Action Bronson Weight Loss – Finding Motivation To Make A Change

Action Bronson

It is safe to say that Action Bronson has undergone a huge body transformation. The man who was known for his eating habits and huge body has now become a source of inspiration and motivation. The New York rapper was known for his 400-pound figure. From the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bronson managed to shed 127 pounds since March.

The rapper said that the journey started way long ago. He is now sharing videos of himself working out on social media, motivating and inspiring people to do the same. Let’s talk about Action Bronson’s weight loss journey and how he got there.

Get To Know Action Bronson

Born AriyanArslani, he is an American rapper, songwriter, chef, and television personality. Action was born in December 1983 in Flushing, Queens, New York City. Before he pursued a career in music, he worked as a gourmet chef in New York City.

Most fans recognize the TV personality for his work as a chef. But in 2011, he began releasing mixtapes, and his popularity in the music industry grew. Action signed a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records.

Speaking of his music career, Action is known for his unique style of rapping and distinctive voice. Throughout his career, he has released a couple of albums, including Well Done, Blue Chips, Mr. Wonderful, and more.

And he has collaborated with some big-name artists like Chance the Rapper, Mark Ronson, and more.

Before pursuing a career in music, Bronson worked as a gourmet chef. That is how he got big and heavy, to be honest. For a whole decade, the TV personality worked as a gourmet chef in New York. And he had to do some tasting, right?

Bronson worked in the famous Italian restaurant, Ciao for Now. There, he developed a reputation for his unique cooking style and flavorful dishes. He even hosted cooking television shows like F*ck, that’s delicious.

The famous television personality has stated that his love for cooking has influenced his music. He often incorporates references to food and culinary experiences in his lyrics.

Action Bronson before weight loss
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Working As A Gourmet Chef Has Its Downsides

Now let’s talk about how he got so big. As we said before, the famous rapper worked as a gourmet chef for a full decade. There, he had to taste, try, and eat a lot of different things.

And consumption without impediment took its toll on him, physically and emotionally. He began ordering takeout food and ate with little regard for his own health. And his omnivorousness became an albatross.

As Action says, “eating that way became comfortable, to where it wasn’t just for the show”. And food became a frequent topic of tense conversations with his fiancé Valeria Salazar. She is a licensed social worker and tried to encourage him and push him towards healthier habits.

She says, “Out of all the people that are around him, I was the most aggressive and upfront. He was very much offended. He’ll order something and I’d be like, are you serious? And that would start an argument”.

What Prompted His Weight Loss?

Many people think Action Bronson’s weight loss journey began during the Covid-19 pandemic. But it was before that. The famous TV personality credits the birth of his son in 2019 for inspiring him to lose weight.

He says, “You always want to be around for your family. It wasn’t going to happen unless I made that decision myself, and, you know, it takes some soul-searching and some shit to really bother you. Like something that really gets under your skin to make that change. That happened to me”.

Now, he couldn’t be happier with that decision. He says, “It’s hard to take that first step. When I finally did, it was on. I haven’t looked back since. So, to be honest with you, I’m happy with everything”.

Now, he shares videos on social media to motivate others.

The Mindset of a Winner

Bronson has been on a quest to rescue his future from his past as a culinary chef for a while now. He began at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and he has since lost more than 130 pounds. According to one celebratory post, he weighs roughly 240 pounds.

At the peak of his obesity, he was nearly 400 pounds at the start of quarantine in March 2020. Bronson wrote this on social media, “Feeling strong, chipping away little by little. Never gonna stop. Getting ready for my first concert back”.

He has adopted the same gusto and all-consuming fixation he has long brought to eating, to his weight loss regimen. That includes constant workouts, Spartan meals, and just the barest helpings of rich food.

Action Bronson Diet and Nutrition

Every weight loss program, including rapper Action Bronson’s weight loss journey, contains two important aspects. Those are diet and exercise.

Let’s start with diet. The chef-turned-rapper lost more than 140 pounds and continues to change his life. At his heaviest, he weighed close to 400 pounds.

His love for food was his biggest challenge. As a young man, he attended culinary school and began working as a chef in New York City. When he broke his leg in 2011 and was unable to work, he turned his attention to making it as a rapper. But his love for food remained there.

Now, speaking about his diet, he says, “Green juice is a beautiful thing. Kale, celery, green apple, ginger, and a little lemon. It’s one of the greatest things on earth, it’s lowered my cholesterol, it’s taken away any chance of diabetic situations. I’ve lost like 80 fucking pounds, man. 80 pounds is a lot of weight… And I’m still fat, so like I said, it shows you I was a fat asshole. Right now I’m just an asshole”.

But green juice is not the only thing. A proper diet requires a lot of discipline. Bronson is the first to admit, “It’s all diet, you have to just eat clean, no cheating, no bullshit, just eat clean. There’s no trick, you can make it taste as good as it can possibly taste. You gotta like vegetables, you gotta like clean things. Otherwise, you’re just eating for nutrition, you’re not gonna find joy in it”.

Luckily, he found ways to make it happen. For example, when he needed carbs, he opted for wild rice, lots of broccoli, and other foods that are high in protein. He is mixing vegetables as much as he can to find things he loves.

Action Bronson slim and working out

Action Bronson Workout Plan

On top of his diet and nutrition, Action had to change his workout routine. His workout routine is almost as intense as his nutrition.

In one interview, he explained the routine. And it goes like this, waking up at 4 am, starting the day with a protein shake. Then, he has the same breakfast, consisting of two eggs, three egg whites, a piece of sprouted rye bread, and an avocado. He then drives to the gym, where he boxes for 45 minutes, and get into his sweat session with his trainer.

His workouts are varied and extremely tough. He can follow a 33-inch box jump with 100 100-pound kettlebell swings, T-bar deadlifts, sumo squats, and more.

In his own words, “I run, I do my push-ups, I do a lot of cardio work. I juice a lot, drink green juice two times a day”.

His routine might start with a lot of bodyweight movement and cardio, but he has moved into a heavier and more typical strongman style lately.

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