From Fat To Fit: Paddy The Baddy’s Weight Loss Crash Trick

paddy the baddy

Paddy the Baddy is known for three things in life. He is a UFC champion in lightweight, and he achieves massive weight gain between fights, and impressive weight loss before scheduled fights. How does he do it? How does he manage to lose weight so quickly in between fights? Well, today we will talk all about Paddy the Baddy’s weight loss transformations.

Paddy the Baddy Pimblett has even released a video on YouTube detailing his weight reduction process. And it is pretty simple. He says there is no rocket science to it. Paddy simply focuses on being on a calorie-deficit journey.

Get To Know Paddy

Born Patrick Mark Pimblett in January 1995, Paddy is an English professional mixed martial artist. He competes in the lightweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Paddy Pimblett has been a professional since 2012. Fun fact: he is also a former Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion.

Born in 1995, he grew up in Huyton, Merseyside. There, he attended St Margaret Mary’s Primary School and Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School.

Speaking about his beginnings in fighting sports, he was heavily influenced by the fight between Diego Sanchez and Clay Guida at The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale.

Once he saw that fight, he began training in mixed martial arts at the early age of 14. He then joined Next Generation MMA and pursued a career in the sport. He wanted to compete in the sport for a living.

At the age of 17, in 2012, he made his debut, racking up a 3-0 record before signing with Cage Warriors in 2013.

Only three years later, in 2016, he claimed the Cage Warriors featherweight championship, beating Johnny Frachey at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

In April 2017, he lost the title against Nad Narimani and moved up to lightweight afterward. After a couple of wins, he signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, having previously declined two UFC deals.

In the UFC, he made his promotional UFC debut against Luigi Vendramini in September 2021, winning via knockout in the first round. That fight helped him earn the Performance of the Night bonus.

In March 2022, he faced Rodrigo Vargas during the UFC Fight Night 204. He won the fight via submission in the first round, earning his second Performance of the Night award.

His next opponent was Jordan Leavitt in July 2023, as part of the UFC Fight Night Blaydes vs Aspinall. He won this fight via rear-naked choke submission in the second round.

His last fight was in December 2022 at UFC 282, beating Jared Gordon via unanimous decision. But it was a controversial decision. Many outlets, fighters, and fans believed that Gordon won the fight.

Speaking of his personal life, UFC Star Paddy Pimblett describes himself as a socialist and opponent of the Conservative Party. His trademark floppy hair and lack of tattoos is the reason why many children identify with him. And like many people in the UK, he is a supporter of Liverpool FC.

One of his biggest wishes is to have a fight at the team’s home stadium, Anfield.

Paddy The Baddy fit

Why Did He Lose Weight?

Paddy’s lifestyle has been a topic of criticism from fellow MMA fighters. He is often criticized because he gains massive amounts of weight between fights and somehow manages to shed pounds before a fight.

For example, former champion TJ Dillashaw said, “That’s like a recipe for destroying your body. If you keep that same work ethic that he has now, he’ll never be a champion. You can’t have the downtime like that. You can’t get that fat”.

Yet, at the same time, Paddy continues to prove people wrong. He has an unconventional, yet successful method.

In one interview, the UFC fighter said, “People have doubted me for years. At the minute, I am not in the rankings. I am fighting once every four months or something, so I can have a good blowout if I want. People fat shame me. It’s my life and I’ll do whatever I want. I am going to be UFC champion and I am going to prove all these stereotypes wrong”.

The simple reason he gets a massive amount of weight in between fights is that he likes to eat. In his own words, he would rather “be fat and happy than ripped”.

Speaking about his competitors, he said, “These people who are ripped all year round are not happy. I don’t care what they say. This six-pack is sound, I look great, but I’d rather be fat and happy”.

In between fights, he sometimes consumes around 10,000 calories in a day. It is not a food challenge. He simply enjoys food.

How Did He Lose Weight?

Now let’s talk about Paddy the Baddy weight loss experience. How does he manage to shed so many pounds in between fights?

In a YouTube video explaining his method, he says, “It is not rocket science, it is a calorie deficit”.

He said, “It’s not hard. Get yourself in a calorie deficit. Why do you think I get so fat? Because I’ve got to go from eating 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day to eating 8,000 a day. That’s why the weight piles on and that’s why it comes off so easy”.

He trains and consults with his friend Joel McCarthy, who is known as The Macro Chef. He is the one who helps Paddy lose weight by eating between 1,400 and 1,700 calories per day before a scheduled fight.

For comparison, an adult active man needs to consume around 2,800 calories per day. Paddy consumes way lower than that to get himself to the desired weight before a fight.

Paddy The Baddy slimmed down

Paddy the Baddy Weight Loss Diet

Before a scheduled fight, Paddy works with his nutritionist friend, Joel McCarthy. Joel is the one who explains the low-calorie daily diet.

While Paddy Pimblett is known for ballooning up between fights, he often says he would rather be fat and happy than ripped all year round.

Paddy begins his day with breakfast at around 9 am. Here is a sample of his diet:

  • Protein granola, overnight oats, or protein pancakes with yogurt for breakfast, around 350 calories
  • Chicken salad wrap or BBQ chicken burrito for lunch, between 450 and 500 calories
  • Pasta or Wagyu burger and sweet potato fries for dinner, between 450 and 500 calories
  • His cheat meal is chocolate cake and protein cookies, which account for 200 to 250 calories

As for how much he loves food, his girlfriend Laura Gregory revealed he enjoys two Christmas dinners during the holidays. He eats one at her mother’s house and another one at his own house.

During fight week, UFC Star Paddy cuts carbs completely and eats only protein and vegetables. During this period, he also cuts down on his water intake. He begins at 8l and goes down to 1l the day before the weigh-ins.

Another method is the bath and towel experience. Here is how Paddy describes it. Sit in a bath for 20 minutes, and then lay covered in towels for 15 more minutes to reduce the remaining pounds.

His friend, The Macro Chef, says Paddy is very picky when it comes to vegetables. Joel said, “He doesn’t like peppers, but he likes cabbage. He doesn’t like mushrooms, but he likes peas. Onions and beansprouts are an absolute no-go. His favorite thing is a chocolate protein school cake which is not high in calories”.

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