67 Cute, Adorable, and Funny Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

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It is the biggest blessing in life. The happiest moment. It is a precious moment that will change your life forever. We look forward to the parenthood journey. We look forward to the arrival of our baby. Holding our baby in our hands for the very first time. So, how do you tell the world the special secret? Should you tell the world? Well, let’s take a look at a couple of cute pregnancy announcement quotes.

The competition to announce your pregnancy is very real. We look for different pregnancy captions for Instagram and creative baby announcement captions.

And if this is your second child, you want something special for your husband. How to tell husband pregnant with second child? You might want to write some short pregnancy announcement poems. We have you covered.

The list of pregnancy announcement quotes is long. There is something for every style, for every parent, and every situation. You can document the pregnancy announcement to parents.

With that in mind, let’s get to some of the fun, cute, and adorable pregnancy announcement quotes.

  • Plus one
  • Our family will be bigger soon
  • Arriving in (Month)
  • Pink or Blue? We cannot decide yet, but we are excited about the delivery day
  • (Husband’s name) is going to be a father, and I “think” it is mine
  • Guess what is cooking in our oven? And no, it is not cookies
  • Ingredients list: 1 egg mature, 100 million sperm, very excited. Instructions: preheat oven and mix ingredients romantically, cook for forty weeks, sprinkle some love, and serve it to the world
  • I fell in love with a human I haven’t met yet, but I am excited to meet him/her
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, our miracle date is due
  • We are now going from a pair to three of a kind, and it is exciting
  • We had so much fun on the beach and we decided to bring back a baby
  • There is a bun in the oven and it is cooking
  • Our circus is about to have three rings
  • I slept enough in my life, it is time to find out how little sleep I can survive
  • Our alarm clock is due (date)
  • We will soon add to our troop
  • Time to get some Legos
  • Who knew that such small feet can leave enormous prints on your heart?
  • Ten little fingers and ten little toes, our family grows
  • Dreams do come true, ours came in dressed in blue
  • My beloved wife expects a baby and we want to share the joy with our friends
  • What a great gift God gave us, blessed is our new baby
  • A great joy is coming in ….
  • The best is yet to come …. (due date)
  • Our family will grow by two feet
  • And then there were three ….
  • A great adventure is about to begin in (due date)
  • Every superhero needs a sidekick, we will welcome ours in (due date)
  • We will miss getting some sleep in (due date month)
  • Everything happened because two people fell in love
  • I just found out that I have a parasite growing inside me. But do not worry, the good news is I will expel it from my body soon. And then, I will attach it to my breast
  • With patience and love, we wait for our baby and announce him/her to the world
  • Our baby boy brought us all the joy we know and truly touched our lives
  • Our hearts are filled with happiness and our lives with love, all because we have the baby boy/girl we always wanted
  • Parents to be are expecting a baby boy/girl
  • Here is a fun announcement …. (due date)
  • We wished upon a star and it came true
  • Miracles take time, they do not happen instantly. Our rainbow baby will come (due date)
  • We got some news this morning and they will change our lives forever: our little one will arrive soon
  • I always wanted to know how it would be to be pregnant? Now, I know!
  • Our little angel of love will arrive soon
  • The best things in life come in small packages. This one is wrapped in joy and filled with goodness. We are proud to announce the arrival of our baby boy/girl
  • We no longer try to get pregnant. We already succeeded in our efforts!
  • I grow humans! What is your superpower?
  • The moment you think you know what love is, a little one comes along and reminds you how big your heart truly is
  • God rewarded us with an innocent little baby
  • It is time to share our big surprise. We expect a baby. Stay tuned whether it is a boy or a girl
  • We cannot wait to meet our angel in (due date)
  • My husband and I are going to become parents and it is a blessing to share with you
  • With tears of joy, we proudly announce that we expect a baby boy/girl
  • The happiness in our hearts grows by the day
  • We will add ten little fingers and ten little toes to our family soon
  • A new chapter starts
  • The blessing a baby brings fills our hearts with joy and love
  • Here is what the sonogram revealed
  • Our bundle of joy is coming soon
  • We did it! We are having a baby!
  • First, we had each other, and now we have you
  • There is nothing happier than a brand new pair of genes
  • Our family will grow by two feet and one heart
  • Twinkle Twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are
  • Guess what? Parents to be soon!
  • A new life began, and our circle is richer with the birth of our son/daughter
  • Me and my husband have amazing parents, and now we have some big shoes to fill in
  • Our prayers have been answered, we cannot wait for our child to reveal the magnitude of our blessings
  • You can find the simplicity of love in a baby’s face and we cannot wait to see ours
  • Our baby already has our hearts. We cannot wait to meet him in person in (due date)

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