Rick Ross Weight Loss – Coming Up With His Own Training Routine

Rick Ross before and after weight loss

Rick Ross has a great saying about losing weight. He says, “If you invest a little time into it, it won’t be as difficult.” Rick Ross is one of the biggest rappers in the world of music. He is always hustling. And not only in the recording studio. He also works on perfecting his health and living a healthy life.

But if you saw him several years ago, you would think otherwise. Several years ago, Rick weighed more than 300 pounds. At the time, he didn’t concern himself with his health. But two seizures in a single day changed his mind.

When he experienced two seizures in one day, he had to go to the hospital. And as a result, he changed his views. Nowadays, he continues working long hours creating music but also puts extra time into his health. He has shed nearly 100 pounds since his two seizures. And he did it by eating healthier foods and embracing his high-intensity workout plan.

Rick Ross working out
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How Did He Do It?

You can lose weight in two different ways. Slowly, and quickly. Many people opt for the quicker way, which is a fad diet or cleanse. You can drop weight fast, but that is not a healthy way to maintain your weight. Rick Ross chose the slower, more lasting route.

He created a personal version of Cross Fit, which he now exercises with friends. He calls it Ross Fit, and they practice it four days a week. He also works with a personal chef that cooks for him. Yet, Rick doesn’t deprive himself of guilty pleasures.

Recently, he took Men’s Health on a tour of his gym and fridge. He wanted to give fans an inside look at how he keeps himself in shape. And the first thing you can notice is he has a variety of protein shakes in any of his three fridges. Rick does start his day with a glass of rose wine and an egg omelet, but he tries to stay on track.

Speaking about his motivation, he says, “I think what truly inspired my weight loss was me suffering my first seizure. After I did that, I began to spend some more time looking at myself, taking care of myself, investing in myself. I realized I had to change my diet and my sleeping habits. Here we are.”

The transformation required him to eliminate some previously bad eating habits. For example, he had to get rid of steaks at all hours of the day and stop his trips to Wing Stop for a lemon pepper wing special. Nowadays, he still gets these meals, but only as a personal reward.

When performing on the road, he prepares his meal the day before. He says, “If you invest a little time into it, it won’t be as difficult versus you getting up, flying out, landing, and wondering what to eat. You’re always going to come up short, straight up.”

That is his new philosophy. Following his breakfast, he goes to his massive home gym, where he practices Ross Fit. Sometimes, his friends join in for the workout. Ross says he would love to get a workout every day. But he knows that is almost impossible. So, he feels satisfied with 3 to 4 days a week.

Speaking about his fitness goal, he says it is a simple goal. Rick says, “My fitness goal is just staying alive, staying healthy, watching my kids grow up.  Other than that, I’m already a sex symbol.”

And when you put such simple goals in mind, you can easily follow them. A lot of people make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals of reaching X weight. Instead, you should put a goal of living healthy and working out.

Rick has found new life thanks to his workout regime. He noticed that the new shape helped him with stamina in the middle of performances as well. The famous rapper has to stay in shape and deliver a masterful performance.

Weight Loss Tips by Rick Ross

Rick doesn’t mind sharing what worked for him with his fans. And he often speaks about how everyone can follow in his footsteps.

For starters, he stopped drinking soda. He drinks only diet soda. Rick tries to consume heavier meals earlier in the day. That way, he can burn calories faster.

Back in the day, he could eat big meals at 2 am and then base it on his schedule. But he doesn’t do that anymore.

Ross also recommends to fans to drink water throughout the day. And then treat yourself when you work hard. But you treat yourself only if you work hard. You have to earn it. Or, if you treat yourself, you then have to go back to work to burn it out.

Ross stopped eating certain foods. That list includes bread, white rice, and fish fillets. He drinks less alcohol. But the only thing he cannot eliminate is his favorite food, lemon pepper wings. Rick stops by a restaurant at least once per week but tries to keep a good balance.

Rick Ross
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The Ross Fit

The famous rapper credits a CrossFit program for his transformation. Reebok introduced him to the program one year ago, and he now calls it Ross Fit. This program helped him lose weight.

The program is basically a highly active workout plan. He completes a series of exercises within 20-minute spam. The list of exercises includes boxing, squat jumps, pushups, sit-ups, and Olympic-style weightlifting.

He explains, “CrossFit overall is more of an intense workout. Instead of 20 minutes on the treadmill, you will do a 20-minute CrossFit workout and you will build endurance and muscle at the same time”.

When he started the program, he had more than 20 people joining him. Now, the number went down to 4.

Ross says, “There will never be another boss as big as me. Even though you can’t actually use RossFit to get in shape, you’re still free to take Ross’ dietary advice and eat plenty of pears”.

After suffering seizures, he lost more than 90 pounds. He is now happy and says he still loses weight. But he is also starting to build hard muscle. Four days a week, he goes for a warm-up jog session. Then, he sets up five exercise stations and does moves like deadlifts and pushups for 30 minutes.

Rick also recently launched an application. It provides anyone that downloads it with high-quality physicians. Called Jetdoc, the mobile app connects users directly with world-class medical professionals and provides quality virtual doctor visits.

Fans pay $20, and for that small amount, they get a one-time virtual doctor visit. If you pay the subscription fee of $10 per month, you can get unlimited video access to quality healthcare professionals.

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