How To Make a Travel Video in 10 Practical Steps

Few genres offer as many opportunities for complex and exciting storytelling as travel. Beautiful locations, exhilarating journeys, and riveting anecdotes offer a wealth of content inspiration for travel companies and makers!

However, that does not imply that producing travel videos is simple. Not at all. You need to know how to weave a story around the content you shoot and have the technical expertise and an eye for detail; to do this, you must constantly ideate and execute. Various online video editing software allows you to access free editing programs.

10 Tips to Help You Create Great Travel Videos

Given below are 10 practical tips that you can use to make stunning travel videos-

1.  Research Properly

Online research can be the best way to produce videos about travel experiences. Go through other travel videos and gather information on how the videos have been produced by the creators, which will help you in the long run. You can get lots of creative ideas and the inspiration you need to stand out from the crowd by watching tour-related videos and movies- it will give you a clear idea of how you need to make excellent travel videos.

2.  Make a Thorough Plan!

Making travel films is distinct from creating any other type of video content. Finding captivating footage is not always simple- you may need to travel alone, carry your bag of supplies, and complete the shots.

Spend some time making a solid strategy as to how to go about producing the content. To begin with, make a list of the scenes and locations you want to shoot. If a specific location requires a permit, you must obtain it beforehand. Additionally, it can be challenging to shoot travel blogs on your own.

Make sure you make all the necessary preparations to inform your team of every detail and the best way for them to complete the tasks on time and in an organized manner.

3.  Select a Specific Presentation Style

You need to be cautious and imaginative about how you present it in a travel vlog- some keep it live-streaming, some use time-lapse, and some have a plot. You must be confident and consistent in your choice, no matter what it is. Please make sure the videos you produce to maintain a specific presentation style so it helps you effectively connect with your audience.

4.  Make Sure the Timing Is Appropriate

This is one of the most essential factors that many beginners tend to ignore. Landscape or outdoor footage requires the appropriate timing. This is because timing will affect lighting.

Because of poor lighting, you don’t want to miss out on the mountain’s sparkling snow cap or the horizon’s serine sepia tone.

Therefore, if you look at some of the most incredible travel movies, you’ll see that most of them are shot at the desired time. So even on weekends, be prepared to sacrifice your late-morning nap!

5.  Be Familiar with the Details

Being familiar with the proper techniques is essential when it comes to making travel videos. Technicalities, however, do not necessarily imply expensive tools and gear. It implies that you must have sufficient knowledge of the shooting techniques, equipment usage, and pre-or post-production standards.

Any outdoor shoot must adhere to the rule of thirds, framing, depth of field, and point of interest.

6.  Bundle the Appropriate Gears

The equipment may not define your content, but it will be affected by it. Make sure you have the right gear with you for the shoot. The edit will be fluid if the shots are good. You can start with the tools you already have or borrow more. Travel kits, telephoto, fish-eye lenses, portable gimbals, and more are among the accessories you can add. You are entirely in control!

7.  Be Humane

These days, many travel videos feature an anchor or speaker who can narrate specific details about the location. At other times, we merely treasure the video’s memories of their experiences.

According to psychology, people enjoy watching themselves on television! It merely enhances the appeal of the content. Your video will become monotonous if you only include footage of locations.

You can therefore have a person exploring the area or explaining its details to the viewers if you are filming a restaurant or a tourist attraction.

8.  Employ Specialized Editing Methods

These days, various online video editing software is available-Research properly to determine which one fulfills your requirements.

Using an online video editor, users can create high-quality videos with minimal effort. The video editor can automatically edit videos based on user-defined criteria, making it ideal for those who don’t have the time or experience to do so manually. You can also access free editing programs with straightforward user interfaces, beautiful transitions, and built-in music. They are going to be ideal for beginners.

You can start researching if you have no idea how to arrange the shots, use effects, or add music. To get suggestions for properly editing your travel videos, you can look through various online content.

9.  Consider USPS That Will Enhance Your Video

USPs have a significant impact on your travel videos. You might notice something special about a travel blogging channel when you come across it. The vibes in each video are distinctive from one another.

Some may offer incredibly captivating introductions, while others may include a brief fact about each location in the video. Similar elements can be used to give your video a personality or a distinctive look. By doing this, you can quickly win over your audience’s minds!

10.  Export High-Quality Products

Last but not least, be careful not to skimp on quality. Any travel video is treasured for its quality. It is best not to email or transfers your files to a phone.

This might lower the standard. Make sure to select the highest resolution when exporting your video. The same applies when you upload your YouTube video.


There has never been a good time to begin your video-making strategy than right now. The process of making travel videos requires practice, just like any other. You’ll get better at it as you practice these steps more. You must have patience; if you take the suggested actions, your videos will significantly improve. Everything will also be more straightforward once you create your workflow.

Establish a theme for the video and stick to it throughout. Never try to alter your videos’ mood, soundtrack, or color scheme in the middle of them. Before you start, try to have an outline for the travel documentary in mind. You could even type it out on your phone or write it down so you can refer to it as needed while traveling.

Travel videos come in various styles, from the typical walk-and-talk vlogging style to a more street run-gun-shoot style- you must decide on the style before you start filming. If you’re starting, get the opinions of those around you on your travel videos. Before uploading the final print, you will have a chance to make any necessary improvements.