Marlyne Barrett’s Weight Loss Story: The Mindset Shifts That Made All The Difference

Marlyne Barrett

We cannot imagine Chicago Med without Marlyne Barrett. When the eighth season of the medical drama television series premiered, fans were worried about her apparent weight loss. And when she spoke about it, it created a scare that we might have to imagine the show without her. Do not worry, that is not happening as of now. What was the reality behind Marlyne Barrett weight loss?

In September 2022, the famous actress told People that she has been diagnosed with uterine and ovarian cancer. While fighting the disease, her family and fellow Chicago Med colleagues gave her the strength to get through.

And fans supported her as well. Let’s find out more about her weight loss journey.

Get to Know Marlyne

American actress Marlyne Barrett was born in September 1978 in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Brooklyn, she grew up in Queens, New York.

As a young child, she was interested in acting and entertainment. So, she got into Julliard and graduated from the famous school with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Nowadays, many people recognize her for her roles in television series. Marlyne was part of Law & Order Special Victims Unit, The Wire, and Chicago Med. She has also appeared in movies like The Namesake and Hitch.

In the last several months, her name has appeared in the media because of her weight loss journey. And she has decided to speak openly about it. Barrett continues to work in the entertainment industry where fans praise her talent and dedication.

Marlyne Barrett before losing weight

Why She Lost Weight?

Her inspiring story of personal transformation will leave you in tears. We all love Marlyne, the actress has been a core member of the TV series Chicago Med since its inception. The famous actress has been a crucial part of the show and some of the most iconic storylines.

But she has been dealing with a difficult situation in her own life as well. She says, “I am an extremely private person, but I feel a responsibility to tell my story. When my character went through breast cancer, I had a sea of people reach out to me through social media. They brought me courage, and so I felt a sense of inevitability to meet their hearts where they meet me”.

She has two children with her husband Gavin and underwent chemotherapy treatments for her cancer diagnosis.

And because of chemo and everything else, her body has suffered. It has resulted in drastic weight loss, something that happens to nearly all cancer patients. But she hasn’t allowed the weakness to define her.

How Much Weight Did She Lose?

Fans noticed Marlyne Barrett’s weight loss when season 8 premiered. There was a significant change in her body between the season 7 finale and the season 8 premiere. That was also the time she revealed her diagnosis.

We can attribute the loss to undergoing chemotherapy treatments. She also shaved her head. Yet, that doesn’t make a difference for Chicago Med, since the television star already wears a wig for her character Maggie.

Exactly how much weight she lost is not known. The famous actress hasn’t revealed the exact number. But as the medical drama continued with the 8th season, fans noticed she had noticeably lost weight. Some were even concerned about her health and shared their concerns on the fan forum site Reddit.

Opening Up About Her Struggles

In September 2022, when the eighth season premiered on television, Marlyne talked to People Magazine and opened up about her struggles. She admitted she had been diagnosed with uterine cancer and ovarian cancer.

The famous star was feeling sick since April 2022 but revealed it in a September interview with People. It happened after a hernia repair when she knew something was off.

Marlyne said, “I had this accumulation of fluid in my abdomen that I couldn’t shake. I looked like I was nine months pregnant. And I also had shortness of breath, but no pain, which was interesting”.

She began the interview by saying, “I am an extremely private person, but I felt a responsibility to tell my story”. The Chicago Med star wanted to inspire others to share their painful and uncomfortable truths.

Then, in July, doctors informed her she had a mass on her ovary and uterus.

In her own words, she was stunned. She said, “The initial experience was a shock, a shock to my womanhood. I didn’t believe them, but when they showed me the CT scan, I went, ‘Oh my word.’ The first questions were, ‘Am I going to live?’ I just fell into my husband’s arms. It still takes my breath away when I think about it”.

Yet, despite her fears, she quickly jumped into defense mode. The doctors suggested aggressive chemotherapy before an eventual hysterectomy. Marlyne says, “The best way I could experience was to meet it. There’s no running from it because it’s my life. And eventually, you just surrender because it is so much bigger than anything you’ve faced”.

The famous actress didn’t want to give power to chemo. She wanted to keep her hair. Yet, eventually, she faced the inevitability. But she did it her way. Barrett says, “My hair has always been an essence of beauty. But I took my own razor and I shaved my head. I did it in front of my babies so they’d see it was still Mommy. I wept, I wept, I wept. But it was a beautiful experience to do it in front of them”.

Throughout the entire journey, she found comfort and support in Gavin, her husband whom she wed in 2009. She also leaned on her cast and crew for support when needed.

To keep working, she would start earlier and get her bearings before she start her day. Marlyne credits the costume department for its amazing and incredible work.

Preparing for the third round of chemo, she takes it one day at a time. Marlyne says, “I have a wave of emotion that comes. But it’s okay not to have it all together. You can’t tangibly hold onto fear. But I am holding onto faith. I find new strength to carry on every day because of my children. I want to see them get married one day. And I will”.

Marlyne Barrett bold

Support From Her Colleagues

During Marlyne Barrett’s weight loss experience, the Chicago Med team has been extremely supportive of her diagnosis. Fun fact: her character Maggie went through similar challenges, and Marlyne knew she had to share the experience of getting sick with castmates and fans.

And she found fans had her back. Marlyne said, “I’ve had people shave their heads to support me”. The crew and team did a fantastic job of making sure she looked just as amazing as she did before chemo.

Yet, the weight loss was evident. But Marlyne shared the news with everyone, making it easier to get through.

As for work, she says, “Work brings me a lot of joy right now. It brings me a lot of reprieve to think about something other than, when is my next chemo shift and How am I going to hug my children”.

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