Kevin Smith Weight Loss – Heart Attack Changing His Life

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith knew he was obese for a long time. But he didn’t do much to change it. And then he suffered a heart attack that nearly killed him. That served as a wake-up call to change the way he eats and exercises. Now, he weighs 50 pounds less and lives a happy life.

How did he get there? Well, as we said, it starts with a standup he did for a TV special. He was sweaty and nauseous on the stage. But he thought the joint he had smoked before the show started showing signs. But after he lay down on the tile floor and vomited, he had to go to the hospital where the doctor told him he suffered a massive heart attack.

Over the years, he has tried different things. He even took some fat blockers back in the early 2000s. He says that was the most ludicrous thing he has done to lose weight. In his words, “I was shitting pizza grease”.

And now, he knows the recipe for a healthy life. It is eating healthy and work out. While it sounds simple, not many people can go through it. But Kevin says now he lives by the motto, “Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through”.

History of Being the Fat Guy

Kevin Smith has always had troubles with weight and obesity. He says he was a fat kid. At only 14, he joined Weight Watchers, but felt awkward being the only teenage boy there. He left after only one month.

As a kid growing in a below-average family, the only healthy food he saw as a kid was tinned spinach. And when he earned money to buy his own food, he devoured snacks labeled “low-fat”. But he didn’t know back then that they were packed with sugar. But the biggest hurdle was mental.

Over the years, he had embraced his weight. He turned fat jokes from a problem to a comedic purpose. He says, “If I make fun of myself for this, then somebody else cannot. One day you think I could be funny for a living”.

Smith literally became a cartoon character, marketing himself as the happy schlub in a hockey jersey. He went from indie movies to comic books, to sequels, and to animated series. And that success gave him extra padding of protection.

Smith says, “For years, people were just like: ‘Hey big guy’. And I was like, I am the big guy, right”. But his weight sometimes posed a problem. For example, he was once escorted off a plane for being “unable to squeeze into one seat”. That story made headlines, and internet trolls took over. Smith knew he cannot hide anymore behind his “fat comedic story”. The world knew he was fat.

Kevin Smith before and after weight loss

How He Lost Weight

Following his heart attack, Kevin Smith tried different weight loss strategies. He started with an all-potato diet, and then went to a broader plant-based diet. He followed a similar diet as his daughter. And after 25 years of trial and error diets, he finally found something he can follow and enjoy the results.

For Smith, going vegan was the easiest way to eat healthily. He knows it sounds weird. Smith says, “Nobody wants to hear that. I don’t blame them. I don’t care how you prepare them, vegetables suck compared to a piece of cake or a steak. But I have a different mindset. I know what that stuff tastes like. And it’s not going anywhere”.

Nowadays, he has a new perspective on life. He says, “I ate the way I wanted for 47 years. I will try the way I’m supposed to for one year and see what happens. It worked, and I hit my goal of losing 50 pounds in six months. You have to continue with that”.

Besides his eating habits, he also changed his workout habits. He has a “personal trainer”, his dog Shecky. It is a miniature dachshund he takes on an hour-long walk every day.

Smith maintains his vegan and low-sugar diet. He also practices portion control and scans labels using the WW app. Recently, Smith got chosen as an ambassador for the Weight Watchers program.

Smith says he will continue with his vegetable-based diet. After all, you do not change the tea that wins, right?

Kevin Smith after losing weight

Loving His New Life

Time has passed since he nearly died because of a heart attack. Nowadays, Smith can easily reflect back on the time and see what he has gained. For starters, he has more energy. He says, “Tons of more energy. Never tired. Always ready to go”.

That extra energy has fueled his creative resurgence. Smith’s psyche has shed some weight as well. When things go wrong in your life, you cannot enjoy it. And now, with his weight down, and his energy up, Kevin can do what he does best.

The demands of his work, including comedy, directing, and hosting podcasts, takes him out of his home. But when he is out, he hunts for vegan restaurants or stays close to restaurants with a Mediterranean menu.

As he looks forward to his next chapter in life, he says the only thing he fears is losing fear itself. Smith says, “The idea is to always be scared. Once I am not scared anymore, I’m scared, you know. Fear keeps you motivated and makes you work hard”.

And Smith is fast to point to another benefit of his newfound weight. Yet, it requires adjustments. And that is his sex life. His wife jokes that they had to find a new way to do it. His body is different, he previously had a “lot of cushion for the pushing”.

And with his newfound energy, Smith can definitely go for more rounds. He is willing to work hard and keep evolving.

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