Bird Coloring Pages – What is Your Favorite Bird?

Birds are among the most interesting creatures in the animal kingdom. Most of us envy their ability to fly. They can just spread their wings and go from Point A to Point B without any limits. There are different breeds, shapes, and sizes of breeds. Well, today we will talk about some free printable bird coloring pages.

If you are a bird lover, you can engage in a fun activity that will also help you relieve some stress. The popularity of birds has translated into a demand for printable bird coloring pages recently.

You do not have to be a bird lover to admire these creatures. They are some of the most lovable animals in the world.

Health Benefits of Coloring for Adults


We said both adults and kids can benefit from coloring pages. Let’s take a look at why you should join the adult coloring book trend.

There are many health benefits of coloring for adults. But we will stick to some of the most important ones.

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Coloring will help you relax the fear center of your brain. This is the amygdala, the one responsible for stress in your daily life. Coloring is a type of meditation and therapy that will help you calm your restless mind.

After a long day at work, you can enjoy a bird coloring page and get a rest from the hard day.

Improve Motor Skills And Vision

Coloring is not just a fun activity for relaxation. During this activity, two hemispheres of your brain communicate. Logic helps you stay within the lines while choosing color generates a creative thought process.

Improve Sleep

No stress = better sleep. You know that right? Coloring not only reduces your stress, but it also takes your mind and body away from electronics. The lowered exposure to electronics before going to bed improves your sleep.

Improve Focus

You have to focus during coloring, right? But it is not a stressful focus. This type of focus opens up your frontal lobe, the one responsible for controlling organizing and problem-solving skills. It allows you to put everything else aside and live in the moment.

Benefits of Coloring for Children


There are many children’s coloring books. And with a good reason. Any child should color during his early days. Coloring for kids is a fun activity, one that helps you with boredom, but also engages your kid’s brain. Here are some of the benefits of coloring for kids.

Language Development

You color shapes, but there are also words that explain the picture, right? This helps kids improve and increase their vocabulary. They recognize objects and instantly have a name for what they see.

Learning words and images through coloring is easy and fun.

Improved Motor Skills

Coloring can help any adult and any kid improve motor skills. The process of coloring puts the child in a new position. Your kid has to hold the pencil and learn to grip correctly for control while developing hand muscles and coordination.

Improved Handwriting

Thanks to the improved motor skills, your little one will also improve his handwriting. A comfortable and confident grip while using a pencil translates to better handwriting.

Therapy And Stress Relief

If you think kids have it easy, think again. The world can be stressful for them as well. Coloring helps them get into their little world. There, nothing else matters. It is only them with their coloring book.

And if you have a hyperactive kid or overly excited kid, coloring can help calm him/her down. Give him a space to calm his mind and process the day through coloring.

Improved Confidence And Self-esteem

Coloring basically puts your child in a position to win each and every day. Each day, your child can finish a project. Or it might take him a while. But in the end, your kid will finish the project and win. Finishing the project gives your kid a sense of achievement and satisfaction that boosts his/her confidence.

When your child completes a coloring page, you can notice pride and satisfaction on its face.


It is important to let your kid learn and grow his own personality. Coloring pages give kids an environment for self-expression. Let your kid color with confidence.

Stimulates Creativity

Speaking about self-expression, you should not limit your kid in his desire to express himself/herself through colors. Let your child’s imagination and creativity wander. Coloring pages and coloring books are the perfect platforms for expressing their creativity.

Most Popular Bird Coloring Pages

A simple Google search will give you hundreds of coloring pages. You can try Pinterest as well for some free printable coloring pages. Let’s talk about some of the most important.


Amazon Parrot a4

One of the prettiest birds in the world, parrots come in different colors. They are also among the most intelligent species of birds. Did you know there are more than 370 species of parrots in the world? You see, coloring can help you with education as well.



In some cultures, owls are a symbol of wisdom. This nocturnal bird is a bit of a mystery. People have been fascinated by this bird for many years.


flamingo coloring page

You will surely find a coloring page of a flamingo in its signature stance with one leg raised and the other tucked beneath the body. Pink crayon is a must for flamingos. This wading bird is vibrant in color.


Crow Coloring Pages

Did you know crows are some of the most commonly found birds in India? The black bird with gray plumage has a stout body and strong bills and legs.

Fun fact: through the years, crows have been linked with both positive and negative symbols. In some countries, crows are associated with death, witchcraft, and bad omen. In others, crows are a sign of luck.


peace dove with olive branch coloring page

Dove with an olive branch is the symbol of peace. As one of the most fascinating and attractive birds, doves are famous for their explosive flight.


bald eagle 04

We have to have some birds of prey on our list, right? There are more than 60 species of eagles in the world. The large and powerful bird has long and broad wings. Eagles are among the birds with the fastest flight in the world.

An eagle is a symbol of power, freedom, and transcendence. It is also the national bird of the US.


Peacock Illustrations 22 page 0 791x1024 1

Here is another colorful bird. Considered the most beautiful bird in the world, it is the national bird of India. Peacock is a symbol of grace, beauty, and joy.


cardinal bird coloring page 4 lg

If you are a bird lover, you will enjoy the colors of this beautiful bird. In brilliant red and orange, this bird is the state bird of Kentucky.


robin 6 coloring page

Robin is the middle name of the famous singer Rihanna. Now, about this famous bird. It is famous for laying bright, blue eggs. The Robin is a migratory bird that is active mostly during the day. In the night, the bird assembles in a large flock.


Mockingbird in Tree Coloring Pages

Famous for its habit of mimicking the sounds of other birds and insects, there are 17 species of the mockingbird. Most of the birds in this family are reddish-brown in color.



A small songbird, Canary originates from the Micronesian Islands. It has a beautiful voice and charming nature. Any bird enthusiast would love to see one in nature. In the early days, canaries were birds of the rich. But eventually, they became popular with the masses.



Let’s finish off our list with a sparrow. Often found making their nests near houses or buildings, sparrows are small passerine birds.

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