Pauline Chalamet’s Weight Loss Journey: The Before And After Photos Are Amazing

Pauline Chalamet

Pauline Chalamet is popular for her role in the television series The Sex Lives of College Girls. And while she has never been a chubby girl, her body now appears to be more in shape than at any other time. She is progressing at managing her body and looks in addition to her career. The second season of the show shocked fans who began asking questions about possible Pauline Chalamet’s weight loss.

What is the reality? What happened? Did she lose weight to fit the role? We have the answers.

Getting To Know Pauline

Pauline is an American actress who has appeared in both film and television. Born in January 1992 in New York City, she is the older sister of American actor Timothee Chalamet. Her brother has received various accolades, including an Academy Award nomination. He is famous for appearing in the Dune movie.

Speaking of Pauline, she began taking acting classes at the School of American Ballet when she was 10 years old. She then danced in a Broadway production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

She was more interested in a dancing career than an acting one. But a biking incident hindered her chances of a dancing career, so she went back to acting. Pauline graduated and majored in drama from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School.

In 2016, she had her acting debut with a small role in the movie The Dinner. Since then, she has appeared in movies like The King of States Island and Seberg.

She might not be as popular as her younger brother, but recently she has gained some popularity. Pauline was approached by Mindy Kaling for the project The Sex Lives of College Girls. Mindy, who previously was part of The Office, had the idea of a show about public high school.

In the television series, Pauline portrays Kimberly Finkle, a college girl of the incoming first class, an intelligent young woman who is kind and motivated.

Pauline Chalamet with her boyfriend

A Completely New Look

During the first season of the television series, fans thought of Pauline as a bit overweight and sulky. Yet, when she appeared in the second season, she revealed a completely new look. She began appearing in the news for her astonishing weight loss journey.

The American actress previously had this slightly plumpy look, but her recent looks show she shed a considerable amount of weight.

Pauline looked different from the way she looked in the first season. The physical transformation was obvious. The weight loss changed her look, and fans began falling in love even more with her. She now has a toned jawline and body.

Her slender body was impossible for fans to look away from. Gorgeous and charming, Pauline completely changed her look. The physical makeover made fans enquire more about how she dropped weight and why she did it.

Some even speculated that the actress slimmed down to meet her character, Kimberly Finkle’s need for leanness and slenderness.

How Did She Lose Weight?

With her chubbiness gone, fans became even more interested in her. They watch as her body fat has disappeared and she looks slender and gorgeous. It is not uncommon for actors to lose or put on weight for their television or movie characters.

But as far as we know, Pauline didn’t do it to fit her character. She only made the change for herself. Fun fact: Pauline and her younger brother share many similar diet and exercise habits.

For example, she begins her morning with a cup of black coffee and some oats. Then, she chooses juices and healthy salads for snacks. And for her dinner and lunch, she opts for chicken breast.

As for her training regimen, she does yoga every day to help improve her focus and attention. More on that later on.

Did She Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

There was a topic on Reddit after her appearance in the second season of the HBO’s television series, The Sex Lives of College Girls about breast reduction.

Viewers noticed her breasts looked smaller compared to earlier pictures. Yet, the actress has not revealed any breast reduction surgery. It might have happened because of Pauline Chalamet’s weight loss. Losing weight might have resulted in her breasts looking smaller now.

Her character in the TV show, Kimberly, is a college student devolving financial struggles that stray from the typical private college experience.

Fans also speculated that Pauline lost weight as per the demand of Kimberly, who is a lean and thin girl. But there is no truth in that.

Pauline Chalamet after weight loss

How To Lose Weight Like Pauline Chalamet?

Pauline has shed around 20 pounds. That might not sound much, but it is enough to change the way you look. Can you follow her steps and tips and lose weight as well?

It all starts with incorporating a healthy diet and an active regular exercise system. By following the winning formula, the American actress has even acquired sharp-edge jawlines that indicate the perfection of her journey. Here are some important aspects of her diet and workout routine.

  • Consider breakfast as the most important meal in the day. Do not skip it. Instead, opt for a fulfilling and nutritious breakfast. A good breakfast will prevent any cravings in the day that might lead to adding empty calories and snacking
  • Add movements and walking into your routine. You do not need to run a marathon, but you can incorporate more movements to burn the calories you consume throughout the day. For example, Pauline does yoga daily. Walking for 30 minutes or dancing to your favorite beat will do the trick as well. Try to engage in physical activities consistently to lose weight
  • Remove artificial sugar from your food. Sugar is the worst thing you can have in your diet. Let’s clarify it. There are two types of sugar, natural and added. Natural sugars are found in fruits, and these are usually harmless unless you eat fruits the whole day. Added sugars are basically empty calories that lead to fat gain and obesity
  • Make sleep a priority. Invest in a good night’s sleep. Try to maintain a healthy and quality sleep routine if you want to lose extra pounds. The less you sleep, the more your body produces hunger hormones and cortisone. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep daily
  • Consume more fruits and veggies, the two most important parts of a healthy and balanced diet. Stick more to green veggies that are extremely efficient in burning fat

Bonus Tips

Last, but not least, let’s try and give you an example of one day of the famous actress. Pauline begins the day with a cup of black coffee, which helps kick-start her metabolism early on. She follows it up with a bowl of cooked oats, which provide plenty of fiber.

You might think she skips snacking. But that is not the case. We all love snacks. The trick is to have healthy snacks. Her favorite snacks are juices and salads.

As for her dinner and lunch meals, she often opts for chicken breast and lots of vegetables as a side dish. You see, it is not that hard, right?

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