Candii Kayn’s Weight Gain – Gaining Weight For An Erotic Career

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Candii Kayn is not your average porn star. You might find videos of Candii on PornHub and similar websites, but there is no sex in them. So, what type of porn star is Candii? Why is she popular? When you look at Candii Kayn’s weight gain, you will understand.

This woman has made a career of bulking up to support body positivity. Her bio reads, “Hey guys it’s Candii, your body positivity activist, coffee connoisseur, and crazy cat lady! Join my channel and watch my streams for love and laughter! If you’re lucky you’ll see one of my five cats! I love you all”.

Who is Candii Kayn?

Candii was born in Los Angeles California. Her exact birth date is not known, but according to reports, she is in her late 20s.

Candii is just 5’4” tall, making her one of the shorter girls on the Internet. Her favorite food is pasta, and she loves streaming how she cooks.

The young girl has two cats, Bella and Sweetie. Her first stream was in June 2021. Since then, she has streamed cooking streams, Resident Evil, Just Dance, and more.

There is no information about her early life, educational background, or parents and siblings. We do not know much about CandiiKayn before her streaming career.

Trying To Get Money For A New Microphone

You might think an erotic star would earn so much money. But judging by the goals Candii sets for herself, it is not that easy.

For example, she is now trying to get money from streaming and then buy a new microphone. She also has a Lego Stream. For her Lego Stream, she says that once she reaches 10k followers, she will build the Hogwarts castle out of Lego.

And then, then, there is a painting stream, with Candii saying she will do a Bob Ross video and paint.

Candii Kayn gained weight
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How Is She Gaining So Much Weight?

Candii Kayn’s weight gain surprised many casual viewers. How is she gaining so much weight? There is no denying that Candii is really getting FAT. In one of her videos, the young woman talks about how she eats everything she cooks/bakes during her Tuesday Twitch streams. After cooking, she eats literally everything she cooks.

For example, once, she ate two blueberry pies. Eating 2 pies over 3 days to pack up some pounds might not sound like a healthy option. But as Candii says, she is addicted.

In one post on her forums, she wrote, “I’ve gotten addicted to gaining weight, so feed me more”.

How Much Does She Weigh?

When you look at Candii in her content, you will say she weighs quite a lot. But exactly how much? Well, so far, nobody has answered that question. Even Kayn has kept that answer to herself.

She doesn’t do weigh-in videos, for some reason. While she says she is addicted to gaining weight, Candii has not revealed her exact weight gain.

What Do Fans Think Of Her Body?

As we said before, Candii is a body positivity activist. Her bio states that as well. You might think a woman with several videos on PornHub should be the last one to talk about body positivity. But hey, people want to see more of her videos.

And truth be told, her PornHub content is not something awful. There is no sex involved. Candii is just streaming, cooking, or showing off her body in some lingerie. And she has gotten comments like:

  • Sexy and nice figure and pretty
  • Gorgeous goddess
  • You are a symbol of beauty
  • Very beautiful and sexy
  • That’s one plump mermaid
  • Absolutely! Feed her 24/7 as she blossoms into a gorgeous sensual glorious magnificent seductive incredible SSBBW
  • My God you can practically hear those shorts straining under the swelling tsunami of sexiness that is Candii
Candii Kayn weight gain

Answering Fan Questions

In one YouTube video, Candii decided to answer some questions from people all over the world. She gets many questions on different platforms daily, and she finally decided to answer some of them. Candii made a video specifically for answering questions, whether she got them on TikTok, Patreon, or other platforms.

One of the most common questions is about her “bad boys”, and what cup size is she. How much her boobs have grown and what cup size she started at.

Candii answered that she started like a small C, and throughout her journey, her boobs ballooned. She measured herself in the video, saying she is 41 now. So, she has grown nine cup sizes, and that is a lot. And who knows when the CandiiKayn weight gain process will stop.

What she has noticed is that she has grown a cup size every five to ten pounds. So, if you want a measuring stick to how much your boobs grow, that should be it. Candii says that the only downside to having big boobs is the “bra situation”. She can rarely find stores that have such big numbers.

Even her underwear is challenging to source. She cannot find extra large sexy underwear. In her words, “Stores only go up to a triple D, and she is like an F”.

Another question she answered was about her stomach. It has grown more this time than the last time she gained weight.

Fans also asked about her favorite part of her body. And Candii says it is a tight race between her chest and her butt. She says she loves how curvier she has gotten during the process.

Yet, she decided to go for her boobs. Because as Kayn says, she has always had a big butt, even when she was thinner. But now, her boobs are really getting a lot of attention.

Candii Kayn’s Porn

As we said before, you can find quite a few videos of Candii Kayn on PornHub and similar websites. But there is no sex in them. If you want to watch a curvy woman, with big boobs, and a big butt, showing off her body with clothes on, then Candii is your girl.

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