From Reality TV To Real Results: Naomie Olindo’s Weight Loss Transformation

Naomie Olindo playing tennis

Naomie Olindo is a reality TV star, part of the Bravo television series Southern Charm. She has managed to shed a significant amount of pounds using the intermittent fasting method. Bravo TV stars and trendy diets seem to go hand in hand these days. Leva from Southern Charm also went through a significant weight loss. Today, however, we will talk about Naomie Olindo’s weight loss journey.

The reality star revealed that intermittent fasting helped her “get her body fat melted off in a few months”. She also revealed that despite everything, she continues to drink alcohol, eat candy, and eat cheat food.

Is that even possible? Well, according to the diet by Naomie, it is. Do you want to know more? Read on.

Get To Know Naomie

Born in August 1992, she is a French-born American businesswoman, reality television star, and social media personality. She is from Charleston, South Carolina, hence, part of the Southern Charm reality show.

That show helped Naomie gain nationwide popularity and fame. Olindo made her debut in the show during the third season of the series. It was her former partner, Craig Conover that introduced her as a new cast member. But she quickly became a recurring star.

Speaking of her business profile, she owns a clothing brand titled Abeye. Naomie and her friend Ginny Cox began the business. Now, they work as business partners.

How did she become famous? Well, it was her relationship with Craig Conover that made her a media star. The two began their affair in 2015. Craig is an American TV personality and Instagram star. According to some reports, they attended the same college together and later reconnected over texts. Soon after, they began their relationship.

Sadly, in 2017, the two broke up but remained friends on the Southern Charm show. According to Craig, they never fought, but simply had different opinions and ideas about life.

After that breakup, Olindo began a new relationship with Metuh Shah, a resident physician in anesthesiology in South Carolina.

Speaking of her family, her father is Joel Olindo, while her mother’s name is not known. She has one sister, but her name has not been revealed as well.

Naomie Olindo with her cat

Why Did She Lose Weight?

Naomi Olindo is one of the biggest stars on Bravo television. Fans who have followed the Southern Charm TV show for a while have had front seats to her emotional and body transformation. Nowadays, her healthy lifestyle is a true testament to health being more than just a number on the scale.

Naomi Olindo’s weight loss journey happened between 2017 and 2018. It happened between two seasons of the Bravo TV show. During that period, she managed to shed 25 pounds. In her own words, she did it the right way, which is slow and steady.

Every celebrity has a different story about weight loss. Naomi developed five simple, yet effective habits.

There is no particular reason why did she lose weight. Simply put, Naomi wanted to detox herself from emotional stress and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Just like most of us, she had sugary cereal as breakfast, a staple in her diet. Yet, in February 2017, she decided enough was enough and wanted to implement healthier habits into her lifestyle.

How Did She Lose Weight?

If you go over her Instagram profile, you will find plenty of sexy pictures of Naomi. She has more than 700k followers on her social media profile. Often, fans ask her about her weight loss experience.

Well, in a post nearly three years ago, Naomi finally answered and gave fans a look into her life.

In the Instagram post, she said, “My most FAQ, how did you lose weight and keep it off? For me, it was a mix of intermittent fasting, tons of smoothies, working out regularly, and adopting an 80×20 lifestyle, 80% of the time you eat plant-based, healthy foods, and 20% whatever you want. The 20% cheat part can be anything and everything, but we made these chocolate chip cookies to make part of our 20% clean, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and delicious”.

Naomie Olindo fit and sexy

Naomi Olindo’s Weight Loss Diet

You have probably heard the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. It is one of the biggest truths and realities in the fitness world.

Social media might make it hard to believe it. Instagram and similar platforms are overcrowded with photos of people in bikinis eating pizza and drinking sugary drinks.

Well, that is not the reality. Naomie is all about living a balanced lifestyle. Her diet throughout high school and college was standard for an American girl. That included sugary cereals for breakfast, pizza for lunch and Doritos for afternoon snacks, and a lot of late-night junk food.

Her first attempt didn’t move the needle, because she was still eating refined sugary foods and processed foods for dinner.

Then, she began swapping her Taco Bell lunch for a homemade smoothie. And at first, she loved having a blender bomb smoothie a day and canceling out her beers, processed dinner, and wine or dessert.

That is when a friend of hers introduced her to intermittent fasting. Naomie adopted the 16/8 version, which is 16 hours of not eating and 8 hours of eating.

The reality TV star ate between 12 pm and 8 pm. She would break her fast at 12 with a BB smoothie, then have a snack a few hours later if she felt hungry, and a plant-based or pescatarian dinner.

In the beginning, she fasted between 5 and 7 days a week. But once she reached her weight goal, she dropped it to 3-4 days a week.

If you follow it properly, intermittent fasting is beneficial to your health, well-being, and weight. More on this later. Do not worry, you can have a cup of coffee in the morning and it doesn’t count against your fast.

Flaunting Her Bikini Body

Naomia is a fashionista, she loves to pose in new and fancy clothes. And that includes her bikini game. The Southern Charm often posts sexy pictures on Instagram. But this one was with a purpose.

She ran a giveaway on Instagram, posing in a bikini. In the post, she wrote, “This is not a paid post. 1.5 years ago I was unhealthy and pretty unhappy about it. I started working out with @chsfitnesspro and @hylofitness 3x a week and making tiny changes to my lifestyle. I saw results but felt like they weren’t proportionate to my efforts. I started IF and substituted my first meal of the day with a blender bomb smoothie. And body fat melted. Going to the gym once is easy, and eating one healthy meal is easy, but doing it consistently more than not is hard. That’s why it works”.

The Instagram star organized a giveaway for the smoothies that helped her shed pounds. In the summer photo, the Southern Charm star showed off her body in a black, two-piece suit.

The L’Abeye designer continued, “I still drink alcohol, eat candy, and eat cheat food all the time — but the key is to be more consistent than you are inconsistent”.

And the biggest benefit? Once her body got healthier, her mind got healthier as well.

Naomie Olindo in swimsuit

Naomie Olindo’s Weight Loss Workout Regime

The hardest part of working out is getting to the gym. For Naomie, that meant 30-minute workouts two times per week. Half of the workout was cardio on the treadmill and the rower, while her other half was weight-lifting.

She became stronger week by week.

Can You Use Intermittent Fasting As Well?

As we said before, intermittent fasting is one of the most popular weight loss methods nowadays. Many celebrities use it. From Heather Dubrow to Cecil Whitmore and Ryan Serhant.

The origins and practice of fasting date back to ancient times. It was a common practice to heal the body. It also has roots in religion, for example during the Holy month of Ramadan when fasting is encouraged from dawn to dusk.

The idea behind fasting is that by restricting food, our body will quickly and efficiently tap into the fat stores for energy. Glucose from carbs is the most direct fuel source, but we burn fat when glucose is not available. That happens during food deprivation.

There is no perfect fasting plan. There are different methods you can try, be it a full day, 12 hours per day, or 16 hours per day. If you want whether it is the right method for you, ask yourself what you want to achieve.

Yes, you can try intermittent fasting to lose weight, but it is not something you can do forever. But it can teach you valuable lessons about healthy ways of eating.

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