18 Perfect Indoor Activities For Kids On A Snowy Day

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You wake up to a beautiful winter wonderland of snow and ice, except that this winter is the fourth, fifth or ninth day of it, and you and the children scale the walls. Not just that, but while the first days of snow were fun, you’ve got things that need to be done.

For different entities, a snowstorm means different things. It’s a day-long escape for kids from the woes of geography, Shakespeare, and, worse yet, algebra. It can be a nightmare for parents. It can be difficult to think of exciting ideas to help keep the school-age crew happy without turning the house to ruins, but we have plenty of enjoyable snow day events for kids.

Yeah, they could play with all the toys and books you’ve purchased over the years, but after only 20 minutes, we all know they’re going to be “bored” Don’t be scared. We’ve got you. Most of these activities on snow day are easy, fast to put together and use things that you already have in your house.

1. Create An Indoor Obstacle Course

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Any child craves motion. It is required by their developing bodies, so games, where they can sprint, leap, crawl and explore, delight them. An indoor obstacle course will even get little kids to run, laugh, and think, while burning off some of the insane energy for kids.

2. Do A Science Experiment – Lava Lamp

DIY Mason Jar Lava Lamp
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With these super simple and hugely popular Lava Lamps, walk back to the swinging ’60s. This DIY project is so easy that your children will do it all on their own. For all ages, Lava Lamps are a fun and entertaining project and can keep them entertained for hours.

3. Play Balloon Tennis

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Balloon Tennis, for all ages, is a fun and simple sport. To build the rackets, it only takes a few supplies and then you can let the fun begin! You may also have competitions where you attempt to balance the balloons on your plates and sprint around the space in addition to throwing the balloons back and forth. Without hitting the ground, you can even aim to reach your own balloons in the air.

4. Play Tin Can Bowling Game

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You build the bowling pins first, you build the pyramid second, and then you play the game! This easy game of DIY bowling is made from upcycled tin cans and on snowy days it makes for a fun time!

5. Host An Indoor Picnic

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We are in love with picnics! They can be as plain as picking up something at the park and anything in between, from the deli to have a potluck. But what about when it is too cold during the winter to have a picnic outside? The next best thing… a picnic indoors! An easy, hassle-free thing to do on a snowy day is to have an indoor picnic with your kids!

6. Host An Indoor Tea Party And Make Sandwiches

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Small children waste many hours entertaining stuffed toys and dolls for a tea party. Kids like tea parties as this is a time where they will behave like adults. In reality, you can take this to the next stage – make tasty sandwiches and enjoy the tea time along the way!

7. Camp In Your Living Room

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A relaxing and interesting alternative to the regular camping trip is camping at home. Camping at home could be just the thing you need to raise your spirits and do something special and unforgettable with your family, all while sitting at home through snowstorms. What you really need is a little ingenuity and a feeling of adventure.

8. Create Slime

Fluffy Slime
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Homemade slime is one of the best suggestions when it comes to kids’ projects! It’s fast, simple, and super inexpensive. Your children already have SO much fun to play with!

9. Create Paper Snowflake Garlands

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It is completely possible to put the magic of the ideal snowfall indoors with this cute DIY concept of paper snowflake garlands! With them, you can decorate the walls, hang them from the ceiling, or tie them together on a string to make a festive garland that will be talked about by all of your holiday visitors.

10. Create A Marshmallow Snowman

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Dress up these cute snowman marshmallows for your hot cocoa! These adorable snowman marshmallows are the cutest and most fun way to dress up your hot chocolate, and they’re sure to brighten up those freezing winter days! Absolutely cool and SUPER quick to make.

11. Host A Hot Chocolate Bar Party

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Hot Chocolate from Home: a warm, fluffy, heavenly stuff. It’s curled up, with our hands clenched around a cozy mug of hot cocoa, if you’re curious how we would like to spend every December evening. So this is a nice opportunity to have a fun time with your children during the rainy, snowy days. Host a hot chocolate party and get excited by looking at the connect!

12. Host A Spa Day

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Who’s not fond of getting pampered? A day at the home spa is a perfect way to relax and spend some quality time during a snowstorm with your children. Each girl likes to do spa day things, such as washing her feet, exfoliating with a homemade sugar scrub, and painting her nails. In the luxury of your own house, you will spend a spa day and your children will certainly love it!

13. Create Bird Feeders

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Are you looking for a friendly hands-on event that keeps on giving? Start having a feeder or two for birds. They’re not only easy to make for kids, but it’s a low-cost activity that will keep them entertained. Even better, it is a perfect opportunity for kids to interact with nature and grow a new hobby to fill long winter days by adding a bird feeder to your backyard.

14. Cook And Decorate Christmas Cookies

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During snowy days, the process of baking cookies along with your children creates such lovely memories and a great hobby. Building a catalog of recipes as the years go by is a timeless delight to hand on from generation to generation.

15. Play Treasure Hunt

christmas treasure hunt TALL
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Kids enjoy adventures and the best way to have an adventure at home are these treasure hunt clues for kids. For kids on hand, you can never have so many activities and these printable clues are so cool!

16. Make A Snow Ice-Cream

Snow Ice Cream 10
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Looking for a fun activity for a snowy day? Make ice cream out of snow! With very simple ingredients this recipe is delicious, super easy, and lots of fun!

17. Create A Snow Volcano Science Experiment

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This snow volcano science project is Great to do outdoors in the snow if you are looking for enjoyable winter events for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids too! The fun of creating volcanoes from snow would be enjoyed by children of all ages, so just follow the connection to see how to create a snow volcano from basic supplies you actually already have at home!

18. Build A Snowman

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A more iconic representation of winter than a snowman is hard to conceive of. In the most welcoming of forms, it is most simply winter personified. Children will find these directions enlightening, so print them out!

We hope you liked our activity ideas for the long, snowy days. Which one is your favorite one? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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