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Jason Lee is a radio personality. He is also a gossip columnist who founded the Hollywood Unlocked gossip site in 2015. He served as its chief editor and CEO. In the past few years, Jason Lee’s weight loss has been trending on the internet.

Jason is openly gay and biracial. Having experienced a difficult childhood, and being raised in the nursing care system in Stockton, California, Jason had to endure quite a lot to get where he is. Just do not mistake him with American actor Jason Scott Lee, who played Bruce Lee in the biographical drama of the martial arts fighter.

The media personality also served as a supporting cast on the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season 2. The second season, besides Jason, featured Kamiah’s affair with Lil Fizz, which Jason exposed.

Jason Lee has a huge following on social media. In a recent performance on the show, Jason spoke about his weight loss journey and fitness journey. Do you want to know how he managed to lose 30 pounds? Well, read on as we take you through Jason Lee’s weight loss experience.

Did He Have Surgery?

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In July 2020, Jason Lee spoke about his weight loss experience. Many people and fans thought he had undergone weight loss surgery. In fact, the topic Jason Lee Weight Loss Surgery was trending on the internet.

The media personality got a lot of comments on his Instagram profile about how he managed to shed pounds. So, Jason decided to share it in an episode of Hollywood Unlocked.

He began by saying he felt ashamed of his weight all his life. But because he has thick skin, he wasn’t fazed too much. Jason has been content with his physique since his younger years.

And as in most other cases with extreme weight loss, the answer to why is a medical and health problem. Jason dropped 40 pounds before starting Hollywood Unlocked by sticking to a regular fitness routine and eating well. He followed his routine for a while but quit eventually.

Despite trying to get back to his former regimen, something didn’t work out. He didn’t know what it was. Jason decided to collaborate with a firm called Gentera Med, a company that carries out stem cell analysis and micronutrient monitoring. They are also doing UV therapy.

Following the micronutrient test, Jason found out that he was highly lacking in vitamin D. His testosterone level was also low, and the test revealed increasing cardiac levels. The micronutrient test showed he was pre-diabetic and had high levels of blood sugar.

So, he had to change his diet and reduce his sugar intake. Jason also stopped drinking alcohol altogether. Despite his new regimen, Jason still struggled with weight loss.

His physical trainer told Jason he could be carrying an infection, which caused his body to swell. Jason tried taking multivitamins, but the inflammation continued. Jason had troubles in his life, starting to wake up feeling fatigued.

And that is how he decided to take the Sleep Apnea Test. For those who do not know, sleep apnea is a disorder in which people cannot breathe while they sleep. To do the test, people sleep in a lab where their breath and pulse are being monitored. The results for Jason came back, and he was shocked.

During his sleeping cycle, his breathing stopped for 63 seconds. It was an instant red flag for Jason, so he had to lose weight instantly.

This is why Jason decided to have gastric sleeve surgery to achieve drastic weight loss.

Surgery Came As A Blessing

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As we said, Jason had weight reduction surgery. That procedure changed him both physically and emotionally.

The doctor explained to Jason that he needed treatment immediately for sleep apnea. He underwent an hour-long gastric sleeve surgery. About 80% of his stomach was removed.

Following the successful surgery, Jason’s body went into ketosis a few weeks after. This caused him to lose 30 pounds, which was a huge accomplishment, 30 pounds in 15 days.

Jason’s breathing also improved following the surgery, and he admitted to feeling much better as well after a recent weight loss. The surgical procedure had a significant impact on his physical and mental condition.

In an Instagram post, Jason said, “This is very much not at all about how I want to look, in terms of why I decided to do it. It was more about wanting to be alive and long enough for my team and me, and me and my family, to benefit from the fruits of all the labor that I’ve put into building my media company and my brand”.

He also continued, “Now that I had the surgery, it’s the challenge of how hard I want to love myself, how much I want to own the love for myself”.

As you can see, sometimes, eating right and a fitness routine out might not be enough. This is not to suggest that you should try surgery for weight loss. But you might be suffering from a medical condition that prevents you from losing weight, despite your effort and sticking to a healthy diet and proper exercise routine.

It is always a good option to check with a physician and a doctor if you are not losing weight as much as you want to because of inflammation. Who knows, you might have a medical condition like Jason as well. Take Jason Lee’s weight loss experience and journey as an example.

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