John Kruk’s Transformation: A Baseball Star’s Weight Loss Story

John Kruk

John Kruk is a former professional baseball player who played for the San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, and Philadelphia Phillies. His career lasted almost a decade, from 1986 to 1995. Throughout his career, John had trouble with his weight. He would gain weight and then lose it, only to gain it again. Today, we will talk about John Kruk’s weight loss journey and experience.

John has always been in the media because of his medical condition. His weight changes often. Many years after his American League baseball career ended, people are still curious about the former professional baseball player. He played as a first baseman and outfielder.

Get To Know John

As of July 2023, John works as a baseball analyst for the Philadelphia Phillies. Born John Martin Kruk in February 1961 in Charleston, West Virginia, he played in Major League Baseball for 10 seasons, mainly as a first baseman and outfielder. John was a three-time All-Star and won a Gold Glove Award in 1991.

Raised in Keyser, he played baseball for Keyser High School before going to Potomac State College to continue his career. He also played at Allegany Community College.

He signed with scout Hank Zacharias in June 1981 and began his career after he was drafted by the San Diego Padres. His breakthrough season came in 1987 when he hit .313 alongside 20 home runs and 91 RBI. He stole 18 bases, demonstrating amazing speed for someone of his size.

When he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies, he quickly became a fan favorite because of his gritty, blue-collar style of play and his love of cheesesteaks. He helped the Phillies get to the World Series in 1993. There, they lost to the Toronto Blue Jays.

Following his retirement in 1995, he began working as a baseball analyst for ESPN. Phillies Fans recognize him for his humorous and irreverent commentary. Often, the former baseball star is making light of his own weight and lack of athleticism. He has also worked as a commentator for NBC Sports and studio analyst for MLB Network.

Off the field, Phillies fans recognize him for his outgoing and gregarious personality. Here is a fun fact: John is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys hunting and fishing.

Now let’s talk about how the beloved figure in the baseball world lost weight and why he did it.

John Kruk playing baseball

Why Did He Lose Weight?

As we said before, John Martin Kruk has always had trouble with his weight. He would go on to lose weight, gain it again, then lose it again, only to gain even more weight.

Nowadays, he jokes about his weight and lack of athleticism. But he has openly stated that people openly commented on his weight. It made him giggle. During his baseball days, John Kruk weighed about 320 pounds.

Over the years, he has battled different conditions. For example, in 1994, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Following the run to the World Series in 1993, the first baseman of the Phillies would go on to have surgery and remove a testicle.

In 2013, he was diagnosed with diabetes, further making things challenging for him. He was insulin-dependent and struggled with his lifestyle.

Nowadays, John is a source of inspiration and motivation. Someone who spent his entire career playing as a non-athletic baseball player, managed to shed weight to look much better. He parted ways with ESPN in 2017, after which he joined Comcast Sports Net, as part of the Philadelphia Phillies broadcast team.

How Much Weight Did He Lose?

When you weigh around 320 pounds, you cannot have a healthy lifestyle. And that was the case with John Kruk. The former baseball star managed to get to 255 pounds and remain at that weight. That is almost 70 pounds, an impressive feat.

John has said he considered losing even more, but for now, he is happy with 255 pounds.

John Kruk before weight lost

How Did He Do It?

Whenever we talk about losing weight, there are two things you have to implement, diet and exercise. John Kruk’s weight loss journey followed those principles.

Throughout his life and career, John was often concerned about his health and weight. In one interview he said he wished that he was healthier.

Speaking about it, he said, “Gaining weight made me stronger, but it also made me heavier and slower”. With lingering health issues throughout his life and career, John was not able to lose as much weight as he wanted.

Did He Have Weight Loss Surgery?

In May 2022, John underwent gallbladder surgery. That is not a typical weight loss surgery, but it helped him shed some pounds. He did not show himself after his medical operation. Instead, Kruk wanted to take a rest and get better.

During his recovery stage, his body went through different stages. John has been inconsistent in his weight loss journey before shedding almost 70 pounds. He would lose a few pounds only to gain them back quickly.

But now, he managed to lose almost 70 pounds, an impressive feat considering his health issues and challenges.

John Kruk after losing weight

John Kruk Weight Loss Diet Plan

As many people know, every weight loss journey begins with a proper diet. While John has always shed some pounds, he had trouble remaining at that weight. His love for junk food stood in the way. But once he decided to embark on a definite journey, he chose to avoid junk food. It put him in misery in the beginning, but he remained motivated.

John had to change his lifestyle, including his eating and drinking habits. It is worth noting that he has type 2 diabetes and is dependent on the insulin shot.

But he decided to embark on a strict diet and took part in a dietitian training course. He traveled to New Orleans, where he hired a dietitian. There, working with a nutritionist, he was able to make a slight change to his drinking and eating habits.

It resulted in a slimmer appearance and weight loss.

John Kruk Weight Loss Workout Routine

A balanced or healthy diet is only a small part of losing weight. Nowadays, it is apparent that John shed a considerable amount of weight. His before and after weight loss photos are amazing.

The second part of the weight loss experience is training and exercise. John took part in a weightlifting program. Lifting weight helped him burn more calories, converting the fat deposit into energy and muscles.

John suggests people who want to lose weight should lift weight as part of their journey. It seemed to work for him. The former baseball star managed to shed off body fat, including chin and belly fat.

More Than Just A Baseball Player

Nowadays, John Kruk is more than just a baseball player and star. His venture into commentary has helped him gain even more popularity and fame. But more importantly, he serves as inspiration.

John always jokes about his weight during his commentary. And that has made fans love him even more. But while he jokes about his lack of athleticism in his playing days, he also noted that he would want to look healthier.

John has also written a book, titled, “I Ain’t an Athlete, Lady”. In that book, he says, “There’s a story, a funny story, about me sitting in a restaurant. I’m eating this big meal and maybe having a couple of beers and smoking a cigarette. A woman comes by the table. She recognizes me and she’s shocked because it seems like I should be in training or something”.

The amusing and easy-to-read book gives a better insight into his life.

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