What kinds of toys are safe for 6 year old boys?

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We all want our children to be as safe as possible, but sometimes it can be hard to balance this with letting them experience life as well. When it comes to toys, it’s easier than you think to help your children develop new skills and use their imagination without putting their safety at risk. If you’ve been planning on getting your little one some new things to play with, then this blog can help. Below you’ll find a list of some of the safest toys for a 6 year old boy – just remember to pay attention to any guidance on the packaging before letting your son or nephew loose with his brand new gift.

Board games

You really can’t go wrong with a board game for a 6 year old boy, especially if you’ve been looking for ways you can get the whole family playing together. At the age of 6, boys will be able to grasp the rules of basic games and should have an attention span long enough to play a few rounds. What’s more, there really is very little risk of them getting hurt. Even if your child still likes to put things in his mouth, board games are usually played with at least one adult, so they will be able to prevent children from accidentally swallowing any dice.

Outdoor sports equipment

It’s really important for boys of all ages to get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Buying them outdoor toys to play sports with could be the perfect way to encourage them to do this. Consider buying a spongey football instead of a regular hard one to minimize injuries and make sure bats and rackets are made from plastic, as wooden or metal ones could be too heavy for children to lift.

Art materials

Even if your child hasn’t expressed much interest in the arts, almost every child loves coloring. Crayons and pencils are usually the safest options for young children, but there’s no reason 6 year olds can’t have pens and markers too. When buying paints, stick to those that are specially designed for children, as chances are, your little one is going to end up with it all over their hands and you wouldn’t want any toxic chemicals on their skin.

Building blocks

Building blocks are suitable for children of all ages, but you need to make sure to get the right level for your child. Baby building blocks are usually large and don’t offer much of a challenge to older children, so think about getting your 6 year old some age-appropriate Lego. You may want to hold off buying any more complex construction kits until your child is a little older, as these sometimes come with tools that could potentially cause accidents.

It can be really challenging to get your child the right toy during the holidays or on their birthday. Many 6 year old boys will ask for toys they’ve seen on TV or heard about school, but these may not always be suitable. Always do your research to make sure they’re getting the best gift for their age.