Gary Anthony Williams: A Weight Loss Story of Determination

Gary Anthony Williams skinny

In the past several years, fans could barely recognize American actor Gary Anthony Williams. He is one of the main characters in the American comedy television series The Crew. But lately, he looks like he is half a human. What happened? Well, this is how the Gary Anthony Williams weight loss rumors began circulating.

The American actor lost nearly half of his original weight. Whether that was a requirement for the television series or not, we will never know. Yes, there are people who lose weight or gain weight because of their roles.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the journey and experience of Gary. As we said before, he is part of the American hit comedy television series on Netflix, The Crew. The series revolves around a NASCAR garage where the crew chief and his new boss are unable to come to an agreement with each other.

With the popularity of the show going up, fans have noticed Gary Williams looks different. Let’s discuss it.

Get To Know Gary

Born in March 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States of America, Gary grew up in Decatur. This was the city where he discovered his passion for comedy and acting. Even at a young age, Gary showed interest and passion for acting.

As a young child, he distinguished himself thanks to his outgoing personality and sense of humor. Those two features helped him gain popularity and make it as an actor.

During his childhood, Gary practiced his acting skills in local school plays and theater productions. Determined to pursue a career in entertainment, he attended Decatur High School. There, he was an active participant in drama and comedy clubs. From there, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater Arts from Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia.

Gary wanted to improve his skills even more, so he pursued further training in improvisation at The Second City in Chicago, a famous comedy institution.

His career took off in the late 1990s. At the time, Gary Anthony Williams was performing as a stand-up comedian. The famous actor was touring the country and appearing in shows and bars. He quickly gained popularity for his unique comedic style. Gary was even featured in shows like Comic View and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

From 2002 to 2008, he was part of the sketch comedy show MADtv. Besides his work in comedy television series, Gary has also made it in the voice acting world. He has lent his voice to shows and movies like The Boondocks, Teen Titans Go, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Tom and Jerry Show, and many more.

Speaking of his acting career, some of his credits include Boston Legal, Malcolm in the Middle, Weeds, The Bernie Mac Show, Dance Flick, The Internship, and more.

Lately, he has been part of the Netflix comedy TV series The Crew. As a writer and producer, he has created his comedy series, The Gary Anthony Williams Show. The famous actor has also written for many comedy shows and movies.

Now let’s talk about his achievements. For example, he has been nominated for the NAACP Image Award.

Gary Anthony Williams comedian

How Much Weight Did He Lose?

When we say he lost nearly half of his weight, we are not joking. You can literally say that he looks like half of his older self.

It was a dramatic change. During his weight loss journey, Gary lost 155 lbs. He portrays Chuck Stubbs in The Crew series.

His character is the car chief of Bobby Spencer Racing and had decent screen time. And lately, he has been in the media spotlight for more than just his amazing performance.

Gary Anthony Williams’s weight loss journey is a topic of interest among fans.

How Fans Reacted?

When fans first noticed that American actor Gary Anthony Williams has shed a significant amount of weight, they took it to social media. They wanted to comment on the transformation of the famous actor.

We have to say, his new body image is quite evident. Many fans were surprised that the actor lost so much weight. Here are some of the comments:

  • A thin Gary Anthony Williams? Good for him
  • Will say Gary Anthony Williams is looking healthy! I’ve been watching through Malcolm in the middle lately and his transformation is huge
  • OMG! Gary Anthony Williams looks soooo good! Go guy!
  • Holy Shit! Gary Anthony Williams lost a lot of weight! I didn’t even recognize him

Why Did He Lose Weight?

Some fans might speculate he lost weight because of the role requirements. But there is no truth in those rumors. So far, Gary has yet to share the reason for his weight loss journey.

But some people assume he decided to get slimmer after a physician asked him to take care of his body. That is a more plausible theory. After all, Gary was among the obese actors in Hollywood.

Nowadays, people joke that he looks like Denzel Washington. Some even say they confuse him for the Oscar-winning Actor.

How Did He Lose Weight?

When The Crew debuted on Netflix, people instantly noticed that Gary looked different. They were also shocked to see Kevin James with a shaved head. Yet, we have to admit, the bigger surprise was seeing longtime comic actor Gary Anthony Williams looking so thin and slim.

According to reports, he weighed around 360 lbs in 2001. After shedding 155 lbs, he looks much healthier and slimmer. Now, we can assume the change came gradually, and not instantly.

The change looked so good, that many people confused him for other American actors, including Denzel Washington. Speaking about his weight loss, Gary once said, “I am still fat from the inside”.

Gary Anthony Williams before and after weight loss

Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss Diet

When someone loses as much weight as Gary did, fans want to know how he managed to do it. We have to admit, it is not an easy feat.

And in the case of Gary, it was all about WHITES. He was against WHITES, meaning he cut curbs from his diet.

Gary eliminated foods like rice, bread, milk, potato, pasta, and sugars from his diet. Over time, that helped him shed some pounds. And the changes worked. We see the results.

So, if you want to lose weight like Gary Anthony, you have to eliminate carbs from your diet. Or at least reduce them to a healthy and balanced proportion.

Gary Anthony Williams Weight Loss Workout Plan

Back in 2001, Gary weighed around 360 lbs. And at that point, the actor wanted to get to normal weight. He began with basics, saying it was just a few minutes of running.

Running helped him shed around 50 pounds in one year. But he didn’t stop there. He worked more and more on his exercise, combined it with a healthy diet, and managed to bring his weight under 200 lbs. That is not an easy feat.

How Much He Weighs Now?

Many would say Gary managed to pull out the best version of himself. After many years of effort and struggle, he managed to get to 195 lbs. Combine that with the height of 5’ 11”, it is something that looks healthy on him.

After 20 years of constant effort and struggle, Gary is now finally at a healthy weight.

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