7 Styling Ideas for Dynamic Duos—How to Match Dresses and Accessories With Your Best Friend

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Do you like dressing up and hitting the road or mall with your bestie? Well, we all do! It’s fun to get ready, look pretty, go out, and take gazillions of pictures with your best friend.

And the best way to make the pictures aesthetic and classy is to complement one another with your outfits, jewelry, bags, shoes, and other accessories. You can’t be a dynamic duo without matching in style!

Matching with your best friend does not only mean wearing the same dresses. Dynamic duos maintain individual preferences while complementing each other’s styles.

These seven styling ideas for dynamic duos about how to match dresses and accessories with your best friend will ensure that you two are making a fashion statement while having a lot of fun! Get ready to make fashion statements with your best friend! Let’s jump right in!

1. Maintain Color Coordination

The key to a stylish duo ensemble is perfect color harmony. Pick contrasting hues or complementary shades. Start by choosing a color scheme that fits both you and your partner. Think about how your skin looks and what colors make you both feel good about yourselves.

Choose shades that go well together and bring out your best features. The classic options are black and white, soft colors, and bright, bold colors.

To look good, choose dresses in the same color family or with colors that go well together. You could both wear dresses that are the same color, but they could be different styles. For example, one could be a plain color, and the other could have something mixed with that color in it.

2. Play With Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are the game changer when creating unique coordinated looks. Choose colors that go well with your personal style and skin tone.

From there, pick up items that go with the colors you chose. Make sure that things like handbags, shoes, scarves, and jewelry match or go well with each other.

Consider using statement pieces like big bracelets or ones with charms that are associated with your friendship. You can also wear the same oversized sunglasses to tie your outfits together and make them more interesting.

You can change between formal and casual statement pieces according to the type of event or place you are planning to visit.

3. Mix and Match Patterns and Prints

Patterns and prints are a fun and creative way to spice up your looks. If one of you wears stripes, the other can choose a floral or polka dot pattern in the same color family.

Both of you should wear dresses with prints, but one should have a more striking pattern than the other. In this way, neither of your ensembles will steal the show from the other. If one wears a dress with a bold floral print, the other can choose one with a more muted pattern.

4. Add Some Extras to Your Hairstyle

Hair accessories can significantly improve how your hair looks and how you look as a whole with your best friend. If you both have long hair, you could add scrunchies at the end of your hair braid or hairpins that match or go together for a casual yet matched look.

For shorter hair, choose fashionable hats, hair clips, or decorative bobby pins that go with your chosen colors.

Hair jewelry, like decorative hairpins with gems or pearls, can add a bit of elegance to a well-coordinated outfit. These accessories can add a sophisticated touch to your clothes while still matching their colors.

If you feel like adding a boho touch to your look, matching flower crowns are the best addition to your hair. You can choose flowers with different colors that still look good together.

5.  Wear Variations of the Same Color

Trying a variation or shades of a color can add some depth to your duo look. Say both of you want to rock something pink on the same day.

Both of you wearing the same shade of pink can look monotonous in the picture. So what should you do? Well, a fantastic way to jazz your look is to wear different shades of the same color.

Here’s a tip! Get inspired by the movie Barbie for the different shades of pink! For a polished look, tell your best friend to dress in soft pastel pink while you can coordinate in salmon tones. It will set apart your personality from your best friend while complementing your coordinated look together.

6. Add Layers and Textures

Mixing up the layers and textures in your clothing will give them additional dimension.

When it’s cooler outside or when you want to add more style, layering is a great way to go. It gives your outfits more wow factor and can make a pair of clothes look more attractive. Both of you can match your skirts with cardigans, jackets, or vests.

Adding texture is another way of making your outfits look different yet matched. One of you could wear a dress made of silk, while the other could put on a dress with lace embellishments. The visual contrast that can be created by using different textures is intriguing and classy.

7. Never Compromise With Your Preferences

Don’t ever try to imitate someone else’s fashion sense. It’s not necessary to share a similar aesthetic to make a dynamic duo. The two of you can take your different ideas and blend them into a seamless whole.

You and your fashionista pal can look like a house on fire while maintaining your own unique flair. You can even style an all-black look with black denim, one-of-a-kind footwear, and edgy accessories, whereas your best friend can match you in her own softer style, fashionable shoes, and lacy accessories. You two will look amazing together.

Remember, you are a team, so each of you will have your own preferences. Be respectful of those.


Dressing up is always fun, don’t you agree? And the fun is amplified when you are matching with your best friend! You both already share some similarities in your personalities and traits. So, matching your outfits and accessories is another thing you can share to strengthen your bond.

So call your best friend now and start planning for your next outing using these seven styling ideas for dynamic duos!