WinEveryGame – Your Trick to Win Wordle


Do you play Wordle? The word game has become quite popular in the past few years. And there is a way to win it all the time. Called WinEveryGame, the website founded in 2001 provides help and helper for your game and dictionary.

You can find a different helper, depending on what you need. They range from Scrabble word maker for US and Canada, Words with Friends helper, French scrabble solver and Wordle helper among others.

How Does it Work?

Simply put, this website helps you solve a word puzzle in a shorter amount of time. Yes, given enough time, you can unscramble all the letters in the world and form all the long words. But do you have that much time? Life is too short for that. The WinEveryGame, or WEG Word Finder helps you learn and win Scrabble, Wordfeud, Words with Friends, and similar games.

The first thing you need to do is pick the right word generator. There are many as we said before, and you can pick the one you need for the specific game.

Then, it is all a matter of using the word builder effectively and efficiently. Here are some tips:

  • If you want to use a particular letter, or a set of letters on the board in a precise location of the new word, use the prefix and suffix features. For example, if you put P in the suffix box, it will tell the platform to look for words that end in P
  • Contains is a powerful box and feature, and it is something that your word must have. The filter can be used to find words that contain “cap” in them. Or, you can use it to find words that fit around two letters, for example, N and O. If that is the case, enter N?O in the Contains box
  • Using “[” at the beginning of a pattern in the Contains box, will signal to the platform that you want to find words that begin with that pattern. If you put “]” at the end, it indicates you want words that end with that particular pattern
  • Do you want to find words with a specific size or higher? Then enter that many ???? in the prefix location, and select “and”. Here is an example, ????? in Prefix with “and”, will generate words of the length of 5 or higher
  • You can also designate a letter to be second, third, or anything else using the prefix, suffix, and contains. Here is an example, you want O to be the second to last letter in the word you want, so enter O? in the suffix location

Why Play Word Games?

Playing word games has become a popular activity. Scrabble has been one of the most popular activities for home parties for years. There is a bit of strategy there. But now, with Wordle and similar games, word games have become that much more popular.

Does being good at Wordle mean you are smarter than the average person? Probably not, but it gives you some bragging rights.

Puzzle games and word games deliver so many benefits. For starters, word games help you increase vocabulary, improve spelling, train concentration skills, enhance cognitive skills, improve memory, promote self-improving competition, and most importantly, make you happy.

Puzzle games, which scrabble might be part of, improve your memory, reinforce existing connections between your brain cells, improve problem-solving skills, improve visual-spatial reasoning, increase your IQ, improve your mood, and lower your stress levels.

So, it is a win-win situation, right? You get some bragging rights, all while improving your skills.

Why do Fans Love it?

Why do fans love WinEveryGame? Well, besides getting helpers for Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordle, and similar games, you can also learn quite a few words. But one of the biggest reasons is there are thematic words.

For example, you can go over to Valentine’s day words, and you will find the following two definitions among many.

  • Amorous: Do you long for love? Do you gaze, dewy-eyed, at the moon, hoping that somehow you’ll stumble across that one person you’re meant to be with (preferably by happenstance, just as it’s starting to rain, on a lonely Valentine’s Day)? Or do you prowl the streets at night, looking for a good time that you can walk away from in the morning with no regrets? Either attitude is fairly amorous, which, like amative, describes people and things that seek intimacy
  • Aphrodisiac: Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to try an aphrodisiac, especially if the embers have not been burning bright recently. An aphrodisiac is an object or action that wakes up the sex drive, getting its users in such a mood that they can’t wait to procreate. Do pay heed to Allende’s advice though, as the right words are a more effective aphrodisiac than the best chocolates or herbs in the world.

If you try and search for some Independence Day words, here are two options we found interesting

  • Doughty: No, not the little crescent roll guy – doughty is an adjective that means “brave, intrepid, and formidable.” This word is perfect for describing anybody who shows particular valor, such as the American Colonists who valiantly won the Battle of Bunker Hill! Of course, doughty could just as aptly apply to your cousin who overcomes his fear of spinning objects by holding a pinwheel for the first time
  • Valiant: If you like doughty, why not try its synonym valiant as well? Valiant is an adjective used to describe someone who is selflessly courageous, gallant, and renowned in strength. This word frequently arises in conversations about soldiers, both Revolutionary and contemporary. Valiant can also describe a deed as being a feat of clout and personal character, an act deserving of a great deal of respect.

Last, but not least, let’s check some words about the Thanksgiving holiday. Remember, we give you just two options of the many you can find at WinEveryGame. So that is why fans love learning new words through the game and website

  • Requital: Looking for a way to thank your friends and family this Thanksgiving? Inviting them over for this evening’s meal might be a perfect idea. But maybe you don’t have enough room at your dinner table for that many guests. Don’t worry: There are plenty of ways to give your loved ones a requital for all the things they do! Raking the leaves for your neighbor, cooking with your mom, or sending a thank you card to your coach are genuine requitals. For most, it really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’ve acknowledged their importance to you. Even though we’re headed into the gift-giving season, it’s still very much the thought that counts!
  • Encomium: Giving a speech or writing a letter of thanks might seem unnecessary where we believe a laconic “thank you” would suffice. However, if you really want to lavish your appreciation and praise on someone, you might decide to give an encomium! If you want to set the tone for a thankful conversation, giving a heartfelt encomium to your guests may be apropos before they chow down. Your thoughtful words will be music to their ears; just don’t keep them waiting too long for the sumptuous meal!

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