Miranda Lambert Addresses Criticism Over Weight Gain And Responds With Empowerment

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In April 2023, country superstar Miranda Lambert canceled her planned Las Vegas concert. Many fans were excited to see her perform on stage, but the sudden cancelation surprised everyone. What was the reason for it? Did it have anything to do with Miranda Lambert’s weight gain?

Well, over the course of her career, the star has dealt with body-shaming trolls and fans. We also remember her feud with Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

And while critics say she is “fat and needs to go to the gym”, Miranda doesn’t care about other opinions. She proudly shows her curvy body and is focused on her husband’s support. He, for example, says she is beautiful.

Today, we will take a look at the stories about her weight gain.

Get To Know Miranda

Miranda Lambert is a country music singer and songwriter. Famous for her powerful vocals and emotionally charged lyrics, Miranda made a name for herself in the country music scene. Her rebellious spirit certainly contributes to that as well.

Born in November 1983 in Longview, Texas, she was raised in Lindale, Texas. There, she developed her love for music and performing.

Born into a wealthy family, her parents were private investigators. She often accompanied them on their cases, and it was that upbringing that influenced her songwriting. Because of her parents, she developed a unique perspective on life.

Speaking of her career, Miranda began by appearing in talent shows and contests. She learned to play the guitar at 16 years of age.

As for her formal education, the country singer attended Lindale High School, where she played basketball and competed in track and field. Following her graduation in 2002, Miranda attended the University of North Texas. But she dropped out to pursue her full-time music career.

When she was 16 years old, she appeared on the Johnnie High Country Music Revue and later worked under the label of Nashville’s studio. In 2003, she participated in the television talent show Nashville Star, finishing in third place.

After her appearance, she landed a contract with Epic Records, releasing her debut album under the label. Her first album, titled Kerosene, contained hit singles like Kerosene, Me and Charlie Talking, and New Strings. It was a critical and commercial success, selling more than one million copies. It also earned her a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

From there on, she released albums like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Revolution, Four the Record, Platinum, and The Weight of These Wings. All of them have reached commercial success.

And she eventually managed to win a Grammy Award, several times. Because of her talent and success, Miranda has also been a judge on the television show The Voice.

Her music is famous for its strong female empowerment themes, emotional lyrics, and country-rock sound.

Miranda Lambert fit and sexy
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Struggling With Weight

Weight is not a delightful topic for Miranda. She has struggled with it and her body insecurities for her entire life. In one interview, she said that because she is 5’4”, her weight shows quickly.

That has made the country star upset plenty of times in the past. But her commitment to her music helped her regain confidence and love herself.

Lambert has tried to lose weight several times in her life. She followed a fitness routine and a diet routine. But it didn’t work well for her. Every time she would do a low-carb diet and shed some pounds, she would gain them back quickly.

Fans Come To The Rescue

While many criticize Miranda for her obesity, fans have defended the country singer. Her fans are coming out in droves to defend her against body shaming.

Social media users have pointed out that she “appeared happy and healthy”. It is the men who feel the need to comment on her body and drop jokes.

Some of the jokes include “Miranda HAMbert”, “Miranda Lamburger”, and “Mealranda Lambert”. And then there are some who do not even try to disguise their rude remarks with humor, urging the Texas country star to “go to the gym and mix in a salad”.

Victim Of Body Shaming

As we said before, there were fans who tried to defend Miranda Lambert’s weight gain and her body image.

But there were those who criticized her. Some went as far as saying her ex-husband Blake Shelton “dodged a bullet when he filed for divorce”. Others commented things like “Blake traded in his SUV for a compact”, referring to his marriage to Gwen Stefani.

Thankfully, there are always those who will try to defend her. And while criticism comes from men, her support comes from women.

One fan wrote, “I like how it’s only men commenting about her weight. She looks amazing”. Another one commented, “Half of the men in the comments would be lucky to find a woman like her”.

And then there were those who related to her, saying, “I have the same body type. She makes me feel safe”.

How Does Miranda Respond To Body Shaming

While there are plenty of people that criticize the famous singer for her weight, she doesn’t care.

In one interview with People magazine, she said, “I just don’t give two s-ts about people’s opinion of me, my marriage, my music, or anything else. I just care that I’m being me”.

Previously, she admitted to struggling with her weight while being married to her former husband Blake Shelton. She gained weight and became healthier after tying the knot with her current husband, an officer in the NYPD.

The country singer recently amazed fans with her figure in a tight blue dress, appearing next to her handsome husband.

She said, “I want women to love themselves, whatever they’ve got going on”.

Miranda Lambert gained weight
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The Importance Of Having A Supportive Partner

If you ask Miranda, she would be the first to tell you that she became healthier after marrying an NYPD officer.

She crossed paths with Brendan McLoughlin, an officer in the New York City police department while promoting her music in November 2018.

After a whirlwind romance, they tied the knot in January 2020. Yet, unlike previous relationships and marriage to Shelton, she decided to keep things a secret this time.

They got married in a private ceremony at her farm in Nashville, Tennessee, and then revealed the news on social media.

Speaking about her husband McLoughlin, she said, “I feel like I’ve been through enough in my life to know what I don’t want, so when I know what I do want, I snatch it right up”.

She found happiness with the police officer and said her outlook on life and mindset changed. Miranda explained, “I feel most sexy when I feel happy”.

In the same interview, she discussed the importance of having and finding inner happiness and peace. For Miranda, spending time on her farm helped her unwind while being without makeup and playing in the dirt with her dogs gave her joy.

Health Concerns

In April 2023, Miranda posted on Instagram, sharing news that she had to cancel her Las Vegas performance. The singer explained it was because of her ill health.

At the time, Miranda was under doctor’s care all day and had to be put on vocal rest. There was nothing about weight gain or anything like that. While fans thought her health had something to do with her weight gain, the reasons behind her sudden health issues remain unclear.

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