Chiquis Rivera’s Weight Loss Revolution: How She Took Control Of Her Health

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera is the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera. She is an American singer and television personality. Chiquis released her first single Paloma Blanca in 2014 as a tribute to her mother, and since then, she has been among the biggest Latino stars. How much do you know about Chiquis Rivera’s weight loss journey?

The Latin singer has won two Latin Grammy Award trophies and has appeared in several reality shows. Chiquis made her television debut with Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis and Raq-C, and she would then starred in the spin-off reality show I Love Jenni.

Recently, she has been in the media for shedding 30 lbs in eight weeks. The late singer’s daughter has opened up about the experience.

Get To Know Chiquis

Chiquis is the stage name of Janney Marin Rivera, a Mexican-American singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality. Born in June 1985 in Los Angeles, California, she is praised for her powerful voice, dynamic performance, and bold personality.

Her path to success was destined from her birth. Born into a renowned musical family, Chiquis is the eldest daughter of the iconic banda singer Jenni Rivera. Growing up surrounded by music, Chiquis developed a passion for singing at a young age.

Speaking of her family, she is the first child of her parents, Jenni and Jose Trinidad Marin. She has a younger sister, Jacqie Rivera (now Campos), a brother Mikey, and two half-siblings from her mother’s second marriage.

Her career took off after joining her mother’s banda as a backup singer. In 2014, she released her debut single Paloma Blanca, receiving critical acclaim and establishing herself as a solo artist. Since then, she has released successful albums like Ahora and Entre Botellas. Her musical style includes elements of banda, norteno, and regional Mexican music.

But music is not her only field of interest. Chiquis has ventured into acting, appearing in several Spanish-language TV shows and movies.

Speaking of her personal life, it has been marked by struggles and controversies. For example, public fallout with her family members and controversial relationship. But she has managed to rise above everything and inspire others with her story of perseverance.

Her loyal fan base loves and admires her talent, authenticity, and strength.

Chiquis Rivera before weight loss

Chiquis Rivera Weight Loss Journey

The first time fans noticed Chiquis and her new body was at the Latin Grammy Award Ceremony in 2022. She looked very slim and curvy.

The Latin singer turned every head when she posed on the red carpet. Chiquis looked divine in her figure-hugging golden dress.

Fans commented on how much she has transformed physically. Some fans think her weight loss is as recent as 2022. But the famous singer shed some pounds earlier in her life.

That 30 pounds weight loss came in 2014. And it was an impressive one. According to the Latin star, it happened in a span of eight weeks.

She admits it was not an easy task to pull off. But the fact she was determined to get a new body and look healthier helped her get through.

Speaking in an interview with People, she recalled people used to call her chubby. Now, that might have been fine when she was a young child. But when she grew up as an adult, chubby didn’t feel sexy. And she decided to get a fitter and slimmer body.

In the interview, Chiquis says, “People would say I was gordita (chubby). Yes, I had a little chubby girl in my heart, and she’s still with me, but like I always say: It’s time for you (the gordita) to take a break”.

The famous singer consulted with wellness expert and celebrity nutrition expert Alejandro Chaben. He was the one to help her achieve her goal of weight loss.

Why She Lost Weight?

As we said before, the Latin star wanted to look sexier. The young actress managed to shed 30 pounds by avoiding two foods she loves, white rice and chocolate.

Alejandro, on his part, said, “Her effort has been admirable. It’s been a pleasure being a part of her life because she inspires a lot of people”.

The young singer says she finally feels truly sexy. Yet, her new body presented a new challenge, and that is to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

She said, “The curves are there, and I want them there. I want to focus a lot more on my career and on helping my mom’s business”.

Her mother, the late singer Jenni Rivera, passed away in December 2012 in a plane crash in Mexico. Chiquis is determined to follow in her footsteps.

Chiquis Rivera slim and sexy

How Did She Lose Weight?

Chiquis Rivera claims that the reason for her weight loss was the lemon diet. That is the diet popularized by Beyonce.

Her physique has long been a subject that the Latin singer avoided. But after showing up her new body with pride, she wanted to talk more about it. Chiquis has said on several occasions that she is pleased that she inherited her mother’s voluptuous curves.

While she still has curves, it is clear she lost weight and shed some pounds that make her slimmer. And while her claim is a lemon water diet, what is the reality?

Did She Have Weight Loss Surgery?

The fun thing is that the surgeon betrayed her. In a way, Chiquis had to “swallow” her own words. While the singer is showing off her flat stomach and hips, people were shocked to find out there was a different reason for her weight loss.

The Latin star said she did things the old-fashioned way, with exercise and food, but her surgeon has given her away.

Several accounts on Instagram, including Chicapicosa, Chamonic, and Escandalo, reported that the waist Chiquis was flaunting was the result of a weight loss surgery. There were images leaked in which she visited a plastic surgeon.

The posts had a caption reading, “What changed will we go to see in #chiquis? Or did it already? … goodbye lemon water, the surgeon already discovered it … #bajacalifornia #plasticsurgery“.

The surgeon’s name is Dr. Victor Gutierrez, and he had his consulting room in Tijuana, Baja California. Jenni’s daughter traveled to his office searching for a procedure that will help her.

And 14 hours before Chiquis posted her waist on Instagram, he had photos with her in his office. The images show the man in his office, hugging the singer who wears a cap trying to go unnoticed.

The description of the doctor says he has 20 years of experience and certification in plastic surgery. And while she says she drinks lemon water every morning, it turns out, a surgeon in Tijuana did more than the lemons.

Chiquis Rivera after weight loss

What About Body Slimming Massage Treatments

Another popular conspiracy theory is that the famous singer had body slimming massage treatments. She has not commented on the topic, but there are several videos, some published on the Instagram account Escandalo.

In one of the videos, the singer is lying down and receiving a reductive massage using mud or something similar.

The description of the video reads, “We only need Chiquis saying that because of her ice therapy, she’s lost weight”. While there were defenders of the famous singer, they had no arguments to defend her. Some fans even went as far as commenting that Rivera’s entire family are cheaters.

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