Shop, and Bullworth. Nowadays, many fans recognize her as a panelist and co-host of the daytime talk show The Talk.

Besides her entertainment career, Sheryl is an advocate for social issues including gun control and domestic violence prevention. She founded the Sheryl Underwood Foundation, an organization that provides support for historically black colleges and universities.

Where She Began And Where Is She Now

Sheryl began her weight loss path when she was diagnosed as diabetic, pre-diabetic, and hypertensive. At the time, she weighed between 230 and 250 pounds.

In a 2022 interview, she told People Magazine, “I really wanted to get ahead of it”. So, she began taking Metamucil to clean out her gut and her digestive tract.

At one point, she even considered surgery, but after speaking to various doctors, she changed her mind.

Speaking of the period, Sheryl says, “I knew I was gaining weight. I could see it, and I knew that something was happening with my health. And for the years that I’ve been here, you can go back through all of the footage, you’ve never seen me cross my legs”.

Her colleagues offered support and a great incentive to get fit. She watched them concentrate on health and wellness, so she wanted to join in and work on herself.

Sheryl Underwood before and after weight loss
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How She Did Do It?

Now let’s talk about how Sheryl Underwood lost weight. First and foremost, she recruited a trainer and a dietitian to work with. Of course, she made a couple of lifestyle tweaks.

She took Metamucil initially to kick up her digestive health. Before she could deal with the weight, she had to deal with her digestive health first.

One of the big changes was getting more beauty rest and eating well. She says, “I am definitely getting more sleep. Drinking more water. I am eating fruit and vegetables that I never thought of, green, and leafy. I am getting into eating blueberries and eating strawberries, and getting more fiber in my diet with fiber supplements”.

Yet, a big reason for her weight loss was getting Wegovy injections. These injections help with weight management and weight loss. But they are not approved for diabetes treatment. Luckily, Sheryl was not diabetic yet.

These injections help by reducing the feeling of hunger. They make you feel full and prevent any sugar cravings.

Underwood managed to shed some pounds by reducing her food intake and increasing her exercise. At the end of her journey, she dropped four dress sizes and she would want to lose even more. Sheryl continues to take Metamucil daily to clean out her gut and drinks more water.

Because her line of work doesn’t encourage activity, she found different creative ways to get more exercise. She says, “Sometimes I just get up and walk around, or try to talk on the phone and walk around, or I’ll do something while sitting in bed, I may do a little exercise, little stretching, and things. I love the stationary bike because then I can listen to my music and be on the bike”.

And now, the hard work is paying off. She gets regular blood work done and the results show improvement. Her goal is to shed 25 more pounds and stop taking blood pressure medication.

Sheryl Underwood after weight loss
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Did She Have Weight Loss Surgery?

As we said before, initially, she considered gastric bypass surgery, a popular weight loss surgery option. It is a surgery that makes your stomach smaller, so you feel full faster and eat less.

Sheryl says, “I was going to have surgery. And when you do it, you have to go through a psychiatrist. You have to go through the dietician. But because I worked with the dietitian, I lost weight. I didn’t lose a significant amount, but I lost to a point where the insurance was not going to pay for it. Then when I was going to get the colonoscopy, I go get my colon looked at every year, but I went and got the endoscopy too, that’s when my other doctor said, I got something I want you to try, and if it doesn’t work, then we have to go to surgery”.

Her doctor suggested Wegovy, a weekly injection suppressing appetite and facilitating weight loss. It came with lifestyle changes. But the Emmy Award winner was ready to try it. The big change was increasing the amount of sleep and drinking more water.

She has not completely cut out fast food. But she is not getting better at portion control.

No Stopping Here

Whenever people lose weight, they might try to go back to old habits and do more damage. But not Sheryl. She is constantly mindful of staying hydrated and enjoys her favorite things in moderation.

She says, “I still have a really great quality of life. I have fun. Cake, rosé. But instead of having the big piece of cake, I have a bite of the cake and satisfy that. I have a glass of rosé, but I know I have to drink some water with it. So I can tell when my face puffs up and everything and it’s not just on camera vanity, it’s health, period”.

She worked really hard to get to this weight, and it shows. And one big motivation was a dress. The famous host explains, “I wanted a dress that really showed the work that I’ve put in this and to show the audience and the world, ‘You can do it too.’ Pick a dress, pick a suit, that is your goal, and work toward that goal”.

Her plan is to drop 25 more pounds before the year ends.  She adds, “You see I crossed my leg twice. You just want to feel sexy. And that’s the great feeling about this and it makes you continue on this journey”.

Fans Supporting Her

Fans have supported Sheryl Underwood’s weight loss journey from the very beginning. They comment on social media about her new appearance and sang her praises.

Some of the comments include:

  • She’s always been lovely but I get it sis
  • I am so happy for you. You did it! People who have never struggled with their weight, do not know the struggle
  • She looks wonderful but most importantly she looks healthy
  • She looks amazing
  • So glad you are back and look great, slimmer, healthier

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