How to make your pond stand out

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If you are lucky enough to have a pond in your garden, you are no doubt aware of the benefits of having access to a piece of aquatic tranquillity on your property. Not only does a pond provide you with a relaxing environment where you can unwind after a hard day’s work, but its ecosystem will help to attract birds, insects and other wildlife to your garden. However, it can be all too easy for your pond to look mundane and artificial, particularly if it has just been installed in your garden. For an attractive pond that is a centerpiece for your garden, read on to discover how to make your pond stand out.

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Adding plants to your pond is the first step in making it appear to be a more integrated part of your garden, as well as providing a beautiful look for your pond. Aquatic plants, such as water lilies, are a simple option for an Instagram-worthy pond, producing beautiful flowers in a variety of colors. Don’t forget about building up the banks of your pond with plants, either, as this will help to create the impression that your pond has always been a part of your garden, as well as providing an excellent habitat for aquatic wildlife.


Lighting is a great method of adding additional character to your pond. The movement and refraction of light underwater creates stunning patterns that are reflected throughout the water, that are beautiful and relaxing to observe when sat outside on a summer’s night. An underwater spotlight placed under a jet of water will highlight a waterfall, whereas fibre optic lights set into the base of your pond will create the magical impression of underwater stars. Visit for more information about the different lighting options available for your pond.


While you might enjoy the tranquillity of still water, a waterfall can help shake things up in your pond by providing a source of running water. It is important that water is kept running to prevent it from turning stagnant, and whether or not you have a waterfall, your pond should always include a filtration system. Your waterfall could come in the form of rocks for a natural look, or perhaps through a system of connected bowls and planters to give the rustic impression of a cottage garden.


Spotting a flash of color in your pond as fish swim past is a magical experience. While fish make a great addition to your pond, there are some considerations you should keep in mind to ensure that they thrive.

Choose a hardy species of fish, such as koi, which is able to survive in cooler water temperatures. Ensure that they have plenty of room in which to swim, and the correct fish food. You should also consider getting a protective netting for your pond to ensure that your fish are not targeted by predators such as cats and hawks.

You’re now equipped with the knowledge to make your pond stand out from the crowd.