Gina Kirschenheiter’s Transformation: From Housewife to Fitness Icon

Gina Kirschenheiter

When filming of the 15th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County begin, star cast member Gina Kirschenheiter managed to shed 30 pounds. The Housewife then came out, gave an interview, and explained how she managed to shed some pounds. How much do you know about Gina Kirschenheiter’s weight loss journey?

When the 15th season aired, the famous television personality confirmed she shed 30 pounds. That happened in the nine months since cameras began filming the episodes. Gina said she did things the old-fashioned way, with diet and exercise.

The American reality television personality and former flight attendant joined the TV show during the 13th season in July 2018. She moved from Long Island, New York, to Orange County California.

Get To Know Gina

Gina Kirschenheiter is an American television personality and reality star. Born in May 1984 in Long Island, New York, she grew up in California. She rose to fame as part of Bravo television show, The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Before she joined the show, Gina had almost nothing with television. She worked as a flight attendant for several airlines. Speaking of her education, she attended Hofstra University in New York where she graduated with a degree in psychology. She also pursued a career in marketing. As you can see, she had no experience with television previously.

Yet she became a fan favorite and one of the more recognizable stars on Bravo TV. Gina joined the cast in 2018 as a new housewife. And soon after, she captured the hearts of fans of the television series. Her candid and relatable personality, combined with her ability to keep up with the other housewives, made her a fan favorite.

During her time on the show, she went through a divorce from her husband Matt. The show also documented her struggles as a single mother. Gina was married to Matthew Kirschenheiter when she joined the show. Before the first season in which she appeared aired, the webpage described her as “a single mother of sorts”.

Her husband never appeared on the show, but details of her personal connection with him have been a regular feature of the show. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she gained a few pounds and realized it was time to lose some pounds. How she did do it?

Well, off-camera, Gina is famous for her love of fitness and healthy living. On social media, namely Instagram, she often shares her workout routines and healthy recipes. On Instagram, she has more than 730k followers. Gina is also an advocate for mental health awareness and speaks openly about her struggles with anxiety and depression.

Nowadays, Gina is a famous reality star known for her relatable personality and candid approach to life. Gina’s story of strength and resilience has resonated with fans. The TV star continues to inspire others with her commitment to fitness and mental health.

Gina Kirschenheiter before and after
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Why She Lost Weight?

Speaking an in an interview after the 15th season of the TV show aired, Gina admitted that her body was a bit heavier, and she had to prioritize her health. All of this happened during the pandemic. Gina couldn’t recognize her body and realized it was time for a change.

The TV star said, “I look at myself and I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, I didn’t even really realize that I had gained so much weight until I literally couldn’t even fit in my pants and it was like — Wow, this is a problem”. At the same time, she added that her routine with three children was the main reason to make a lifestyle change.

She said, “I think honestly, mostly just being back in a routine with the kids”. And she admitted to cutting down on her alcohol intake. Gina admitted, For me, wine is the killer so I don’t keep it in the house and I don’t drink during the week. I try to make rules like that unless we don’t have the kids and it’s date night”.

And when she is home with the kids, she tries to set different rules. For example, not eating after 5 pm. Now, she feels healthier and better.

At the same time, she received a lot of support from the people around her. For example, her new boyfriend, Travis Mullen, loves her of any size.

Speaking about him, she said, “He’s so kind and he’s such a wonderful man and he never makes me feel self-conscious, so I just didn’t. He obviously recognizes that I’ve lost weight and he’s super happy for me, but, he didn’t mind the extra love chub”.

What Helped Her?

Since filming Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Orange County in February 2022, Gina went through a fitness transformation. Appearing on Hollywood Life TV Talk in November, she revealed she lost about 30 pounds in the process of filming the show.

The Bravo star said, “I am OK if I’m heavier” At the same time, she knew it was time to change up her lifestyle and shed some pounds.

Being back in a routine with the kids helped her get back in shape. Gina has three children with her former husband Matt Kirschenheiter. As of July 2023, her children are Nicholas 9 years old, Sienna 7 years old, and Luca 5 years old. After six months of dating her boyfriend Travis, they moved in together.

When the kids went back to school, Gina had free time to go out and keep herself away from the refrigerator.

During quarantine and the Covid-19 pandemic, she fell into an unhealthy lifestyle. For a long time, she was not driving, only staying home.

She says, “Well, I am home. Let me just go in the deli drawer. A pack of salami later, you’ve got an extra 30 pounds. The kids went back to school and that gave me free time”.

But changing her diet was not the only way to lose weight. She decided to get healthy and drop the extra pounds, so she took up hot yoga classes at Ladera Yoga.

Speaking of the experience, she says, “You’ll see me attempt to do that, because I used to do that all of the time and it’s so sad watching myself struggle, but hopefully I’m going to film there again next year and I can have a redemption moment”.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Gina actually did yoga with her kids. She took them to try Goat Yoga.

Gina Kirschenheiter fit and sexy

Inspiring Others To Follow Her Path

The reality star wants to help others live healthier lives. She made it clear that weight varies in all bodies. Some people might be happier with extra weight.

Speaking of it, she says, “The bottom line is, this is probably not the last time you’re going to see me with love chunk and I won’t even have that excuse. I am just going to be that person and I’ve always gone up and down, and I think stress is a factor for me which is why I think I started the show so thin. Now I am probably at where you’ll see me in general unless I go up again”.

Her fans loved her and support the Gina Kirschenheiter weight loss journey. They expressed their support and love for the television personality on social media.

The Drama Between Gina and Shannon

The 15th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County continued the drama between Shannon Beador and Gina. According to Gina, Shannon was jealous of her blossoming relationship with Heather Dubrow, but she denied that Shannon was jealous of her business.

Shannon, on her part, stated she was still reeling from Gina accusing her of not having enough close friendships as the fight continued on the show.

The drama between Gina and Shannon Beador took over the internet. There are only a few fans in favor of Shannon, as most of them support Gina in this dispute.

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