16 Ideas To Cut Corners With Your Corner Closet

Sauna Style
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Having a humongous walk-in closet is the dream of practically everyone. There is nothing quite like having a vast space at your disposal for all your clothes and accessories, especially if it is well lit, so that you may choose your style more easily. However, the reality is that not everyone is able to conjure one such closet in their home.

In fact, more often than not, we have found out in one way or another that we need to improvise. And more often than not, that improvisation consists of chucking that dreamy closet in an inconspicuous corner of the house. So, there is no need for you to be ashamed or dejected if this is the case for you. You have not failed to accomplish your dreams, and since this is more common than you think, you are most definitely not alone.

So, this is why people are looking for ideas to cut corners with your corner closet. Is it possible? Of course. How to make it? Well, read on.

1. Walk-in Pantry

decorative wine storage in pantry
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Can a pantry be considered a closet corner? Of course, it can, with the only difference being that it is a closet for your food and wine, instead of your clothes. Either way, you will greatly enjoy walking in it, as well as walking out with the stuff you have picked, be it a rosé or a chardonnay.

2. Basic Plywood Solution

Plywood closet
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But, it is now time to get serious and start with something simple and basic. For spatially challenged homes, there is nothing better, and few things more affordable, than the good-old plywood cabinetry to go in any corner you designate for a closet.

3. All-round Crammer

All round Crammer
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However, if you do have plenty more stuff, and you also happen to have a little more space at your disposal, you would probably need something that is a little more all-in-one. We, therefore, recommend a solution with creatively placed shelving and drawers.

The corner shelf can save you a lot of storage space for sure.

4. The Archetype

Photo: gramho.com

Speaking of shrewd and cunning placement, this is a more specific and detailed idea for a closet that has it all. Literally. Of course, we understand that this is not the ideal design for a limited space, but it is not written in stone. You can easily modify it any way you please so that it fits your place perfectly!

This picture gives you a detailed idea of how to cut corners with your corner closet.

5. IKEA Style

Ikea 1
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Once again, we present a more than token appreciation of IKEA type simplicity and lightness in every meaning of the word. Naturally, it is up to you to adjust this concept to your own specific needs, but we know that the core idea is such that it is nearly impossible to make a mistake with it.

The Swedish company is amazing at using wasted space. The only downside is you will have to DIY this closet design. If you are up for the task, go for it.

6. Open Corner

Open Corner
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Most of the corner closet solutions on this list of ours are usually closed or have some sort of divider that separates them from the rest of the room. This is a bit of an exception to that rule, though doors are not necessarily excluded if you want them.

7. Clotchen Walk-in Wardrobe

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Now to get a little more creative. This is an improvised closet placed in the kitchen, of all places. So, behold… The Clotchen! We admit that it is not the most practical way if you are someone who does heavy cooking, but otherwise, it is A-okay.

8. Ultra-Organized Closet

Ultra Organized
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This one goes out to the ones who like to get their stuff super organized in the most efficient way possible. Even if you think this is barely a closet, it serves every purpose a closet is intended for, and it still manages to look wonderful. Let’s get sorting!

9. Skeleton Closet

corner closet diy closet diy organizing
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We all have skeletons in our closet, that much is for sure. But what if the actual closet is basically a skeleton construction? In that case, the closet is the skeleton. That is how you get and stay ahead of the curve. You are welcome any time. Enjoy your newly found corner shelf space.

Yes, it is an awkward corner, but it works.

10. Ultimate Space Saver

closet makeover with shoe storage
Photo:  .remodelandolacasa.com

We may have said it before, but it is something we cannot emphasize too much. Saving space is the name of the game here. Hence, these corner space-saving elements are certainly one of the top things you should be considering when thinking about a corner closet.

11. Sauna Style

Sauna Style
Photo:  archdaily.com

Ah, the lovely Scandinavian charm of teak-colored wood! It is hard to say why, but this sort of look just oozes with a calm and pristine aura. In any case, getting clothes and shoes out of it would be a far more enjoyable experience than it used to be.

12. Reclaimed Wood

build a dressing room with pallets for free 6 1
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But let’s get back to the thrifty options for a moment. These are a wonderful fix for those that have a weakness for a rugged, semi-rustic look out of their wooden furniture. Not to mention that using pallets and other types of reclaimed would is highly beneficial to the environment.

13. Clothes Rack In A Corner

Corner Rack
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Here is a closet that is not actually a closet. Nor is it necessarily placed in a corner. In fact, it is the most mundane of clothes racks being put in a corner as a storage space for clothes that need to be hanged. It seems a tad like excessive minimalism, but once you think about it, you will see it makes sense. You wouldn’t want to cheat the hangman, would you?

14. Bedroom Open Corner Closet

bedroom open corner closet ideas scaled 1
Photo: homepin.us

Some bedroom corners seem to be begging for closet space. And believe it or not, you can provide for this even with a small cabinet such as this one, that saves space, fits right at home in the corner, and can be used to store just about anything.

15. Corner Wardrobe

Corner wardrobe
Photo:  cabinet-mallorca.com

And now the time has come for us to address the elephant in the room. Or, to be more precise, the possibility of a wardrobe in the corner. Wardrobes can sometimes protrude and really stick out in a room like an ulcer. Yet this way you fix both the storage issue and the wall’s beer belly.

16. Corner Closet Turned Into A Wine Room

Wine Room
Photo:  instagram.com

As a bonus, we give you something that used to be a corner closet adjacent to the entryway but was then brilliantly converted into this fine-looking wine room. Technically, it is still a closet, only a fancy one for you to put your stored wines on display.

We are now at the end of our brief journey into corner closets. Is there anything you would like to say about our list? Do you find it helpful, or do you think it might be missing something? As far as our own tastes go, we definitely enjoy the sauna style and the similar space saver, provided that it fits well with the rest of the interior. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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