Bruce Bruce’s Weight Loss – How The Comedian Shed His Extra Pounds?

Bruce Bruce

Born in February 1965 as Bruce Church, the famous American actor and comedian is mostly known under his stage name, Bruce Bruce. He is a stand-up comedian from Atlanta, Georgia, who grew up in The Bluff. Bruce started his comedy career as host of BET’s Comic View, and has since appeared in many stand-up comedy specials. But fans always want to know about Bruce Bruce’s weight loss journey.

How did the American comedian lose weight? Nowadays, after appearing in several movies and television series, he is also a spokesman for Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits.

Among the movies that he has appeared in, we have to mention The Wash, Hair Show, XXX: State of the Union, Idlewild, Who’s Your Caddy, Think Like a Man, Top Five, and Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector.

Bruce Bruce Weight Loss Journey

Bruce Bruce comedian

You might be late to the party, but for the past several years, the big topic in the comedy world was the weight loss journey of Bruce Bruce. He has successfully lost a lot of weight. If you look at before and after photos, you can notice he has lost over a hundred pounds or more. How did he do it?

We can be sure it wasn’t easy. There are no miracles and magic wands when it comes to the world of weight loss. Most of us know Bruce for his comedy and acting. But did you know he shocked many people by successfully losing weight and keeping it off?

If you are a fan of Bruce, and you have been following him for a while, you remember how much heavier he was. When he first appeared on television, Bruce was among the obese and overweight people.

Nowadays, he looks healthier and more handsome. At one point, he weighed more than 330lbs. And that was a dangerous situation. His fans and family started worrying about his health.

And luckily, Bruce started worrying as well. And when the situation got really serious, Bruce had to do something. Nowadays, we can be sure he made the right decision.

Bruce Bruce Weight Loss Plan

Bruce Bruce weight loss plan

So, how did exactly he lose weight? Everything started in 2014 when he was having problems with his health. Doctors were unified in the reason for his health issues. They all suggested to him, “lose some weight”.

And that was the moment Bruce decided to take their advice. He changed himself and started a vegan diet. He also did some hard work and exercise that helped him maintain his health.

Bruce doesn’t want to share many details and information about his life. But we know some details about his diet plan and workout regime.

Speaking about his diet plan, Bruce says that he is not a fan of fast food. He ate it before, but after changing his lifestyle and diet in 2014, he completely avoids fast food. He also ditched meat, going full vegetarian.

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Another important change in his life? He stopped drinking coffee in the morning. Coffee, especially if you drink it with milk, is highly caloric in the morning.

Speaking about his workout plan, initially, he didn’t plan on joining any gym. But he had to work out. But instead of using gym machinery, he bought his own. And he can certainly afford it. Bruce Bruce’s net worth is over $5 million as of February 2022.

Besides working out on gym machinery, he also started running for one hour every morning. That has helped him lose close to 100 pounds.

Bruce’s Message to Fans

Bruce Bruce diet

Before starting his weight loss journey, Bruce weighed over 330 pounds. He is now down to 240. And if you look at the before and after photos, you can easily notice the difference.

The main reason why fans love Bruce is his ability to joke about things in his life. During a stand-up show, he talked about his struggle with losing weight. He also gave advice to his fans.

Bruce said, “If you want to lose weight I will tell you to stay strong and stay focused, you understand? Cause, it is hard to lose weight”.

He then continued in a funnier manner, saying, “These days it is very hard to lose weight with all those food and stuff. I went to Burger King and they had these three mentions burgers, I said to them this will kill me. If you got to lose weight, you will have to cut some food, you will have to cut a lot of chicken that you eat unnecessarily.”

And that is his greatness, making people laugh while giving them useful advice. This is how he has won a lot of chickens.

Bruce grew up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Atlanta, The Bluff. This affected his habits, including unhealthy eating habits. Nowadays, Bruce serves as inspiration for people all around the United States of America. Let’s finish off with his own message, “Stay strong and stay focused”.

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