Slim and Strong: Erin Moriarty’s Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Erin Moriarty

In the past several years, Erin Moriarty has become one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. And it is not only her appearance in movies and TV series. The Starlight actress has also become part of the media because of her body image. How much do you know about Erin Moriarty’s weight loss journey?

The Boys fans noticed the famous actress looked slimmer in the third season of the television series. Yes, it is common for Hollywood celebrities to go through changes in their physique. But Erin has been quite secretive on the topic, prompting even more questions about her body look.

When the third season of The Boys premiered, many fans noticed the changes. And because of her growing popularity, they got even more curious about how she achieved such a weight loss transformation.

Get To Know Erin

Before we can talk about Erin Moriarty’s weight loss experience, we have to talk about her biography. How much do you know about the famous actress? American actress Erin Moriarty was born in June 1994 in New York City, United States of America.

As a young child, she developed a passion for acting and storytelling. Erin began her educational journey at the prestigious Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. There, she graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts. And during her time in college, she participated in theater productions and gained amazing experience. That would help her advance her career.

Following her graduation, Erin began her acting career in Hollywood. In the beginning, the young actress appeared in small roles, including television series like One Life to Live and Law and Oder. During that period, she would also appear in independent movies. Her talent and dedication broke through.

Her big break came in 2013 when she portrayed the lead character, Natalie Walraven in the CBS TV series Red Widow. Her portrayal of a young woman caught in the world of organized crime earned her critical acclaim. It also helped portray Erin as an established rising star in the movie industry.

After that, she continued earning praise with appearances in television series like True Detective, Jessica Jones, and The Boys.

It was her appearance in The Boys, where she portrays Starlight, Annie January that catapulted Erin to worldwide fame. Her performance as a superhero struggling with a moral compass and the corrupt nature of the world received widespread critical acclaim. We can definitely say that her performance turned her into a fan-favorite Hollywood actress.

For Erin, her fame goes beyond the big screen. She has been recognized for her philanthropic efforts, namely advocating for mental health awareness.

And recently, her body image turned heads.

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Erin’s Weight Loss Journey

Erin Moriarty got worldwide fame by portraying Starlight in the Amazon Prime hit series, The Boys. Before that, she had a recurring guest role in the Netflix crime series Jessica Jones in 2015 and appeared in Captain Fantastic in 2016.

In the past few years, Erin Moriarty’s weight loss journey put the famous actress in the media spotlight. How she achieved it? How much weight did she lose?

When the third season of The Boys premiered, fans noticed she was leaner and slightly more muscular than in previous seasons. After all, the American actress was a main cast member in the first two seasons. It was not like she was in one or two scenes and people didn’t notice how she looked. And when the third season premiered, there was a noticeable change.

At this period, there were speculations about an eating disorder or plastic surgery. The problem is Erin has not been open about her weight loss journey. The TV show on Amazon Prime Video made her a star, but she wanted to keep her personal life private.

Erin Moriarty Weight Loss Diet

Yet, there is some information about how Erin managed to shed all those pounds. For starters, she became more careful with the number of calories she consumed during the day. By changing her diet, Erin managed to get a leaner and slimmer body.

While she doesn’t talk about diets in her interviews, Erin has hinted and mentioned that she strives for a more protein-rich diet, namely for her breakfast.

And it is advice every one of us can copy. Eating a protein-rich breakfast will speed up the metabolism and make you feel fuller for a longer period.

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Erin Moriarty Weight Loss Workout Routine

Next, we have to talk about her workout routine. Same as her diet, Erin has not shared any fat-burning exercises. But she does mention that she strives to remain active throughout the day.

If you scroll through her social media, namely her Instagram profile, you can notice photos and videos of the Starlight actress doing physical activities. Moriarty is more into walking and running, and less into weight lifting.

But you cannot be in a superhero movie without doing some strength training.

Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

When you go through such a drastic change, similar to the one Erin went through between season two and season three of The Boys, there will be rumors. As we mentioned before, one of the conspiracy theories suggested an eating disorder.

And another one suggested weight loss surgery. Some fans even dubbed her the queen of plastic surgery. But is that all in the rumors district or not?

The American actress has been active for more than a decade. Appearing in TV shows like Law & Order, True Detective, Red Widow, Jessica Jones, and more, Erin is now a household name.

Many fans thought she did a rhinoplasty surgery, popularly known as a nose job. It is a surgery that aims to narrow and refine the tip of the nose. Some fans think that if you look at before and after pictures, her nose appears narrower and the tip is more refined. But the American actress has yet to confirm these changes.

The other rumor is about a possible boob job. With her petite frame, many people speculated that she might have gone under the knife to get breast implants. But that is not the case.

If you look carefully at her photos, you will notice that most physical changes can be related to her weight loss. Combine that with makeup methods, professional lighting, and so on, and you can easily make pictures that showcase a different Erin.

But there are no distinct differences in her eyes and body. Her lips were always full in the center, the same way they are today. And her face has remained unchanged.

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