How Leva Bonaparte Maintains Her Slim Figure: Her Daily Routine And Lifestyle Habits

Leva Bonaparte

Bravo’s Southern Charm premiered nearly one decade ago. Since then, cast members have come and gone, and then come back again. Leva Bonaparte has been one of the more consistent members. The television series Southern Charm reveals a world of exclusivity, money, and scandal, dating back through generations of families. But we have to mention another thing, Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss journey.

Leva joined the show after Cameron Eubanks introduced her. The two were friends, and Cameron left Southern Charm after season 6.

Leva made her debut in Season 1, but she didn’t join the cast full-time until several years later. Recently, viewers of the show noticed she has slimmed down. Since her debut on the show, the American television personality has been candid about her business and personal life.

Get To Know Leva

Leva is not your average reality TV star. Thanks to her dynamic personality and fierce determination for success, she grew into one of the more inspiring and motivational figures in the industry.

Born in May 1979 in Charleston, South Carolina, she always had a zest for life and a thirst for adventure. Ever since her childhood, Bonaparte enjoyed spending time outdoors, trying new things, and pushing herself to the limits. That energy and enthusiasm made her a fan favorite in the Bravo TV show Southern Charm.

Once she joined the show, she found her calling. Her magnetic personality and infectious energy made her a fan favorite. During her time on the show, Leva has inspired viewers to embrace their unique passion and pursue their dreams.

We have to say, Leva has also faced her fair share of challenges. For example, she struggled with weight loss and body image. The reality TV star had trouble balancing work and family. But she remained positive and optimistic throughout the entire Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss journey.

And now, she uses her platform on social media to spread messages of empowerment and self-love. Whether she shares her workout routine, words of encouragement, support, or helpful advice, Leva continues to be a star on social media.

And if you need some extra motivation, check her profile and you will see for yourself.

Leva Bonaparte

Why She Lost Weight?

Leva Bonaparte showed her weight loss experience at the beginning of the last series. Her appearance changed after buying a new house and moving in with her husband Lamar. The two moved into an upscale neighborhood, and they are now seriously considering having a second child.

It was her first child that was the reason for her weight gain. While Leva says she has been putting on weight for years, pregnancy definitely changed her body. Viewers continued asking about her appearance and weight.

In one interview, she said, “I have always been a girl that generally watches what she eats, exercises, and carried a hour glass shape figure”. Yet, hormone therapy while trying to get pregnant caused her to gain weight.

So, since giving birth, she tried to lose weight and get back to a slimmer figure.

How Much Weight Did She Lose?

Leva looked completely different in season 8 of Bravo’s Southern Charm. Fans quickly noticed and noted her weight loss. For starters, her face looked noticeably thinner.

One fan even wrote, “Ok, I need to know what is up with Leva’s look? It is so totally different from last season, it can’t be just weight loss, has to be more. She’s had something done for sure”. Others commented that she looks completely stunning.

At the beginning of 2021, Leva decided to make a change in her life. And with her determination, she found a way to succeed. She decided to seek out a plastic surgeon after her weight was at its highest ever.

During her pregnancy, Leva gained almost 70 pounds. After giving birth to her son Lamar Jr, she wanted to get back to her slimmer figure.

She begin by cutting out carbohydrates and doing cardio five times per week, but it wasn’t enough. She felt she had some stubborn areas that she couldn’t slim down.

Did She Have Weight Loss Surgery?

As always, Leva has been transparent about her life and business. While fans were asking whether she had a weight loss surgery, Leva took to Instagram to clear the air.

She began her post by saying, “Sitting in my office in thought about unrealistic images – despite being naturally a pretty private person… but also a brutally honest and transparent person-I def. think body and emotions are incredibly sacred and private things. But I do know how much social media complicates honesty because all you see are snippets and glimpses of a person edited REALITY”.

She continued saying, “ My transparency on this post is in response to all the DMs of you all asking me about weight loss. So Here it goes- I had never had any type of elective surgery in my life. I have always been a girl that generally watches what she eats, exercises, and carried a hour glass shape figure. FF- I found myself struggling to get pregnant in my mid 30s after years of being poked and prodded… anxiety ridden… gone through cycles of the clomid crazies etc and different hormone treatments and with a weight gain of 15 lbs but it was all worth it- found my self blessed beyond measure to be pregnant with my angel boy”.

Then, the television personality said she loves challenges and talked about her difficult pregnancy. In the first three months, she struggled with nausea and low blood pressure. When she had her son, she lost ¾ of the weight she gained during pregnancy. Yet, after Covid, she was at the highest in her life. That is when she opted for weight loss surgery.

Leva revealed, “I decided enough was enough so I started doing cardio 40 mins/5 days a week and cut all carbs- lost a good bit of weight maybe short of 20lbs? But also my body was not what it was before my son and I still have some stubborn areas I couldn’t lose. So I went to see Dr Clayton Crantford and we went over all the things that I wanted to improve. Went in full of anxiety-but after seeing his work- I trusted his judgment completely -He exceeded my expectations!”

The TV personality finished her post by saying “Mommas do the work then do what makes you happy, BUT only with the right doctor”.

Leva has more than 158k followers on Instagram, and she is not shy about sharing her personal life with them.

Leva Bonaparte after weight lost

How She Lost Weight?

As we said before, Leva tried diet and exercise first before opting for a plastic surgeon. She had to lose some weight before the surgeon could tweak her physique.

So, she began with some cardio exercises and cutting carbs completely. She said, “My body was not what it was before my son, and I still had some stubborn areas”.

Her diet was crucial, focusing on eating whole, natural foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories. At the same time, she cut off processed and refined foods.

As for her workout routine, it included strength training, cardio, and HIIT workouts. Yet, with all that, she couldn’t get to the ideal shape she wanted.

Inspiring Others

Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss journey was followed by her journey to body positivity. It was an important part of her successful story. Leva worked hard to love and accept her body, even during difficult times.

As many will tell you, mental health is a vital part of any successful weight loss experience. The television personality worked hard on developing healthy coping mechanisms and staying positive during her journey. And without that, she couldn’t succeed.

During the entire time, she practiced self-love and self-compassion, finding ways to show compassion even when she was struggling. If you can take anyway from Leva Bonaparte’s weight loss experience, it is that.

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