3 Features to Consider When Buying Migraine Glasses for the First Time

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An estimated amount of 35 million Americans suffer from migraines throughout their life. The impact migraines have on the quality of life is detrimental and can potentially limit work performance. In addition, medication might not be helpful in some cases of migraines, and patients have to brave the grueling pain when staring at their computer screens. Migraine glasses can make a huge difference, but what features should you consider when buying them for the first time?

What are migraine glasses?

Migraines and light sensitivity go hand-in-hand. Patients experience sharp shooting pain when exposed to brightness. When using mobile devices and desktops, you are exposed to different types of light with varying brightness levels. 

Mainly, screens primarily use blue light, which brings forth all the other colors through contrasting and brightness adjustment. These are leading triggers of migraines and can cause chronic pain or discomfort to migraine patients. The FL-41 glasses have been made available for people suffering from migraines to solve this problem. The FL-41 glasses filter light wavelengths providing a shield for the user’s eyes.  

The light hits the retina at a much softer rate minimizing its efficacy in triggering migraines. These glasses are different from the normal blue-light-blocking and anti glare ones. FL-41 glasses focus primarily on softening light to make mobile devices and desktop screens more bearable.

When do you need these glasses most?

Migraine glasses are very efficient in minimizing the effects of digital device screens on people suffering from migraines. This makes people who work in front of a computer more suitable to use FL-41 glasses to reduce the effects of their daily work on migraines. If you work in data capturing, computer programming, administration, and many other industries, getting migraine glasses could be beneficial. Everyone who uses a mobile device or desktop while suffering from light sensitivity can benefit from FL-41 glasses. 

Other people who suffer from light seizures or computer vision syndrome report positive results after using migraine glasses. They are perfect for minimizing the physiological effects of blue light, especially amongst people suffering from chronic conditions like migraines.

What to look out for when buying migraine glasses?

With the different variations in glasses that claim to block blue light, it is essential to look into the finer details when getting a pair to minimize your migraines. In addition, some glasses have a few side effects that cause some discomfort when using them. So what should you look out for when buying migraine glasses? Here are three main features to consider when purchasing migraine glasses for the first time.

 Ocular dark adaptation First and foremost, ocular dark adaptation is an important feature to consider. For example, dark glasses make it hard to adjust when coming indoors on a bright sunny day outside. 

You might experience ocular dark adaptation with darker shades when taking off the glasses. Fortunately, FL-41 lenses do not trigger migraines through ocular dark adaptation. Instead, the lens is so light you might not even feel the difference when transitioning from outdoor light to indoors.

Filtering blue light on prescription glasses – Secondly, ensure that you can use your preferred migraine glasses with prescription glasses. Most people suffering from migraines already wear prescription glasses, so it is vital to ensure that migraine glasses can filter blue light on them. 

FL-41 glasses are available as a lens tint that you can use on prescription glasses. You can use this tint on various types of prescription glasses without impeding the core purpose of either lens.

Adaptability with additional tints Last but not least, you might have other additional tints on your prescription glasses. Some of the most common are anti glare tinting and light adaptive tints. In addition to these, you might like using FL-41 glasses. Is this possible? Yes, it is. This lens tint can be used in conjunction with most other tints. It is adaptable with the most common prescription glass tints and can provide eye comfort support to people suffering from migraines.

Where can you get FL-41 glasses?

FL-41 glasses are beneficial and can be used with various prescription glass solutions. A versatile and adaptable solution like this is a must-get for migraine patients. 

When can you get these glasses? You can source FL-41 glasses and sunglasses online from reputable cosmetic shops. However, contact an optometrist to get the most compatible with your eyes. Migraine patients can also contact their optometrists to get their glasses tinted. You can send them in specifically for this tint. Alternatively, you can get the tint on your next scheduled eye test appointment. 

Contact an optometrist about the possibility of adding the FL-41 tint in addition to other tints you have on your prescription glasses. If you do not use prescription glasses, there are FL-41 glasses available with various stylish frames. Find your best style and start donning migraine glasses to reduce the effects of blue light when working in front of a computer.