Robin Quivers’s Weight Loss Tips And Tricks: Learn How She Achieved Her Incredible Transformation

Robin Quivers lost weight

Robin Quivers is one of the popular celebrities on television. She is not your average celebrity. Robin is not an actress, a singer, an athlete, or anything similar. She is a TV host, and co-host of one of the most popular shows, The Howard Stern Show. Lately, fans have been amazed by Robin Quivers’s weight loss journey.

Over the years, Robin has struggled with obesity. But eventually, she decided it was time to put in the work and lose the weight that she was carrying for years.

Her weight loss journey of losing 80 pounds won her even more admiration from fans. Let’s talk about her complete experience. Read on to find out more.

Get To Know Robin

As we said before, Robin is a well-known radio personality, author, and actress. Most fans recognize her as the co-host of The Howard Stern Show.

Born in August 1952 in Baltimore, Maryland, she grew up in a middle-class family. As a young woman, she attended the University of Maryland. There, she got a degree in nursing. Born Robin Ophelia Quivers, she has an older brother named Charles Jr., and two adopted brothers named Harry and Howard.

Following her college, Robin even served in the United States Air Force. That is not something many celebrities can say. But she was not a soldier. Robin worked as a nurse in the Air Force.

After she left the Air Force, the famous personality moved to Pennsylvania and began working as a registered nurse. She continued her career at the Maryland Shock Trauma facility in Baltimore.

In the early 1980s, Robin changed her career. She began hosting a radio show, called The Quivers Program on WIOO in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Yet, she wanted bigger things and moved to Washington, DC, she hosted a morning show, also called The Robin Quivers Show.

In 1981, she had Howard Stern as a guest on her show. The two hit it off instantly and soon began working together on The Howard Stern Show. It aired on WNBC in New York City at the time. Robin quickly became an integral part of the show. She was responsible for providing news updates, commentary, and banter with the famous TV host.

As a famous television personality, she has also appeared in movies and television series, including Private Parts, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Law and Order Special Victims Unit. But her primary profession is as a radio host.

There was a time she left the show and had a 17-month hiatus. But that was a period when she battled a rare form of uterine cancer. Once she was victorious, she returned to the show and talked about her survival.

As a woman with so much experience, it is only logical that she has written books. Robin has authored two books, Quivers: A Life and The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life.

Nowadays, she is a dedicated health and wellness advocate. After losing weight, she has been open about her struggles with obesity and her journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Robin Quivers before weight loss

How Much Weight Did She Lose?

Robin Quivers’s weight loss journey last for a while. But in the end, she shed 80 pounds. The co-host of The Howard Stern Show managed to shed pounds with the help of a strict vegan-balanced diet and fasting.

And we have to say, it is not easy to lose weight in your 70s. But that is exactly what she managed to do. Born Robin Ophelia Quivers, the radio personality and author serves as inspiration and motivation.

She was born to homemaker and housekeeper Lula Louise Quivers and steelworker Charles Quivers Sr. Both of her parents completed only the seventh grade. Yet, Robin went much further.

How Did She Lose Weight?

Robin appeared on Dr. Oz’s show to discuss her health and weight loss experience. Known as the long-time sensible sidekick of Howard Stern, she took the stage to share her journey to a healthier body and lifestyle.

Quivers and Stern have worked together for 30 years. She has been open about her ongoing weight struggle.

And for Robin, the wake-up call was a 911 call. After that 911 call, she changed her lifestyle and began following a plant-based diet. It helped her lose an incredible amount of 80 pounds and saved her life.

In the same interview, she also talked about her cancer struggle. She underwent a 12-hour cancer surgery and stated that all of the scans were negative and that she feels great.

Eating healthy changed her life, or saved her life. When Robin looks at pictures of herself before she lost weight, she sees a person who put on a smile and went into the world as best as she could.

Robin said that she has heard about fasting and tried it. It made her realize that what she was eating was related to how she felt.

In her words, “the moment she was free of the food, she felt better”. And after her experience with weight loss, Robin published a book called The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life. In that book, she reveals her health secrets.

It is not a diet book, but it does include 90 of her favorite vegan recipes. Robin began her journey to break the cycle of obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes in her family. That is why she switched to a plant-based diet.

Robin says that she rejects the notion that things simply happen to the body as it ages and that people are powerless.

Famous for her sense of humor, Robin completely changed the boundaries for people of her age. She ran the New York City Marathon at the age of 70.

She says that she never imagined herself as an athlete, let alone running more than three miles a day. And then, she ran 26.2 miles in the New York City Marathon. Now, she did run for six hours and nine minutes. But she still managed to get to the end.

Speaking about the experience, she remembers being so tired around the 15th mile that she stopped at a local bread shop to get something. Robin said, “I told myself, I need to get something real. My body can’t do it on this”.

Robin ran to raise funds for her newly formed charity, the 15 Foundation. The mission of the organization is to highlight people who are doing outstanding things for their communities.

In 2022, after losing 80 pounds and becoming a vegan, she looked completely different and healthy. She says, “This has been phenomenal for me, and it has completely changed my life”.

Robin Quivers slimmed down

Detailing Her Fasting

It was not the first time that Robin resorted to vegan life. In the past, she has talked about her affinity for green drinks and vegan cooking.

But she took things to the next level by doing a five-year fast. Speaking about it, she said, “The first 24 hours was nothing… the second 24 hours nothing… The third got a little difficult but wasn’t unreasonable, and the next thing I know I had done five days”.

Her colleague, Howard Stern, admitted to see a noticeable difference in her appearance. He told her she looked got and had a healthy glow.

And Robin says, “The first thing that happened was I put on this top that I usually wear … I put my hands down and the sleeves just fell down. My arms got smaller”.

As for the new glow, she tried a new regimen and her skin did get better. Robin credited sea moss masks for her new look.

Battling Cancer

Her battle with obesity is not the only one that Robin has had to fight. She was diagnosed with a rare form of uterine cancer and had to take a lengthy absence from the studio.

The longtime radio host said she developed cancer from endometrial, or uterine, tissue. She said, “There was endometrial tissue outside of where it belonged and the cancer developed from that. The people I was originally working with had never seen that before”.

Yet, chemotherapy treatments worked for her and she managed to get cancer free. At the time, she was in her early 60s.

Robin Quivers’s Weight Loss Diet

Now let’s talk about Robin and her diet. It is what helped her shed some pounds. To get slimmer, Robin followed a routine based on exercise and healthy eating. But most importantly, she had a calm mind and put dedication and effort into it.

She tried to eat a variety of foods throughout the day. For breakfast, for example, she would have a peach and almond smoothie. Then, add some almond milk and almond butter for protein in the smoothie.

And then for a snack, olives, and baby carrots. That prevented her from grabbing some unhealthy snacks. When lunch came around, she would do something like broccoli soup, a smooth one without potatoes or cream. She combined her soup with a salad for a delicious meal.

In the afternoon, Robin would drink green juice to keep herself hydrated and full until dinner. Her dinner consisted of a bowl of lentils, roasted tomatoes, and roasted cruciferous vegetables. Her favorite vegetable is brussels sprouts.

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