Breaking Down Ryan Hurst Weight Loss Rumor: Is He Ill Or Well?

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The latest gossip about a celebrity slimming down is all about Ryan Hurst. The actor, famous for the television series Sons of Anarchy which aired from 2008 to 2012, is the latest subject of celebrity gossip about weight loss. To be honest, the actor himself hasn’t disclosed anything. But fans are reacting to his new body, prompting the topic of Ryan Hurst weight loss rumors to surface online.

The well-known American actor appeared in movies like We Were Soldiers and Taken, but most people recognize him as part of the Sons of Anarchy television series.

He has been on a roll with assignments in the last few years. But in April 2022, he was admitted to a hospital. A few months later, rumors about his weight loss appeared. How much truth is in it? Let’s find out.

Get To Know Ryan

Ryan Hurst before losing weight

Born Ryan Douglas Hurst in June 1976, he is an American actor, famous for portraying Opie Winston in the drama series Sons of Anarchy. Some of his other notable roles include Gerry Bertier in Remember the Titans, Sgt. Ernie Savage in We Were Soldiers, and Tom Clarke in Taken.

Born in Santa Monica, California, he is the son of Candace Kaniecki, an acting coach. His mother still runs the Candace Kaniecki Acting School. His father, Rick Hurst, was an actor famous for playing Deputy Cletus Hogg in the Dukes of Hazard movie.

Ryan attended Santa Monica High School. Recently, he converted to Sikhism. His Sikh name is Gobind Seva Singh.

Speaking of his career, he grew up in a Hollywood family. That meant joining the entertainment and show business early on. Ryan had a recurring role in the teen comedy series, Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

In 2000, he had a recurring role in Rules of Engagement, and then had the central supporting role in Remember the Titans. In 2002, the American actor appeared in the war film We Were Soldiers.

His big break came when he was cast as Opie Winston in the crime drama series, Sons of Anarchy. Originally, his character was a recurring member in the first season. Yet, after becoming a fan favorite, he was promoted to the main cast during the following season.

His character was newly released from prison male who was living right but did not make ends meet. Opie would go back to SAMCRO to provide for his family, despite the objections of his wife. For his portrayal of Opie, Hurst won the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actor in TV series.

Fun fact: he has voiced Thor in God of War: Ragnarok video game and provided the motion capture. So it was not all Chris Hemsworth as Thor. While Chris was Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ryan was the Norse god in the video game.

Why Was He Hospitalized?

Ryan Hurst in hospital

In April 2022, the Sons of Anarchy star posted a photo from inside an emergency room on social media. He has been rushed to the hospital, prompting fans to ask whether he was OK.

Ryan was hospitalized at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He did not reveal the reason for his admission to the hospital. The only thing he did was post a selfie while being on a hospital mattress.

Did Something Happen To Him?

Immediately after Ryan posted the photo of the hospital, fans began asking whether he was sick. The American celebrity would upload several more pictures and stories, showing he is in good health condition.

No matter what the case was for the admission, it doesn’t seem to have been an accident. At the same time, Ryan has not confirmed any rumors about his potential weight loss.

He looked to be well, despite speculations but mentioned pain in the post. In the comments, he received encouragement from his fans. One even said, “Glad you are still alive. You still have a lot to do!!! Get Well”.

Following his departure from Sons of Anarchy, Ryan has appeared in Bates Motel, Outsiders, Bosch, and The Walking Dead.

For the last role, he portrayed Beta, one of the best villains in the show. The producer of The Walking Dead said that Ryan was brought to the hospital during the production of the series.

And he revealed that Ryan was hospitalized due to heat exhaustion. The actor himself said that the Beta outfit caused the problem. Being that the show was filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia, heat is a problem. The Walking Dead is often filmed during the hot summer months. Combine that with the costume, and it is logical he suffered from heat exhaustion.

Why He Lost Weight?

Several months after the hospital admission, rumors about a potential Ryan Hurst weight loss experience continued appearing.

And while there were many theories, one Reddit poster suggested the most plausible one. In a Reddit post about Ryan Hurst and his weight loss journey, one user said, “Pretty sure he just lost weight. Ryan was always a bigger dude”.

To that, another user replied, “He had to lose weight for an upcoming project. And I know this because I know a few people that went to FanExpoChicago and they asked him about it”.

If you look at Ryan’s IMDB page, the upcoming project might be the movie Desperation Road. The Southern Noir thriller is set in a tough Mississippi town. The story revolves around a woman and her young daughter. They are caught in the crossfire between whiskey, guns, and the desire for revenge.

Nadine Crocker is the director of the movie, while Michael Farris Smith is hired as the writer. The movie stars Mel Gibson and Willa Fitzgerald alongside Ryan. It is unknown why would the movie role demand for him to lose weight. But that is the most plausible theory that has surfaced regarding Ryan Hurst’s weight loss.

From 2020 to 2023 he was part of the S.W.A.T. television series, but he definitely didn’t need to lose weight for that role.

As far as we know, he hasn’t revealed any secrets regarding his diet or workout regime. Yes, he works out constantly and even shares his workout regime for Sons of Anarchy and similar projects. But this time, he looked more like he was ill than slimmed down.

Ryan Hurst after losing weight

Where Is He Now?

Anarchy Star Ryan Hurst has been discharged from the hospital and is working hard on upcoming projects. His whereabouts regarding living arrangements are unknown. He has been on a roll lately with duties and projects.

From 2020 to 2023, he was part of The Walking Dead, Paradise City, God of War: Ragnarok video game, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and S.W.A.T.

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