TwoMad’s Dramatic Weight Loss: The Challenge That Led to Internet Fame

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Muudea Sedik, otherwise known as TwoMad, is a content producer and streamer. He creates a variety of content for social media platforms, but his main source is YouTube. He has three channels on YouTube, one for skits, one for commentary, and one for gaming. In the past few years, the TwoMad weight loss topic has been quite popular in the media.

Given the fact he has more than 2 million fans on YouTube, it is normal that his fans want to understand how he managed to shed some pounds. But he also surprised fans. Given the genre he covers, his work with Belle Delphine has left his fans surprised.

Today, we will talk about his great weight reduction and how he managed to shed 37 pounds in 2022. Let’s go.

Get To Know TwoMad

As we said before, TwoMad is not his real name. It is a nickname he uses for his social media platforms and content creation. Born Muudea Sedik in December 2000, he is a young man trying to make a living out of social media. In the past few years, social media has risen in popularity as a great source of income.

TwoMad has more than 2 million subscribers on his channels. He is mostly famous for the Goodnight Girl meme.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he began his career by uploading stream highlights from the various games he played. At the time, he was playing mostly Fortnite and Overwatch.

That was his original TwoMad channel, where he also uploaded a series of Discord storytime videos. In May 2019, he changed his style, uploading fewer stream highlights, and more commentary and skit videos. One month later, he uploaded his first My Life’s Biggest Brugh Moments, a video that went viral.

During this period, he also began his second channel, TwoMad 360, a channel where he now uploads Overwatch content, along with his How 2 series and Nerf series. In April 2020, he began live streaming on this channel, mostly gaming videos.

Initially, TwoMad posted live streams from Twitch, but the content creator later moved to YouTube for his live-streaming videos. Speaking about the move, he said it was due to the anxiety with Twitch. He claims that anything he does could get him banned from the platform. TwoMad is one of the content creators who endorse YouTube as the better option and where he feels free.

In December 2021, he began streaming on Twitch again.

As for his third channel, TwoMad Gang, it is one where he uploads commentary and storytime videos about himself. This is the channel where he talks about how he made the Goodnight Girl Meme viral and what it is like being a YouTuber. In late 2020, he changed the content on TwoMad Gang to post more comedic shorts.

Over the years, he has collaborated with various artists. Lately, his fans recognize his collaboration with Belle Delphine. But he has also a prank called Maxmoefoe with Anything4views and a PC with Linus Tech Tips.

In June 2022, he began a collaboration with Belle Delphine, posting pictures from a photoshoot on Twitter and Instagram. Many fans have speculated that the two had sex and published it on Belle’s OnlyFans account. But there is no evidence of such speculation.

In some of the photos, he is wearing a Donkey Kong costume, which some fans say is controversial and racist.

But it is safe to say that he has gone a long way from creating his first YouTube channel in August 2017. Since then, he has garnered millions of views and subscribers. He now has an official web store, called Brudda From da Bushes.

TwoMad fat

Why Did He Lose Weight?

With millions of subscribers on his social media platforms, TwoMad is a well-known streamer and content creator. He is one of the best game-related YouTubers. He is still in his early 20s, meaning he is one of the youngest creators.

Recently, he has gained even more publicity, but not because of his videos. Fans want to know more about the dramatic TwoMad weight loss transformation. His journey and struggle with weight loss created much interest, and many fans are eager to know how he lost some pounds.

Before shedding some pounds, TwoMad routinely got rapped for his weight. Internet users made fun of him and even created body memes based on his appearance. So, he decided he had enough and wanted to slim down.

Fans noticed his journey in September 2019. Twitch celebrity Dimitri, otherwise known as GGXupdates, posted about encouraging people to lose weight. He said, “The main reason I upload selfies is to urge people to lose weight and get healthier. I feel strange posting them. I am still getting used to everything. I feel obligated to assist others. I just want to show people that if I can do it, so can they”.

TwoMad reposted the tweet, saying, “I am losing weight now”. And with a lot of effort, dedication, hard work, and focus, the famous streamer was able to shed 37 lbs. Fans were astonished by his dramatic weight loss journey.

Did He Have Weight Loss Surgery?

In Hollywood, and in the world of celebrities, when you shed a high amount of pounds, the natural question and answer is weight loss surgery. Fans were astonished by the dramatic transformation, and many questioned why the streamer is so skinny.

Of course, there were speculations about weight loss surgery. Yes, there were those who said it is the result of intense exercise and a rigorous diet. Some even thought he might have been on medication for losing weight.

Even before he lost weight, TwoMad was joking about it. In July 2019, he posted on Twitter, saying, “When I lose weight, falling over won’t be funny anymore FUCK”.

TwoMad slimmed down

How Did He Lose Weight?

As we said before, surgery was not an option for the American streamer. Instead, he did it the natural way. TwoMad hasn’t revealed and disclosed much of his weight loss food diet and workout regime.

For example, he hasn’t talked about his breakfast, dinner, or lunch options. But it is clear that he shed some pounds to improve his overall health and well-being.

The eminent streamer posts videos on YouTube almost daily and is active on every social media platform. But despite disclosing much of his real life, he seems to be private about how he lost 37 pounds in 2022.

Initially, he weighed 176 lbs, which is not obese. Yet, he was bullied for his physical appearance. From family and friends, he was bullied throughout his entire life. And it seemed to have led to him being and feeling insecure.

Yet, he used it as a motivation and inspiration. He worked extremely hard and followed a strict diet to get to 139 lbs. In the first round of weight loss, he shed 37 lbs. But he continued. And nowadays, he weighs a healthy 139 lbs. He is happy with the weight loss journey.

Where Is He Now?

As of August 2023, TwoMad is busy posting videos on his social media accounts and gaining millions of views. He is a very much money-oriented person who dedicates his entire time to his YouTube channel.

Same as with the TwoMad weight loss journey, the popular streamer is determined to make it work. And we have to admit, anytime you put effort, time, patience, and dedication into a single goal, you are more likely to make it.

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