Amanda Batula Weight Loss – What Is Her Secret?

Amanda Batula

When we first saw Amanda Batula on Summer House, she looked different. If you have followed her career through the years, you have probably noticed she has shed some pounds. During a session on Instagram, the American television personality talked about her weight journey. How much do you know about Amanda Batula’s weight loss journey?

Season 2 of Summer House was her first official season. And at that point, she was the heaviest. Speaking about the experience on Instagram, she said, “I don’t know how much I weighed because I refused to step on a scale, but I would say I’ve lost between 15 to 20 pounds since then. And I am now back down to my weight that I was in college”.

She continued, “I know that number might sound really big compared to how I looked then — it’s not like I was huge — but I gained weight very evenly and I carry it in my face a lot too. But I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because I could not fit into my clothes that year”.

Who Is Amanda Batula?

Amanda Batula

Before we get to Amanda Batula’s weight loss journey, let’s talk about the person. Who is she? Born in July 1991 in New Jersey she is of American nationality. She is a television personality.

Speaking about her physical appearance, she is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her weight is about 125lbs. She is passionate and likable. One of her signature features is her beautiful brown color eyes and blonde hair.

Amanda attended Hillsborough High School in Somerset County, and after that, she enrolled herself at the University of Connecticut for her graduation. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University in 2013. As a resident of New Jersey, she spent her childhood in that city.

She is the elder child in the family. Her father is Frank Batula, and she is quite close to him. The two have a special bond and relationship. Her mother is Donna Batula, and she has a younger brother. His name is Frank Batula. Amanda and her brother had a wonderful childhood together.

The television personality started her career as a graphic designer. She did an internship at Rent the Runway, and then she was promoted to work as a showroom coordinator and stylist at Rent the Runway.

Thanks to her hard work and diligence, she became a senior graphic designer and creative director.

Most people nowadays recognize her as a television personality. Amanda made her television debut in the Bravo television reality show Summer House. She started as a guest cast in the first season and had her official appearance in Season 2.

From Season two onwards, she became one of the main cast members, gaining a lot of fame and recognition in the process.

Nowadays, she works as a senior graphic designer, art director, and stylist at L’Occitane en Provence.

Marriage To Kyle Cooke

Amanda Batula slim on the wedding day

Amanda and her boyfriend who later became her husband Kyle Cooke dated for three years before tying the knot. They met on the set of Summer House in 2015.

They dated for a couple of years. In September 2018, they finally got engaged. Kyle proposed to Amanda with a beautiful 2.5-carat diamond ring.

The two also have their own business together. Amanda and her fiancé started their company FENIX, with Amanda creating the website and uploading topics about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Thanks to her many business ventures, Amanda Batula’s net worth is more than $1 million. Thanks to her business and work, she can afford a lavish lifestyle.

Amanda on Social Media

Amanda is quite popular on social media. Thanks to her appearance in Summer House, Amanda made a name for herself.

She used that popularity to start her own company and get more followers and fans on social media. Amanda has more than 575k followers on the social media platform Instagram.

How Did She Lose Weight?

Amanda Batula after weight loss
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Now let’s talk about Amanda Batula’s weight loss journey. The Summer House star credits intermittent fasting and coffee for shedding pounds. She also cut out all sugar and carbs.

Her fiancé Kyle Cooke in one interview talked about how Amanda is not too fond of the gym. So, she basically lost weight thanks to fasting and Bulletproof coffee.

She shared some helpful tips with her fans, giving them insight into how to follow her regiment. According to Amanda, it is OK to give into your cravings, but only in small doses, so that you do not overindulge.

Another helpful tip is to eat a lot of protein and vegetables, and stop counting calories. And for her last tip? Do not step on the scale.

Amanda says, “I avoided the scale for a full year because the number that you see doesn’t matter, what mattered to me was how I felt in the clothes that I was wearing and how I physically felt about myself. As long as your favorite pair of jeans fit, that’s the end goal”.

How To Follow Her Regimen?

coffee and watch

Amanda Batula’s weight loss experience is not your typical one. But you can still follow it if you like it. She typically doesn’t eat lunch until late in the afternoon while intermittent fasting, but she doesn’t feel deprived of food.

She says, “I drink bulletproof coffee on the days that I am intermittent fasting because it is full of healthy fats and keeps me full until I am ready to eat lunch around 15:00 or so. This way I don’t feel like I am starving myself and I am still getting, like, nutrients”.

The drink is also known as butter coffee. It is a blend of coffee, Brain octane oil, and grass-fed butter or ghee.

She explains she drinks the beverage while following an eating pattern that cycles between periods of eating and fasting. That helped Amanda lose between 15 to 20 pounds.

Here is her explanation, “What worked best for me and was easiest and I saw the best results from was intermittent fasting”. Amanda says she no longer works out because she felt it hindered her weight loss.

And she is not the only celebrity who swears by intermittent fasting. Stassi Schroeder is another Bravolebrity who does it as well. Brielle Biermann also found out that exercising doesn’t help with her weight loss goal, so she turned to intermittent fasting.

Brielle even says, “I think working out made me eat more because I was so hungry. So now I just intermittent fast and eat whatever I want but in moderation”.

Victim Of Body Shaming

Amanda Batula fit and sexy

Despite her weight loss, Amanda was a victim of body shaming in the summer of 2022. Following her vacation in Italy with her husband Kyle Cooke, she wrote on Instagram that her body had gone through some changes recently.

She shared only text on her Instagram story without a photo but added that she wasn’t pregnant.

Fans rushed to comment on her Instagram post, noting they were worried about her apparent weight loss. She posted three photos on June 23, showing herself on a night out in Napoli, Italy.

Here are some of the comments that followed:

  • Girl, you are getting too skinny
  • Yikes (with a sad face emoji)
  • You are super skinny. Enjoy the food! You are beautiful
  • Natural beauty, unnaturally thin
  • How much weight have you lost?
  • Pls eat. Scary!
  • You got supper skinny
  • Her hair is thinning and her bones show a lot
  • It’s not the skinniness that’s concerning it is the lack of muscle
  • I assumed she was asking for a whole new wardrobe because she gained weight, but clearly, it’s because she lost weight

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