15 Homemade Lip Scrubs For Juicy and Hydrated Lips

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Ladies, for you, a lip scrub is key! Believe it or not, lip scrubs deliver plenty of benefits all day, all day, for your lips to appear healthy and young. While the lesser-known sister of the more generally known body scrub is lip scrub, they should not be underestimated and must absolutely have a place in your vanity.

When sitting on top of dried, dead skin, how can your beautiful new lip shade pop? It can’t, the fact is. And if you’ve spread the moisturizer over dry lips, those flakes can leave the color looking irregular. Hydrated flakes are still flakes, and without a proper lip rinse, they would not swing.

A lip scrub is important to keep your lips looking safe, full, and hydrated, regardless of whether you’re not big on makeup or lip products. Lip scrubs remove chapped, dead skin and help penetrate and rebalance the lipid coating with your lip balm. Scrub the flakes free, and you’re good at rocking your striking lipstick.

Not sure where to begin? Check out our list of raw, organic lip scrubs we’ve prepared just for you. Crafted from solid, vitamin-rich ingredients that will exfoliate and moisturize your lips to the fullest! Only love reading!

1. Peppermint Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: countryhillcottage.com

Peppermint oil helps to cure broken lips, which is why this oil is an active component in chapsticks, lip glosses and lip scrubs in our situation. The oil has a calming effect (because of the menthol found in it) and should be used on the lip that is wind-chapped or sun-burnt as it will give the skin a relaxing and refreshing effect.

2. Pumpkin Spice Coffee Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: exsloth.com

The coffee’s caffeine content rejuvenates the cheeks, leaving them flush with color and existence. While it does not leave a very good after taste, it provides a fascinating influence. The vanilla, pumpkin spice, and coconut sugar in this scrub will happily make up for it, even though the after taste is not that amazing.

3. Coconut Vanilla Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: thymeandpresence.com

Organic vanilla coconut sugar that will exfoliate your lips is the biggest star in this recipe, getting rid of all those dead skin cells. Apart from that, in this rinse, honey also plays a major role. As a gentle exfoliator, Honey still works, moisturizes the skin, and prevents broken lips from infection. To see the entire recipe, print out the guide.

4. Coconut Honey Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: kokoskitchen.com

For a sugar scrub that hydrates chapped lips, coconut oil is the most moisturizing oil and your best alternative. Vanilla bean powder, butter, olive oil, and coconut sugar are added to it. Much than just a luscious fragrance, Vanilla adds. Vanillin, the major constituent of vanilla beans, is a potent antioxidant that helps repair cell damage to the skin.

5. Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: fooduzzi.com

Brown sugar is a perfect natural exfoliant and, like sea salt, is much gentler than any of the other exfoliants of nature. This would help the scrub smooth out and make it super hydrating. This recipe, made with only three ingredients, is super-easy to produce. To see the full tutorial, follow the link.

6. Chocolate Lip Scrub

Tutorial: zoe-ware.com

Yeah, all of you guessed it. The key ingredient of this chocolate lip scrub is cocoa. A perfect source of natural antioxidants is cocoa. It applies a hydrating surface coating to the lips, shielding them from high temperatures and indoor heat that can dry out the face. And that’s what nobody wants, right?

7. Cinnamon Honey Lip Scrub

Tutorial: 365beautytips.com

Cinnamon is a spice native to Sri Lanka that has been used for health and beauty for thousands of years. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and facilitates the circulation of the blood. In lip scrub recipes, it has been used as a hair growth ingredient, a skin revitalizer, and lip plumper for this purpose.

8. Orange Peel Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: bebeautiful.in

The star of the night is the orange peel in this recipe. Coupled with the effects of vitamin C, the scrub itself tends to put your lips back to their normal color. Backed by the nourishing properties of almond oil, which converts smooth, plump, and moisturized lips into rough, cracking skin!

9. Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

Tutorial: pinnedandrepinned.com

This lip scrub has a wonderful scent and flavor, and it’s very simple to make. It definitely does the job of exfoliating dead skin cells, even though it is made of olive oil, honey, and sugar. It’ll make your lips feel smooth and gentle. The key moisturizer that conditions and prevents lips from drying out or being chapped is olive oil. Only give it a shot and check the tutorial out.

