18 Amazing Feathered Braids For Any Occasion

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Neat, tidy hair is a must for all of you that want to look elegant and posh.

In today’s modern world, it is very important that you feature a modern, elegant, and cool look even in your everyday style. Braids are becoming increasingly popular, so you must think of including one in your hair routine. Either French, Dutch, Waterfall, Feather, it’s all modern and stylish. Combine them together, and you will get an even more modern and unique look.

However, be careful combining these wonderful braided hairstyles with the right outfit to make it look perfect. Although they might look that they can be worn on any occasion and in any form and style, to bring out the best of the style, you need to combine it carefully.

Below is a list of 17 unique feathers braided styles to get you inspired and creative when getting the perfect hairstyle that you need. Have a look and get braiding!

1. Wrapped Feather Ponytail

feather breaid B9JX hBA6fa
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Enrich your feather braid with a ribbon in the same color as your coat. It will beautify your style and make it look complete with your outfit style. And if your hair is in the opposite tone of your outfit, it will certainly make you shine. Make sure you choose the right outfit colors and match the ribbon color as well.

2. Top Tripple Feathered French Braids

feather breaid BmLGbMGn4rw
Photo: instagram.com

French braids are simple and elegant. They are evergreen and so practical to wear on any occasion. If you combine them in three braids and then connect them in a father braid, you will get a new and unique style for any occasion, no matter if it is special or casual. Make sure you combine it with the right outfit to make you shine.

3. Chunky French Braid With Feathered Ponytail

feather breaid CE4KOPFjh Y
Photo: instagram.com

Make a loose and chunky French braid combined with cute string and end it in a ponytail with a father braid in the middle. It will give your style the cool elegance you have lacked, it will make it look posh and stylish and you will feel special. All you need to do is carefully choose the ribbon and carefully braid it in your hair.

4. Dutch Feathered Braid Fauxhawk

feather breaid CD6CvjrJwaL
Photo: instagram.com

Fauxhawk may look great to girls when combined nicely. Make a Dutch braid on the fauxhawk and continue braiding in a way that it ends in a feathered braid. It will give the braid a twist and will make your little lady look elegant and stylish. combined with the right outfit, it will be the perfect style for any occasion.

5. Feathered Halo Braid

feathered braid BuiqgzqAq D
Photo: instagram.com

With the growing popularity of halo braids, this perfect moment to experiment with braid styles. A combination of feathered and fishtail braids will give you a new exotic, forest look to make you even more special than you already are. Let the rest of your hair loose and enjoy the beauty and richness of your perfect style.

6. Dutch And Feathered Braid Combo With Loose Ponytail

feather breaid B297dZVJteM
Photo: instagram.com

A combination of Dutch braids connected with feather braids is perfect for a weekend getaway style. It will keep your hair neat and tidy, and still not be an ordinary getaway ponytail. However, there is still a ponytail at the end to keep you in the loop of ponytails. Only, that is not an ordinary one.

7. Feathered Double Dutch Braids Into a Mermaid Braid

feathered braid Bo3gVWjHG1M
Photo: instagram.com

This style requires a bit more skills than usual. First, make small Dutch braids up to the middle of your hair, then continue with simple braids and connect them in a third feather braid. End the three braids all the way to the end of your hair and secure them with simple rubbers. No need for decorations here.

8. Boho Half-up With Topsytails and a Feather Braid

feather breaid B84b3ampm7w
Photo: instagram.com

What about a more complicated combined feather braided style? This halfway updo braid with feather braided parts is a great resemblance of the perfect boho style for a very special and unique occasion. It is elegant, cute, and stylish and gives you the poshness you need for the special event.

9. Feathered And Two Dutch Laced Braids In Top Pony

feather breaid ht B0a7UAFAHfK
Photo: instagram.com

Top Pi=onytail starting with Dutch and feather braids. It is complicated, but it is so stylish and unique. Create two laced dutch braids on the side and connect them in a feather braid ending with a top ponytail. The microbraids will give you a refined style and the ponytail will give you the coolness you deserve.

10. Feathered Four-strand Ribbon Braid in Pigtails

feather breaid CEme2W0JTjN
Photo: instagram.com

Four strand ribbon braid on the one side, and a feather braid on the other side, ending in pigtails. Great for your back to school style of your little girl. She will be special, modern, and good looking when seeing her friends for the first time after the long summer break. Let her enjoy it.

11. Colored Feathered Elastic Braid

feather breaid B7vhZaDCki6
Photo: instagram.com

This hairstyle is great for smaller kids that want to be unique and special in front of their friends. Braida a simple braid on the side, pull it a bit to make it like a feather braid, and color every second strain in a different color. It will make your little princess look cute and cool. She will certainly love it.

12. Half-Up Laced Micro Braids

feather breaid CBpgsk9J9Mt
Photo: instagram.com

Micro braids are reserved for the most skilled ones. These are not easy to make but are so beautiful that are worth every second spent on their making. Combine four microbraids of four sides of your head to create a cobweb look on your hair. It is unique, it is stylish, it is extravagant, but at the same time, it is so elegant to make you feel like a princess.

13. Triple Duch Braids With Feathered Ends

feather breaid B fjSoDJ5m6
Photo: instagram.com

One braid is boring, two is deja-vu, but three is what you need. Braid three dutch braids, and end them in simple braids. Or not. Give them a twist with these feather braids endings to create the most modern and cool style you can imagine. They are super cute, super crazy, and super-amazing for the perfect back-to-school style.

14. Feathered And French Fishtail Laced Braids

feather breaid B UigMzppP1
Photo: instagram.com

French, fishtail, or feather? That is the question. Can’t decide? Combine the three. Start with a simple fishtail braid on the top of your head and slowly start adding hair like in a French braid. Braid like this until the past middle of your hair and secure it with a clip. Continue with two smaller separate braids and end them in feather endings. Et voila!

15. Elastic Feather Pulled Back Hairstyle

feather breaid B 998HbFmsL

For those of you that want to have a braid, but sill want to wear your hair down, this is a great idea how to have both. Pull half of your hair back, secure with an elastic headband, and start braiding a feather braid in the headband. It will give you the volume and style that you need for a very special occasion.

16. Feathered Five-strand Braids And A Fishtail

feather breaid CFIYNZJAHnk 5strandfeather

Love complicated braids? Here is the perfect one for you. Make two five-strained braids on the sides and a fishbone braid in the middle. Connect them in a feather braid and end the whole thing it a double five-strained braid. It is complicated, it is unique and it is stylish.

17. Elegant Feather Chignon

feather breaid CE8sLK8hznr

This idea can go even as a wedding style. It is a feather braid half updo turned into elegant feather chignon. It is such a versatile style that will make you look elegant and posh for your wedding day, or for any special occasion you need. It is unique, it is stylish, it is posh, it is elegant, it is all you need for any special evening.

18. Tripple Feathered Braid

feathered braid CGXE2e2DC67

This last hairstyle is great for any vintage-style lovers. It very much resembles the ancient hairstyles that the queens wore back in the day, so to complete this look you must be careful of the right outfit to suit this hair. Or, if you have chosen a vintage outfit, and still need a matching hairstyle, this is the perfect solution.

Now that we have shown you our selection, you can get inspired and creative to do your own style search or your own hair. And don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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