Mike Golic’s Weight Loss – Former NFL Player, Now Diabetes Advocate


Most of you remember Mike Golic as a former National Football League defensive lineman. He played in the NFL for eight seasons, wearing the jersey of the Houston Oilers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins. Following the end of his NFL career, he started a broadcasting career. And in the past few years, he is famous because of his Mike Golic weight loss journey.

In the 1985 NFL draft, he was taken with the 255th overall pick. During his NFL career, the Eagles defensive lineman was listed at 280lbs. But he has managed to trim down in the past several years after leaving the league.

Following his retirement from professional football, Golic started a broadcasting career. One of the shows he has hosted was Golic and Wingo, which also featured his son, Mike Golic Jr. He hosted that show with Trey Wingo.

Fun fact: Golic has won a Mid-Atlantic Region Emmy Award for his feature Golic’s Got It. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Mike Golic weight loss journey. How did the NFL defensive lineman lose weight? What can you copy from the famous analyst and host and his diet and workout regime?

Mike Golic Weight Loss Journey

During his NFL career, Mike Golic played for 3 teams in 8 seasons. He is most famous as a defensive tackle for the dominant Philadelphia Eagles defense of the late 1980s and early 1990s. At the time, his NFL weight was listed at 280 pounds.

Following the end of his playing days, Golic has focused on helping people lose weight. He once posted on Twitter, saying, “If you are a guy who struggles to keep weight on like I was, yet it helps a lot for the first 25 pounds. Then after that you gotta work”.

So, what is the secret? Well, Mike says it, you have to work. By the end of his career, Golic has been outspoken about his weight loss.

What changed his mind and lifestyle was a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. During his football career, Golic earned millions. Nowadays, the former football player has a net worth of more than $20 million.

And he still earns money thanks to his media career and workout plans.

Football In The Family

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Here is another fun fact: his son Michael Golic Jr. also played professional football and now works as a host for ESPN radio. Mike Jr. played college football at Notre Dame. During his professional career, he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Brooklyn Bolts, Arizona Rattlers, and Montreal Alouettes.

His brother, Bob Golic also played defensive tackle in the NFL for 14 seasons. He played for the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, and Los Angeles Raiders. Football definitely runs in the Golic family. He also works as a television personality following his retirement.

Mike Golic Weight Loss Nutrisystem

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Nutrisystem is the main reason Golic managed to lose weight. Nutrisystem is a weight-loss giant that has helped many former NFL players and coaches lose weight. Some of the notable names include Dan Marino, Don Shula, Steve Beuerlein, and now Mike Golic.

Mike topped the scale at 300 pounds several years ago. Standing at 6 feet and 5 inches, that we more than he could do.

Golic said, “Ultimately, I needed to lose weight because I’m a real family guy. I have three kids and a beautiful wife, and I just love spending time with them and being involved with their lives. I want to be around them, and the way things were going, it wasn’t going to happen.”

He used the Nutrisystem for men’s plan to lose 51 pounds. And he achieved that thanks to a calorie and portion-controlled diet that delivers ready-to-eat meals to your home.

The difference between Nutrisystem and other meal delivery plans is obvious. Most of them leave you with hunger pangs and food cravings. But Golic praises it, saying that the plan allowed him to eat real food that satisfied his cravings.

Mike Golic On How To Manage Diabetes Type 2

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Mike says that for the past two years, he has had a third career. And that is managing type 2 diabetes. He is famous for playing in the NFL league and hosting ESPN shows. But in 2016, he joined the American Diabetes Association’s Team Tackle.

His job is to raise awareness of diabetes and prediabetes. Golic has also lobbied Congress for increased funding for diabetes research.

In one interview, he said that he didn’t have the usual warning diabetes signs during and after his retirement from the NFL.

He said, “I guess I wasn’t overly surprised because my father had Type 2 diabetes as well. I knew it was a possibility. Still, when I was diagnosed, I knew that I had let myself go some and had gained a little weight, but I didn’t think it was to the point that I would be diabetic. Once the diagnosis came, my doctor said that my father having it predisposed me to it. I was a little shocked but not overly stunned”.

And unlike his father before him who kept his diabetes private, Mike does the opposite. He told his children immediately about the possibilities.

What changed in his life is that he couldn’t eat any food no longer. Portions were a big problem for him. So, he had to manage his portions and make sure he eats healthy food.

In an interview, he said, “It is not rocket science that the best way to lose weight is to eat less and move more. The more weight you lose and the healthier you get, you may be able to go off the medicine. That is a game plan. My whole life was game plan”.

And talking about advising athletes that look ahead to retirement, Mike has simple advice. He says, “The best advice I can give would be to involve everybody, all of the people closest to you. The worst thing to do is to try to deal with it on your own”.

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