10. Cotton Candy Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com

Both coconut oil and vitamin E oil are found in the Sugar Lip Scrub. For speeding up healing and nourishing skin, vitamin E oil is known. And we all know that coconut oil’s primary advantage is its moisturizing effects. This makes it perfect for lips that are chapped.

11. Watermelon Kiwi Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: saltycanary.com

All you need to rejuvenate your dry lips is this summer lip scrub! The ultra-nourishing and moisturizing coconut oil, granulated sugar that will tear down all those dead skin cells, watermelon flavoring, and kiwi juice are the key ingredients used in this scrub. Your lips will be moisturized by the high level of vitamin C and E in kiwi juice, which will look fresher and healthier.

12. Strawberry Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: wildamor.com

This underestimated food is a lifesaver in the winter, aside from the fact that it is so quick to produce. And not to mention the nice tastes and smells of this product, and all thanks to the magical ingredients! Vitamin E oil is the one worth noting. Vitamin E improves drainage and can help to create new skin cells, softening the lips. Moreover, dehydrated strawberries are the main ingredient. When used on the thin, fragile skin of our lips, they are very powerful. Owing to vitamin C and salicylic acid, these are normal ski scrubs.

13. Almond Lip Scrub

DIY Lip Scrub HERO
Tutorial: southernmomloves.com

This is an ideal exfoliator to have on hand when slipping on makeup during the evening skincare routine or in the mornings. It’s super easy to do and it’s going to last for weeks. Almond oil is the principal moisturizing component. For smooth, plump lips, their nourishing properties can seal in moisture. Test it out and, on the page, find out the complete recipe.

14. Lemon Lip Scrub

Tutorial: apumpkinandaprincess.com

This lip scrub is made with the essential oil of butter, jojoba oil, sugar, and lemon. Your lips can be exfoliated by the gritty feel of the sugar, while jojoba oil and honey tend to bring back moisture. The lemon acid also helps to eliminate blackness and put back the shine of the initial lip. For fresher skin to emerge, it will exfoliate dead cells. To see how it is made, go to the page!

15. Cranberry Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: themakeupdummy.com

The recipe is made in your kitchen with only 3 all-natural ingredients that you can also use, and might even have in your house. Brown sugar is a perfect natural cleaner, and the best scrub recipe is to mix it with soft coconut oil. This sugar lip scrub from DIY is made without honey, so it’s also convenient for vegans! To see the full tutorial, follow the link.

16. Grapefruit Thyme Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: fallfordiy.com

Grapefruit has natural acids, just like lemons, that exfoliate dead skin, keeping your lips bright and safe. And we can bet that they produce a mesmerizing fragrance along with thyme leaves. Do you like the sound? Ok, go to the page to see how you can do it!

17. Raspberry Lip Scrub

Tutorial: simplystacie.net

If you’re down on dry, chapped lips, then you’ll love this simple recipe for DIY! Just three ingredients are made from this lip scrub: fresh raspberries, raw sugar, and fractionated coconut oil. The antioxidants and ellagic acid will hold and rejuvenate the lips intact in raspberries.

18. Lavender Lip Scrub

Lavender Lip Scrub 2
Tutorial: homebakedbliss.com

It is extremely easy to make this scrub and you just need 6 ingredients to make it! Right now, if you have granulated sugar, coconut oil, and some basic lavender oil at home, you’re ready to go. Lavender oil can help soothe and moisturize if you are suffering from dry, chapped lips. Go to the page and see the ingredients for the rest!

19. Rose Lip Scrub

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Tutorial: beautyleebar.com

In addition to the smooth lips, if you cook up a double batch, the most impressive thing about this scrub is that it will double as a body scrub. Add a drop of essential oil to the blend and watch it soak instantly for smoother lip tissue and texture. In no time, you’ll have lush lips. In 5 minutes you’ll make it, just go to the page and see the directions!

We hope you liked our choice of DIY lip exfoliators. We would love to hear your impressions and comments. So, feel free to comment below!

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