The Fashion Muse – Rachel Green’s 20 Iconic Outfits

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One of the most beloved Friends characters is definitely Rachel Gray. It is impossible to binge-watch the series from her fashion to her honesty and not end up feeling like she’s your pal. You’ll certainly recognize Rachel Green, even though you haven’t seen Friends. She is the most down-to-earth character of the decade, played by Jennifer Anniston with wit and charm. The show is all about friendship, and in good times and worse, Rachel embodies it with everything she does.

People believed that the great thing about her was her hair, but all these people were dead wrong. Her skirts are. For fans and celebrities alike, her 90s look was a source of inspiration and reached all the coolest styles of the 1990s-turtlenecks, cropped sweaters, cow print, slip skirts. Her looks were so fantastic that you’ve already seen some staples in her wardrobe in your favorite urban shops already.

So we’ve collected all the best, hottest, most of Rachel’s outfits she ever wears on the show to support you on your lifetime quest to be the Rachel of your friend party. Enjoy! Enjoy!

1. Slip dress over a t-shirt

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That slip dress over the theme of the t-shirt you were wearing? Yeah, that was carried in by Rachel. When the weather takes a dive as we transition from summer to autumn, this is a perfect way to prolong the life of those favorite summer dresses.

2. Knee-high socks with a plaid skirt

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A plaid skirt isn’t solely for uniforms at school. You may be confident that the first thing we would do if we were moved back to the early ’90s is to buy a cropped white turtleneck and a tartan pleated top. With knee-high socks that look so sweet and oh-so-modern, she has completed the look.

3. Checkered dress

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It seems like the checkered dress never goes out of style, and certainly Rachel Green has made it a classic fashion ensemble. This look, paired with red lipstick, is simultaneously romantic, chic, and trendy. Perfect with your girls for a casual date or cocktail night.

4. Monochromatic skirt-suit

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Rachel wears a monochromatic skirt-suit in one of the earlier Friends seasons, all in contrasting blue-purple tones. This is a brilliant idea, with a delicate accentuation of your figure, when you are looking for something professional and new.

5.  Check skirt

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Rachel perfectly combines her wardrobe shades with this sleeveless turtleneck and checked pencil skirt, rendering lime green work. For formal or professional occasions, this outfit is ideal, particularly the check print that will certainly bring a little fashion flare to the workplace.

6. Denim

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A mutual love of great denim will have to be one of the most prominent fashion trends amongst the entire cast in the season. So, here’s one of Rachel’s denim outfits that have undoubtedly captured how good it looks in our eyes.

7. Loose and Casual

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Rachel showed that you don’t have to get suited up to wear a crown by staring at a classic cropped white t-shirt and pajama-style jeans. And the best part: the dress is super comfortable!

8. Colorful skirt

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With this one, Rachel carries vibes from California! Her fun printed skirt, worn over a plain t-shirt, gives her an off-duty feel and makes her look both trendy and laid back.

9. Black miniskirt

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That black skirt really does work with everything! Here, Rachel pairs it with a pretty white “USA” blouse. Chic and casual, perfect balance, right?

10. Summer dress

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A summer dress is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. It is so comfortable and very chic and serves as a great solution when you don’t have the time to combine clothes. Rachel’s dress is very fun and colorful, and she looks incredibly beautiful in it.

11. Miniskirt with a shirt

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In her workplace, where she managed to make workwear look more fun than casual clothing, some of Rachel’s biggest fashion hits took place. Here, she rocks a casual white shirt with a beige skirt.

12. Geometric black and white top


If you are a minimalistic soul, this outfit is just for you. The geometric pattern is a perfect stylish statement that will mystify many, and thanks to Rachel you can replicate this idea.

13. Fitted charcoal t-shirt dress


This is such a stylish and interesting outfit of Rachel’s. The red trim of her dress brightened the outfit and perfectly matched her lipstick. It is delicate and feminine and super flattering.

14. Denim short overalls

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Denim overalls are a 1990s classic, just like Friends. Throw on a dark jacket and a striped tee like Rachel did, and let the compliments roll in.

15. Check pants


Checked patterns and Rachel Green are like peanut butter and jelly – you can’t have on without the other. Here in this picture, we have Rachel wearing green checked pants with a black printed t-shirt. This outfit is definitely edgy, yet casual at the same time.

16. Floral loose skirt


This outfit is anything but boring, and Rachel definitely is aware of that. Perfect for spring and summer days, this colorful floral skirt is to die for! Combine it with a simple t-shirt for a softer appeal that will save little space for that floral skirt to pop!

17. Black fitted top with dark jeans

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This outfit is universally flattering and super cute. Rachel combined dark jeans with a black crop top. The overall look is also combined with a black belt that ties the look together and gives it a modern feel.

18. Leather coat & boots

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Perfect during autumn days, this look that Rachel presented is definitely something that must be tried on. She combined the leather with a simple black dress. She let the leather speak for itself… it certainly did, right?

19. Brown floral skirt

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We just can’t get enough of Rachel’s skirts! They are very modern, with catchy patterns and designs. This brown floral skirt is something that has caught our attention right away, so we felt an urge to share it with you!

20. Waitress fashion

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In Central Perk during her working hours, one of the most catchy looks that Rachel has on the show was. By matching it with her beloved black miniskirt and a plain tailored grey jacket, she made the most of her waitress outfit. During her job, she makes such a trendy declaration, right?

There was no look that couldn’t make Rachel Green her own. Jump forward 16 years since the last ‘Mates’ episode aired, and we are all looking for design tips from Rachel. So, this is your favorite outfit? To post a message below, feel free to.

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