Helping Your Kids Settle in a New School

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Changes in your kids’ lives can affect them in more ways than one. When they move to a new school, they have lots of challenges to overcome, even if they are little social butterflies. Uprooting and starting fresh can be both emotionally and physically draining. It is important to remember that settling can take weeks and months, and not just days, so, you must be realistic about how long the process will take, and how challenging both you and your kids may find it. When you realize it may not all be plain sailing, you will be a lot more prepared to overcome anything that is thrown at your kids—and you.

Focus on Communication and Talk to Them

When you focus on good communication, you can ensure that you are giving your kids their chance to talk. Giving them time to talk about what is bothering them, or possibly even upsetting, them is important. A good communicator is able to communicate clearly, but listen attentively too, so ensuring that you give them space to have their say is just as important as anything else. If you are struggling to communicate with your kids, or, if you feel they are struggling to communicate with you, then you need to seek the help of an outside professional, such as a counselor. There is nothing wrong with asking for additional help, and you must remember that it is better than leaving issues and problems unresolved and unspoken about, as over time they will only get worse.

Give Them an Activity to Look Forward to

If they are finding the first few months rough, or they are losing their motivation and enthusiasm for school, then you need to give them an activity to look forward to. When your kids realize there is more to come, they will feel more upbeat, and they will regain some of their motivation if they have lost it. Having regular activities in place to look forward to, such as a subscription box for kids that comes through the mail every month, will help them focus on other aspects of life as well as school. When they are busy with new activities from a subscription box they will have other areas to focus on, which is positive as they will not be dwelling on what is happening inside of school. Giving award ribbons will encourage your little ones to complete their activities. It will also increase their self-esteem, making them more confident in their classes. Rewards can also promote good behavior.

Share Your Experiences and Memories

Share what you went through when starting school, or share your friends’ and other family members’ experiences—both the good and the bad. Your kids need experiences and memories to relate to, so whether they are scared or nervous about settling in a new school, your experiences and memories—or those of friends and family—will help provide them with both reassurance and guidance, which is of course, what kids of all ages need.

Allow Them Time and Space

Settling in a new school is not a process that can be rushed. Every child goes at their own pace, so it is important that you allow them both the time and space they need to process and respond to what they are experiencing and feeling. Always being there for them emotionally, being supportive, and being encouraging is what you now need to be focusing on.