Items To Exclude From Your Baby Registry

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Baby registries are an excellent way for new parents to purchase essential baby supplies for their child without having to spend excess cash, and a fantastic way for relatives and friends to give the new parents gifts they will actually use. However, much like any other registry, there are numerous goods that you don’t need for your kid. In this post, we’ll take a look on what not to put on baby registry and why you don’t need it.

Things Must You Remove From Your Baby Registry

Here are some things you should not include on your baby registry:

1. Infant Clothes

Agreed, having a wide selection of baby outfits is fantastic. If you decide to purchase any for yourself, getting baby clothes already a few sizes larger might be a good idea. Whether you placed them on your registry or not, there is a good chance that you will receive many newborn and possibly 0–3 month-size baby clothes as gifts. Because babies outgrow the small sizes so quickly, parents hated that their babies couldn’t wear anything as they had bought so many things for their babies that they didn’t even get to use almost everything.

2. Warmer Wipes

A wipe warmer was listed as one of the baby products that mums felt were the least required when I asked them. The concept of a wipe warmer is a good one. It may sound good to give your baby warm wipes rather than cold ones, but in practice, you’ll wind up with dried-out wipes and will always need to remember to switch the wipe warmer on when you require it, leaving your baby’s wipes still frigid. Spend less money on baby goods than you will need.

3. Sterilizer

Please don’t buy it, whether it’s a bottle sterilizer or a large microwave sterilizer that you can also add a pumping portion to it. You can sterilize breast pump parts and most bottles by boiling them in a pot you already have. In all honesty, cleaning your infant thoroughly with hot water and dish soap works just as well when they are a few weeks old.

4. Bottle Heater

Why spend money on a particular bottle warmer when you can utilize hot water instead? You usually also use hot water on the road and require a warm bottle. There are plenty of infants who will happily drink formula or breast milk at room temperature or even cold. Hot water from the tap or a bowl of hot water can be used to heat the bottle in a pinch.

5. Infant Bottles

No, baby bottles do not have to be listed on your register. Additionally, if you have a lot of bottles with nipples, you might not be able to use them since your kid won’t drink from them. When you are actively bottle-feeding and know whichever bottles fit great later on, purchasing an additional one or two bottles is recommended.

6. Baby Diaper Genie

When you can also use a standard garbage can, why buy a fancy trash can with pricey inserts? You won’t have a dirty diaper odor in your home if you empty the trash can daily.

And do you still have in mind the massive amount of plastic bags we all keep somewhere in the house? They function admirably as trash can inserts.

7. Plush Animals

What will your child do with plush toys? However, in general, no newborn infant requires stuffed animals. It is perfectly acceptable to have one or two as nursery décor or a bespoke print with the birth statistics on it.

8. Infant Shoes

When a baby begins to walk, which is usually between 10 and 13 months, you can start thinking about getting them shoes. Before it, infant shoes were merely ornaments; they

outgrew far too quickly. It is far preferable to let children go barefoot as often as you can if you live in a warm enough climate.

9. Baby Bumpers

Not only are crib bumpers unneeded, but they are also harmful. The only items that should be in a baby crib are the baby, a pair of snug pajamas or a sleep sack, and the fitted sheet. Something soft in the cot is a safety risk and could suffocate your child.

10. Infant Bed

You also don’t need to get additional crib bedding sets for that very same reason. Your infant cannot sleep with such a blanket and pillows for safety concerns. Save your cash instead, and buy a nice bedding set when your child is old enough to utilize it.

11. Smart Socket – Owlet

One fantastic invention is the Owlet smart socket. But if an alarm clock goes off in the middle of the night and you really don’t know why your anxiety may increase. Despite the fact that you will only use them for a short time, these pricey monitors are not worth it because they frequently give false alarms and parents spend more time returning to check on their infants than sleeping.

12. Baby Clothes Detergent Special

You’ll probably wash the baby’s clothes alongside the rest of the family’s. You don’t need a specific detergent for the baby; make sure it’s safe for the entire family to use.

13. Bathrobe

Even if it’s adorable, a robe serves no purpose. After taking a bath, your child will not wear their bathrobe to relax on the couch, nor will they wear it around the household all day! Your baby will transition immediately from a towel to pajamas. We were given robes, but we never once put them to use.

14. Baby-Proofing Supplies

You only need to baby-proof your home once your child is walking. Additionally, infant proofing is a process. You honestly will know what you need once you need it. Moving residences will also alter your demands, whether you have stairs or not and outlets that are exposed or hidden mainly by furniture. Who needs some extra baby-proofing equipment that isn’t necessary for their child? That is a possibility.


Always remember that you don’t need everything before your kid is born, and only include the necessities in your baby registry. Once the baby gets home, you’ll notice that certain things take up room and become a bigger hassle than they’re worth, while other things will make your life easier.