How To Include Your Newborn In Your Wedding Ceremony

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Back in the day, couples who were expecting a baby would rush to tie the knot since having a wedding ceremony after the baby is born was considered to be inappropriate or tasteless. But this way of thinking is going out the window as recent research suggests a shift away from the traditional wedding-then-baby continuum. According to a John Hopkins University study, 18 to 27 percent of women with college degrees are choosing to have their first child before getting married. Moreover, it was found that the family life of these women eventually led to marriage, but they waited until they achieved certain financial goals, such as having an increased income or their own home.

Planning a wedding after having a baby can be challenging, but with some preparation, it’s possible to have the wedding of your dreams, whether it’s a traditional church ceremony or a DIY rustic wedding. Also, incorporating your little one into your celebration can make the whole day more memorable for you and your loved ones. Here are several ways to include your newborn in your wedding ceremony.

Assign Ring Bearer Duty to Your Baby

Taking time to choose from different engagement ring styles is important since you’ll wear it always, and so is picking out wedding rings for your big day. Once you’ve secured the bling, it’s time to appoint ring bearer duties, and no one’s more suitable for that role than your baby. It doesn’t even matter if your child is a girl–nowadays, it’s perfectly fine to break traditions and gender roles, and according to experts, any child you feel close to is perfect for the job.

Dress your little one in a tiny suit or gown, and place your child in a stroller or wagon that’s all decked out for the wedding celebration. Secure the rings with a bit of ribbon to the ring bearer pillow, then attach the pillow to the front of the stroller where everyone can see it. When it’s time, have a relative wheel the stroller down the aisle. You can also have someone carry your child, and instead of a pillow, the rings can be strung through some elasticated ribbon, then tied around your baby’s ankle.

Take Photos Before the Ceremony

If including your baby in the wedding entourage isn’t an option, you can always take a family picture before the ceremony. This way, you can have a visual reminder of the special day, with all of you dressed up and looking your best for the wedding. If the baby happens to fall asleep, just take pictures anyway while holding your little one. Waking them up could result in tears and fussiness, and you wouldn’t want to deal with that on your wedding day. Make sure to have a back up outfit for your baby just in case they spit up or have a diaper emergency.

Hire a Caregiver or Babysitter

If you want to enjoy your wedding and have your baby there at the same time, then you’ll need to hire a caregiver who’ll look after your child throughout the day. Don’t just hand your child over to relatives and expect them to take care of your baby– keep in mind that your loved ones are there to have fun and celebrate your big day, so it wouldn’t be fair to give them that responsibility. Hire your caregiver at least 2-3 months before the big day, and let them come over a week before your wedding so you can brief them about the occasion, care instructions, and what they should do in case of different scenarios that could come up on that day.

Your newborn could be an adorable addition to your wedding party. Consider these tips to include your baby in your wedding ceremony, and don’t forget to hire a caregiver so you can enjoy your special day.