16 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas For The End Of 2020 Quarantine

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It has been said a million times: Pregnancy is a very special period in a woman’s life. Well, we won’t deny that, but we’d like to add that it is also quite a crazy period. Your body is going through the most change it ever will, preparing to bring new life into the world. If that doesn’t make anyone go a bit nutty during those 9 months of pregnancy, nothing will.

Even with the craziness, mood swings, morning sickness, back pains, and all the other fun pregnancy stuff, it is something a woman would always cherish and remember. That cherished period is why many women are very eager to do a maternity photoshoot once their baby bump becomes more prominent. If you’re pregnant this year, 2020 and you were looking forward to your first or latest maternity photoshoot, chances are that it won’t happen, or at least it would be very difficult to do it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the entire world upside down, making everyone doubting what the future might bring. This time has also been especially difficult for expecting mothers, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t look at the right side of life and try to make small moments brighten up our day, even if they’re little ones, like taking a picture.

Technology has given us all the comforts and commodities we didn’t have even a decade ago. In short, if you want to do a maternity photo shoot, you can, and here we will show you a few cute, beautiful and funny ideas you can recreate without a professional photographer around.

Let’s take a look at some maternity shoots for this time of quarantine.

1. Ready To Pop

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In the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, you really are just waiting for the baby to come. Fed up with everything, probably, ready to pop. Show that in a fun way, by making a photo like this one. Just a few balloons and a blackboard is really, all you need to get this lovely little maternity photo.

2. Mom

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Speaking of props, and we will look at a few of them in this list, you don’t have to have something fancy to make the photoshoot look warm, loving, and meaningful. Like in this image, two cardboard cut-out letter “M” turned this simple expecting couple picture into a loving announcement of the role she will have for the rest of her life.

3. Belly Family

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This might not be your first pregnancy, but just as no child is the same, you shouldn’t undermine the pregnancy with the new child as well. Bring the family in on the fun. Do a belly photo with everyone showing their bellies together, and you can make it even funnier by writing what exactly each belly holds.

4. Munch Time

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For most pregnant women, food becomes a close friend during pregnancy. Gaining weight is normal, even recommended when a baby is growing in you, so even if you go a bit overboard, don’t stress too much over it. You’re earing for two after all. So, make a picture that will show your little one just what you two used to munch on together.

5. Reading A Story

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It has been long known that babies can the world outside even from the womb. Even before we were sure of this fact, expecting mothers would sing and even talk to their bellies while going about their day. It is a nice sentiment to have, that mom and baby were talking to each other before the baby was born, and it is also made for a nice family maternity photo you can definitely do at home.

6. Staying Safe

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Now, living with a pandemic isn’t easy, and one thing we all have learned is that as uncomfortable as it might be, a mask protects us and others. And you can also use it to have some fun on a maternity photo shoot. Yes, we know the mask won’t help the baby in the belly if you put it on the bump, but it is a way to bring out a laugh or a chuckle in others and that’s what we really want now.

7. Scribble Time

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Doing a homemade photoshoot, you have to work with what you’ve got, even when it comes to props. So, you might not have a blackboard, some flowy dresses that can make you look ethereal like we see in most maternity photoshoots. But one thing you might have at home, that doesn’t need any alteration or work, is a scrabble set. So take out the letters that will spell your baby’s name and place them on the belly. Doesn’t it look lovely?

8. Sunny Heart

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Professional photographers use light and shadow to make their pictures convey a certain mood and to look… well… Professional. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to study all the secrets of photography to recreate this light and shadow trick. Just wait for a nice sunny day and make dad-to-be to make a shadow of a heart to fall on your belly. It might take a few attempts, but it is a lovely result.

9. Hidden, But There

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The only person you know that you’ll love for the rest of your life even before you’ve met them is your child. This picture captures that truth very nicely, And it is a picture you can recreate even in your back yard if you only get a little cooperation with Mother Nature.

10. Holiday Shoot

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If you’re out of ideas on what your photoshoot should be, just use one of the holidays as a nice backdrop. It can be Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or whichever celebration you might have, and use it to add some flare to the photo. Or you can just pose as a family on a normal day. That can work too.

11. Smartphone Photoshoot

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Of all the ideas you might come across, this one probably screams 2020 the most. This entire year we had to keep in touch via phones and video calls and keep away from friends and family at least 6 feet. So, taking making a photoshoot where you are already on a picture of a phone and the phone is also captured on a nice background, is just a fitting photoshoot to end this year.

12. Classic Baby Booties on Bump

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Using baby shoes is probably one of the oldest and most used props for a maternity shoot. It might be overused, but it’s still classic, and those never go out of style. So grab the cutest little shoes you’ve bought, find a nice cozy place at home, and do a warm little photo session. They’re bound to be some heartwarming end pictures.

13. Testing Positive in COVID-time

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Unfortunately, 2020 has been a year where the word “positive” has become a frightful word. We can’t even say “Stay positive” anymore. But there is one thing that is still positive about “testing positive” and that is for pregnancy. Now, while this isn’t exactly a bump picture is still a nice way to get the word out in a positive way.

14. Everyone’s Loving The Baby

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As much as you’d like to touch the belly of a pregnant woman, please don’t. Or at least, ask first. The belly is a very sensitive area for a pregnant woman, and touching it is a very intimate gesture, especially when the belly begins to show. So capturing that moment with the most cherished and loved ones is one of the most perfect maternity pictures you can have. No props, no studios, no special preparations, just a family waiting for the newest member to arrive.

15. I’m Not Fat After All

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Here is another memorable way to make light of a dark period and remember the year for what it was. Not great, but the greatest for you, because you’ll be having a baby soon. A maternity shoot can be made during any period of the pregnancy, so why not make one as a baby announcement as well. With this funny sign, you can finally put all the “are you getting fat?” comments to rest.

16. The COVID-19 Maternity Shoot

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Wear a mask, wash your hands for 20 seconds, social distance. Check, check, and well… X. It has been a crazy year, so even if our actions seem a little crazy, they might actually be normal. So while taking a maternity shoot outside in protective gear is something we just have to accept with all the other craziness this year. and you’ll have to admit, it will be quite a long story when the baby is finally old enough to ask “Why are you like this in the picture?”

That’s all we have for you for now. We hope this gave you some ideas on how to do a pregnancy photoshoot despite everything that’s been going on in the world. Do you have any maternity picture ideas you’d like to share? Leave us your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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