22 Funny Mom Memes Moms’ Would Find Too True

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You are not alone! We can tell you that. Whenever you feel this happens only to you, it doesn’t. There are millions mothers around the world. And we all go through the same problems and challenges.

So, today, we want to give you some comic relief. It helps go through the day. And laughing at your own troubles make them easier to cope with.

Moms deserve flowers and memes. Let’s get together, and share our stories .It is always easier in a group. Help each other. After all, we are all mothers or moms to be.

1. Every morning be like…

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There is a reason why there are thousands and thousands of mom planners. Consider this for a moment. You get up, you need to cook breakfast for the kids. If they go to school, you need to prepare their lunch as well. Drive them to school, go back at home, prepare lunch, clean the house, do hundreds of other tasks, and then get them back from school.

Possible? Yes, very much possible. But also taxing!

2. Mom’s stamina

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Well, age is important. But also the stamina and energy. Kids are great. But they are a 24×7 job. There is no rest. No time to sleep and let your mind wander.

3. Always a fun mom

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Whatever happens, you have to put a happy face in front of your kids. You have to be able to smile, through all the pain and stuff. It is not easy, but that is what makes mothers heroes. Be your baby’s hero!

4. The work that never ends

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Cook breakfast, wash the dishes. Then start cooking lunch, and wash the dishes afterward. And by the time you wash the dishes, it is time for dinner. It is a viscous cycle, I am telling you!

5. Innovation

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Every single thing that can help you get a bit of relief, you cherish and praise it. Stick to it. Even if it means a single minute free.

6. Taking the kids for a walk

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Try to teach your kids not to pull. Yes, even well-behaved kids will do this at times. But the more you put effort into teaching them it is wrong, the more it will pay off for you later on.

7. Toys these days

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After all the movies and shows we watch, it is frightening to raise a kid. We always think the worse can happen. Stop picturing the worse scenario. Think of the positive. Believe me, you will be at peace. After all, Walter was a great chemist, right?

8. Understanding toddler logic

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Let your kid be creative. If he wants to play with different toys, let it be. Do not kill his/her creativity. You sure did the same thing when you were a kid. Encourage creativity, it will help your baby later in his life.

9. Pushing the limits

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Moms put this face on at least once per day. We love our kids, but they can be taxing at times. And since it is a 24×7 job, you do not get time to look back and process it. You just go with the flow. Once you into the tub, you just spin and spin around.

10. That innocent look

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Oh you know it. You wait for it to happen, you know it will happen. And no matter how prepared are you for it, when it happens, you just want to kill them. But you cannot.

11. I dare you

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Reverse psychology, right? It is a great thing. Every mom wants to have a day off. And if kids give us these days off every now and then, oh my god!

12. Grandparents’ little angels

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I don’t know what is it, but grandparents are always the good and sweet. Maybe it is because they buy them all the toys. You know it, no matter what you say, if grandma says your kid can have it, he can have it. But grandparents know they do not have unlimited time to spend with their nephews. And they want to make the most of it.

13. Never alone

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Cherish these precious moments you get. A moment to yourself is a diamond in the rough. A moment feels like a year. And then someone knocks on the door or rings on the phone. God you can kill him.

14. The new exercise

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Finding time for working out is challenging. Not with a baby or a toddler following you like a shadow. Well, throw some cookies on the floor. You can get some squats in!

15. Talking behind your back

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We did the same as kids. It is only natural. You are the villain in the home. And kids need to group together to fight the villain.

16.  Taking kid’s pictures be like…

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I love it when parents post pictures with kids smiling. How did they do it? It is some kind of sorcery? Magic? Impossible!

17. Behave. Ok.

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A lot of people now know this. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we now communicate online. And we all have that Zoom story with a kid coming out of nowhere.

18. Just making sure…

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Best T-Shirt ever. Googling symptoms is a common practice nowadays. Well, try Googling symptoms of having kids.

19. Decisions…

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This will be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. You need both things. But you can only have one. What will you choose? Most days, it comes down to what you need more.

20. That nice “Me” time

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I feel sorry for all the parents in quarantine. Without daily walks in the park and activities, kids are a handful. It is just hard to burn their energy in the house. Some days, it might not be even 11pm. It might be later….

21. Those kids’ can talk and talk and talk…

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Quarantine memes are the best. And for parents, it is not as fun as you might think. Yes, you can spend more time with your kid. But spending 24 hours, now that is too much. You go and try burn his energy at home.

22. The quarantine chase…

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Well, that is all for today. Hopefully, you had a good laugh. And remember, we are all in this together. We moms have to stick together and help each other.

I am a mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, writer, living in Virginia Beach. I love creativity, ideas, crafts, arts, photography, movies, food, coffee, naps, outdoors. I love to make stuff!