18 Fun-tastic DIY Crafts Using Old Crayons

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It’s always sad when kids outgrow something. We’re not just talking about clothes, but also things with which you identified their childhood (or at least phases of it). In the end, you wind up with things that are too precious mementos to throw away, and yet they are no longer used and just take up space.

Such things are more often than not crayons. There was a time when the little ones used them extensively, drawing and painting everything and everywhere, but are now just sitting there as untouched as the turn signal in a BMW. But rather than thinking how to dispose of them, we suggest you give them a new purpose, a new lease of life. Hence, we’re giving you 18 ideas as to how old crayons can continue to exist in your house with as an entirely new thing.

1. DIY Faceted Candles

crayon ideas faceted candles crafts tutsplus
Tutorial: crafts.tutsplus.com

The fact that crayons are made of wax means that it’s quite possible for them to become candles. Of course, they will require a mold to hold it together, among other things. Be warned, though. This is not a simple process, and you will need a good deal of patience, along with skill.

2. Valentines Heart Shaped Crayon Favors

crayon ideas handmade valentines heart shaped crayons thenerdswife.
Tutorial: thenerdswife.com

Once again, as will be the case many times further on, crayons’ moldability means they are readily shaped into anything you want, in this case little hearts for Valentine’s Day favors. So, go ahead and make the cutest little Valentine’s cards in town.

3. Raindrop Suncatchers

crayon ideas sun catcher pre kpages
Tutorial: pre-kpages.com

If you ever thought about adding some bling and sparkle to your home, but weren’t sure how to go about it, here’s something that ought to solve that dilemma for you. Crayons are the stuff of some wonderful suncatchers that will also catch the eye of every neighbor.

4. Crayon Melted Easter Eggs

crayon ideas sun rayon melt easter eggs firstpalette
Photo: firstpalette.com

Easter eggs are a tremendous seasonal way for one to show their skill and creativity when painting them. It’s quite often a competition for who has the best decorated eggs, even though we pretend it isn’t so. This is your chance to get an edge over everyone else.

5. Melted Crayons Painting

crayon idea painting with melted crayons
Tutorial: gatheringbeauty.com

In other words, crayons are an incredibly stylish paint when melted. Thus, get a canvas ready and make your own little masterpiece of modern art that Picasso would be proud of and museums would gobble up if it were made by a someone with a famous name in today’s art.

6. Vibrant And Soft Playdough

crayon ideas crayons vibrant play dough parentingchaos
tutorial: parentingchaos.com

If you had the good fortune for your kids to leave their crayons and start asking you for things like playdough, you know what to do. No, not go ahead and buy them playdough, but make it out of the very same discarded crayons. Do you think they’ll tell what its from?

7. Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments

crayon idea melted crayon christmas ornaments homeschoolpreschoo
Tutorial: homeschoolpreschool.net

We all know how cliched and alike Christmas ornaments tend to be. Many families brag about their ability to decorate a Christmas tree, but in reality, they all pretty much look alike. However, you have a chance to mix things up by using melted crayon decorations.

8. Sandpaper And Crayon Fabric Print Transfer

crayon ideas sandpaper printed t shirt creatingreallyawesomefunthings
Tutorial: creatingreallyawesomefunthings.com

We bet you have at least once wondered if it were possible for you to have home-made printed T-shirts. Well, here’s the answer to that question. It’s easily done with some sandpaper, ironing, and of course, crayons. Go wild with your custom designs.

9. Crayon Art Sculpture

crayon ideas crayon art sculpture mericherry
Tutorial: mericherry.com

Of course, repurposing crayons doesn’t necessarily mean they should be melted down or obliterated in some other manner. In fact, you can make your own sculpture out of the crayons themselves, without even having to strip them of the enveloping paper.

10. Hot Glue Gun Crayon Melted Pumpkin

crayon ideas how to make melted crayon pumpkin hot glue gun practicallyfunctional
Tutorial: practicallyfunctional.com

Believe it or not, crayons also serve extremely well as ammunition for a glue gun. With this weapon in your hand, you should make short work out of any pumpkin that stands in the way of your decoration. The nature of the pumpkin is up to you.

11. Crayon Wreath

crayon ideas crayon wreath joann
Tutorial: joann.com

Yes, entire crayons are easily wreathed up into a beautiful rainbow to hang on your door, or anywhere else you choose for that matter. All you need is to have some glue at hand, and then you can just stick things to it. It’s a sticky situation, isn’t it?

12. T-Shirt Print From Crayon Shavings

crayon ideas crayon prints styleoholic
Tutorial: styleoholic.com

Here is another way for good old crayons to become T-shirt printing material. In this case, that’s the crayon shavings. Anyway, what you have here is another fairly simple way to redesign your clothes in any style you see fit. The rest is wash-resistant history.

13. Creative Monogram

crayon ideas crayon monograms childlifemommy
Tutorial: childlifemommy.com

Back to the glue again. Monograms are a really cute thing wherever they’re used, though sometimes one wonders what to make them of. For the thirteenth time, the answer is crayons. Even the ways to utilize them can vary in a single monogram.

14. Wax Crayon And Pine Cone Fire Starter

crayon ideas diy crayon wax and pine cone fire starters afewshortcuts
Tutorial: afewshortcuts.com

Pine cones are outstanding fire starters, and that’s a fact. But what if you could add some oil (or in this case wax) to an already proven kindling? The effect might be improved, but the main thing is that these are a shrewd, good-looking, and thrifty gift.

15. Crayon Sensory Bottle

crayon ideas crayon sensory bottl teachingmama
Tutorial: teachingmama.org

We’re going to hazard a guess and say that at some point you wanted to get some sort of sensory toy(s) for the kids. Well, lo and behold, old crayons are just the right thing for it. At the end of the day, it’s as simple as filling up a water bottle.

16. Colorful Picture Frame

crayon ideas colorful crayon frame momitforward
Tutorial: momitforward.com

Much like the example with the wreath, these little color sticks look superbly as a picture frame. I goes without saying that it doesn’t have to have a picture in it, but maybe even a quote like the one above or something along the line of ‘live, laugh, love’.

17. Hot Rocks

crayon ideas crayon agirlandagluegun
Tutorial: agirlandagluegun.com

Little rocks are yet another one of the host of things you could paint with molten crayon paint. This way, plain and ordinary rocks are suddenly a gust of color in whenever place you choose to decorate, so long as the kids don’t use them for skimming stones.

18. Marbled Pendants

crayon ideas crayons pendants doodlecraftblog
Tutorial: doodlecraftblog.com

Last but not least, here’s a decoration for your own self. You deserve having a stunning pendant with wonderfully shaded colors. But even if you’re not into this kind of thing, they are perfect for a dashing, yet low-cost gift for a friend done in a jiffy.

Finally, we’ve reached the end of our list. Of course, the choice if options is a matter of individual taste, though for us the pendants and the V-Day cards are a dream! How do you like our suggestions? Does anyone in particular stand out for you? Tell us by leaving a comment.

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