Nikki Duval’s Remarkable Weight Loss And The Lifestyle Changes That Made It Possible

Nikki Duval

Nikki Duval is a famous Canadian actress part of the sitcom Workin’ Moms. The Workin Mom has been part of the show for a while. The Netflix television series tells all about the struggles of a mother who also works, and tries to juggle between housework and work. She portrays Rossie, the semi-obsessive sweet assistant in the show.

But recently, Nikki has made headlines for a different reason. Nikki Duval’s weight loss journey and before and after photos have made fans curious.

If you look at her recent photos on social media, you will notice a significant change in her appearance. Well, how she lost weight? How much she lost? Let’s take a look.

Get To Know Nikki

How much do you know about Nikki? She is a Canadian actress, writer, and producer. Nikki was born in March 1977 in Regina, Saskatchewan, and graduated from the University of Alberta. She got a degree in drama and went on to pursue an acting career.

Over the course of her acting career, she has appeared in several television series like Murdoch Mysteries, New Eden, The Listener, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and Kim’s Convenience.

Working in the entertainment industry, she is famous for her talent and dedication. But as we said before, in the past several years, she has been in the media spotlight more for her body image, than for her talent.

Nikki Duval

Does She Have A Son?

People who follow Nikki on social media, particularly on Instagram, know she often posts pictures with a person named Stephen Tracey.

Now, initially, many believed he might be her life partner. But Nikki has sometimes posted pictures with him tagged like “mother and son”.

We cannot say this is true, given the fact Nikki was born in 1977, and Stephen was born in 1992. That would mean that she gave birth to him when she was 15 years old.

Stephen, on his part, is a Canadian actor as well. He began his career as a model, before going into acting in 2014.

Nikki Duval Weight Loss Journey

As we said, Nikki is trending right now but not because she is a Workin Mom. Instead, she trends for reasons related to her body image. People are wondering how she lost body weight.

The rumors began when Nikki suddenly began posting pictures on social media where she looked a lot slimmer and thinner. The Canadian actress was a bit on the heavier side before.

When fans look at any photos or posts on social media, they wonder how the famous actress managed to lose weight and transform herself. There are many speculations, even those suggesting she may have undergone surgery to shed some pounds.

To this date, Nikki has not confirmed anything about the speculation. What we do know is that she looks fit and beautiful. And the fans cannot stop raving about her. They give positive reactions to Nikki Duval’s weight loss journey.

But they are equally curious to know the secret behind her journey and experience.

Nikki Duval on fashion week

Reaction From Fans

To be honest, there are two different types of reactions from fans. Some fans have praised Nikki and asked for her secret tricks. But others have shown concern about her health and speculated she might be ill or had a weight loss surgery.

The problem with Hollywood is that actresses are often expected to be slim and thin. Body shaming is very much real, and over the years, Nikki has endured all the criticism because of her body weight loss.

Now let’s talk about how and when she began her journey.

How Much Weight Did She Lose?

There is no official information about how much weight Nikki has lost. The Canadian star has not announced anything on social media.

Yet, critics say that she has lost between 20 and 25 lbs. Some say she lost even more, but for that, we have to have confirmation from Nikki.

Before And After Photos

The best way to notice how much weight she has lost is to look at her before and after photos. We often say a picture says a thousand words. Well, these before and after Nikki Duval pictures say it all. While the Canadian actress remains silent on her drastic change, the pictures reveal a different picture.

If you look at the before pictures, you will notice she had a big waist, a prominent abdomen, and a chubby face. But that is all gone. She is still close to a plus-size actress, but now she has a slimmer face and prominent collar bones.

Nikki Duval plus size
Photo: and

How She Lost Weight?

As we said before, many people are wondering how the actress managed to lose weight and transform herself.

Losing between 20 and 25 pounds is not an easy task. That takes a lot of dedication and hard work. There are rumors she made a lifestyle change, namely her diet, but those have not been confirmed by Nikki or the people around her.

Has She Gone Under The Knife?

A popular theory about Nikki Duval’s weight loss journey is that she had a weight loss surgery. But the actress has not confirmed this as well.

Yes, many celebrities have opted for bariatric surgery to make a change in their digestive system. Yet, as far as we know, Nikki has not chosen that path.

The more logical assumption is that the actress lost weight by conventional means. And that means a balanced diet, exercise, and patience.

Why Did She Lose Weight?

In 2020, Nikki was a chubby figure. And yet, suddenly, she looked a lot thinner. What happened to her? Why did she lose weight? We can assume the way society’s image of beauty played a role.

Hollywood has beauty standards where beauty is thin. That might have played a role in Nikki opting to change her diet and lifestyle and shed some pounds. At the time, her body was overweight.

Body shaming is very real and very problematic. Nikki opts to remain silent about why she lost weight. But we can say the famous actress looks happier now. Scrolling through her social media feed portrays a much happier outlook on her life.

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