16 Home-Made Chicken Coops for Every Chick

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Farm living is a challenge like no other. Having animals run around your yard is a cute and fun thing, but it’s not always a picnic. Those that have cleaned up after chickens know what we’re talking about. Chicken coops can sometimes be more troublesome than useful, because you know that you have a confined little space that vibrant little animals call it home and don’t always like to let others tamper with it.

Believe it or not, there are actually a number of designs and material combinations for putting together a place for your chickens to lay their heads, as well as their eggs. Whichever idea you might have about this strange contraption/mini-barn, we are duly providing you with several more that may help you out with whatever dilemma you’re having.

1.Chicken Coop From Old Dresser

chicken coop old dresser childhood101 1
Tutorial: childhood101.com

First up, the good news is that you don’t always have to go scrambling for materials. Any old dresser that’s no longer an use can serve just fine as a makeshift chicken coop. The interior will need some updating, but we assure you it’s nothing you can’t handle.

2. Modern Style

Chicken Coop Modern
Tutorial: danslelakehouse.com

Chicken coops don’t need to be old-looking objects made of discarded things either. With this double-faceted structure doing its thing, you know there will be at least one place in your yard that will be a chick magnet (pun intended).

3. Portable Chicken Coop With Opening Roof

chicken coop portable chicken coop with opening roof blessthismessplease.
Tutorial: blessthismessplease.com

Let us venture a guess and say you’ve never imagined a chicken coop as anything other than something fixed to the ground. Well, enjoy having your mind blown! This little thing is portable (and even transportable), and just right for putting it any place you want.

4. Small Chicken House Plus Enclosure

chicken coop chicken house plus inclosure backyardchickens
Tutorial: backyardchickens.com

Extremes aside, your chicken coop can be exactly the right size and compact enough for any outdoor space. That leaves you with quite a bit of creative freedom when it comes to the enclosure. Don’t worry, it’s not too much work. It’s totally cock-a-doodle-doable!

5. Elevated Chicken Coop

chicken coop chicken house coop housewivesofriverton
Tutorial: housewivesofriverton.com

Some of us know what it’s like to have a yard that floods easily, especially if you live in a place with heavy precipitation. In that case, it’s probably a good idea to have your chicken coop raised, so that chickens are safe from drowning when the rain is pouring down.

6. Small Chicken Coop

chicken coop smaal chicken coop sunset
Tutorial: sunset.com

Have you been going through this list thinking that all these don’t work for you because you don’t keep that many chickens? Well, allow us to take that burden from your shoulders by presenting you with an idea for the simplest of chicken coops.

7. Basic Chicken Coop

chicken coop basic chicken coop itsoverflowing
Tutorial: itsoverflowing.com

There is one issue we probably haven’t addressed. Having both a main chicken coop and an enclosure on the outside could mean putting up two different elements. This basic element is blending the two in one super simple and versatile solution.

8.  Geodesic Chicken Dome

chicken coop geodesic anthony liekens
Tutorial: anthony.liekens.net

We bet there are times when you thought chickens coming out of an elevated coop look like aliens coming out of a recently landed flying saucer. Then, what’s stopping you from making your chicken coop look like an alien spaceship? Go for it.

9. Closed Off Walk-In Chicken Coop

chicken coop modern chickn coop htt smallfriendly
Tutorial: smallfriendly.com

If you think that there can’t be such a thing as a super combo that encompasses everything useful about chicken coops, we hate to burst your bubble, but you were wrong. Lo and behold, the all-in-one chicken storage crib. Chicks will love it.

10. Above Ground Chicken Coop With Planter

chicken coop above graund chicken house with planter ladygoats
Tutorial: ladygoats.com

Here is yet another above ground coop with the enclosure beneath it. Not only does it fit every backyard, but it also offers all the protection required for a small flock of chickens. And the planter makes for an excellent plaything for them.

11. A-Frame Chicken Coop From Old Swing Set

chicken coop a frame swing set chicken coops jojochookswordpress.jpg
Tutorial: jojochooks.wordpress.com

Chicken coops can be so diverse that just about anything can be converted into one. Hence this swing-set-turned-chicken-coop that’s flexible, neat, and can fit just about everything. While it’s true that chicks won’t be swinging, they won’t mind!

12. Chicken Tractor

chicken coop chicken tractor fresheggsdaily
Tutorial: fresheggsdaily.blog

Again, for those of us wanting a cute little thing to house the poultry, this chicken tractor is just the right thing. With it, you get something that does the job perfectly, without its being an eyesore. Also, it’s so light that all you need for putting new food and cleaning is to lift it up.

13. Fancy Chicken Coop

chicken coop intricate backyard chicken coop wilkerdos
Tutorial: wilkerdos.com

Now there, here’s something nobody would’ve thought will see on a list like this: a fancy chicken coop. The actual residents of it may not be able to tell fancy apart from anything else, but you and your guests can. So keep this one in mind if you want to treat your eyes.

14. Cheap Chicken Coop From Old Baby Crib

chicken coop hbaby crib hicken coop f weedemandreap
Tutorial: weedemandreap.com

Rolling back to really low-budget option, an old baby crib can easily become one of the cheapest options out there when it comes to chicken coops. Of course, it needs some modification, because chickens aren’t babies (and vice versa), but it’s nothing to worry about.

15. Chicken Coop Club

chicken coop club home chicken coo redeemyourground
Tutorial: redeemyourground.com

Here’s another one from the ‘fancy’ category. It might be rustic, but it looks so good that people will think it’s some sort of backyard mini-bar or beer garden. And those plants by the door add the extra flair as the cherry on top of the coop.

16. Chicken Tunnel

chicken coop chicken tunnerl goodshomedesign
Tutorial: goodshomedesign.com

Finally, to really top things off, we present you with an idea for the ages. These wire mesh tunnels will ensure your chicks get all the leg stretching they need, while being protected from wild predators or domestic carnivores all the time. Nobody will be picking up your chicks!

Olive Egger Chickens in Homemade Coops

Consider incorporating Olive Egger chickens into your homemade coop setup for a colorful addition to your flock. These unique birds lay eggs with olive-colored hues, adding a distinct and sought-after variety to your egg collection. Designing your coop to accommodate the needs of Olive Eggers ensures a comfortable and productive environment, allowing you to enjoy their charming appearance and distinctive eggs while fostering a diverse and thriving poultry flock.

We hope this choice of methods to keep flightless birds protected is to your satisfaction. How do you feel about these options? Is any particular one more to your liking? We certainly don’t mind the chicken coop club, or any of the ones that have ground clearance. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.


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